Can I get blonde balayage on dark hair? Yes! Go for the contrast!

dark haired girl hesitates

  • Of course, you can! Blonde balayage on your dark base will give you light and depth due to the contrasting tones.
  • The result can be very sophisticated. However, it could be tricky if you don’t prepare your hair with nourishment and hydration.
  • In this article, we’ll look at the balayage procedure and what to consider if you have previously colored hair.


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Would you like to get a blonde balayage but have doubts due to your dark hair?


 It looks great!  You can do it!

In this article, I’ll tell you how to do a blonde balayage on a dark base and the difference between natural and colored hair.


How is balayage done?

girl in the salon getting a balayage

There’s a handful of balayage techniques according to your expected effects. The process is as follows:

  • Bleach the hair until your desired bleaching base.
  • Apply the toner.


Your blonde balayage on dark hair  won’t look the same on natural than as on colored hair. 

The difference lies in  your hair health.   I’ll tell you more below.


Do you have natural or colored hair? The success of your blonde balayage on dark hair will depend on it

Beautiful dark hair with blonde balayage and curls

Natural Hair

There’re no major drawbacks to natural hair.

Depending on the blonde you want to achieve,  you may be able to avoid bleaching. 

For example, you can achieve a caramel blonde with a super lightener, which isn’t so contrasting. Instead, it’ll look natural and delicate.


On the other hand, to reach platinum blonde, you’ll have to bleach your hair more than once, which  will dry it out.   You may even get split ends and thinning.

But don’t despair because   proper nourishing and moisturizing will restore your hair to its natural vigor. 

Color-treated hair

If you have color-treated hair, the job is much more difficult. Why?


 Overpigmentation   means that the bleaching will necessarily have to be strong (and more than once) because it takes hard work to get rid of the dark pigments.


In this case, apart from the slight drying that is normal when applying dyes, there is added  intense drying due to bleaching. 

Although the visual result will be stunning, it’ll lose quality due to a lack of nourishment and shine.

That is why  a repair plan will be enough to show off your work. 


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Bleached and dark-colored hair

A frequent situation in salons happens when clients apply black dye to cover their blonde.


When they see the resulting dark hair, they want to lighten it again with a balayage.  It’s a risky process because the hair is already weakened,  and you have to bleach it again.

Therefore,  prepare your hair beforehand  by nourishing to avoid serious damage.

Also, use the Plex system to protect the hair fiber.


Expectation vs. reality: if you expect the balayage to look like a magazine cover, I have bad news for you

Videos and photos on social networks usually mislead us.  Beautiful and silky black hair with balayage and  in shades of silver, gray, or white with fantastic shine and body.


But nothing could be further from the truth.  Most photos are digitally retouched. 

Videos and images can be misleading.

The reality is that all bleached hair requires extra maintenance work to keep it healthy. So, almost nothing of what you see on the networks is real.


3 tips to maintain and care for your balayage

  • Nourishment: Argan or flax ampoules, together with keratin treatments, adds up when it comes to  rebuilding the hair’s internal structure. 


Cut your hair every two to three months and  your ends will always be healthy. 


  • Toning: A toner works by recovering the quality of the hair and the shade it had just after the balayage.   

You could also use a purple shampoo to neutralize unwanted yellows.

It looks great but isn’t recommended as a daily shampoo because it could turn your hair purple.



Balayage is a beautiful technique.  It looks amazing on dark hair.  However, it’s hard work, and the best results are achieved at a salon.

So, make an appointment at your usual salon and  leave the balayage in the hands of your hairdresser.  It’s the perfect combination to make you the center of attention. Go ahead!

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