Can I bleach my hair again after 3 months? Do this test before you try it

bleach hair with product in it

  • You can bleach your hair again if you’re just planning to touch up your roots.
  • On the other hand, if you need to bleach all of your hair again, you should do a hair strength test, because it could break if it’s not in the right conditions.
  • In this article, I’ll present a test for evaluating your hair quality and a guide with everything you need to know about bleaching your hair again after three months.


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Have three months gone by since the last time you bleached your hair and you need to touch it up?


By now, your roots are definitely showing through.

So, if all you need to do is bleach your roots, three months is a reasonable amount of time to wait to do it.

Keep in mind that your hair grows between half an inch – and if you’re lucky – an inch a month. So, you’ll have about two finger-widths of growth at your roots.


Since you waited all this time, now you have a bit of room between your natural hair color and the bleached part of your hair.

 That will allow you to do a touch up at your roots without risking touching the hair that was bleached three months ago. 


match roots with the rest of the hair

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On the other hand, if you want to touch up hair that was bleached three months ago, you should do a hair strength test.

This way, you won’t risk drying out or ruining your hair that has already been bleached.


As you’ll see shortly, in the world of hair care, there are a few questions that don’t have an exact answer. In this case, a “yes” or “no” about whether you can bleach your hair again after three months depends on a few other things.

So, we can say that  if you’re planning to touch up virgin hair, then you won’t have any problems with doing it after three months, if, and only if, you’re not planning to bleach the hair that was already bleached. 


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That doesn’t mean that if you want to lighten up hair that was bleached before you can’t do it after three months.

The thing is that I can’t feel the texture of your hair or check the quality of it, so I don’t know if it’s ready to receive another round of bleach or not. So, I prefer to just say that you can only touch up the roots after three months.


But, I won’t leave you alone to guess with this problem.

Very soon, I’ll give you a guide for how to evaluate your hair’s strength, especially for those who wish to lighten all of their hair, not just the roots.

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Testing your hair quality


Although there are a lot of factors that can tell us if your hair is more or less damaged, we are going to focus on four characteristics that at the end of the day are the most important ones and the ones that you should check to see if you can bleach your hair again.

  • Softness
  • Shine
  • Breakage or poor elasticity
  • Movement


  • Your hair’s softness

This one is easy, by touching your hair, you’ll be able to see if it’s soft or if it has a straw-like texture.

 Don’t bleach your hair if it’s rough and doesn’t have a nice texture,  because hair that isn’t soft is hair that’s extremely dehydrated.

Bleaching it could put it in even worse shape.


  • Shine

Your hair could be opaque for many reasons, but damage to it usually brings about a rough texture and a lack of shine.

 If your hair is dry with an unpleasant texture and it’s also opaque, don’t bleach it yet. 


  • Breakage or poor elasticity

Hair breaks when it’s extremely damaged. Its elasticity fails when it hasn’t been taken care of.

 If your hair breaks easily or is very fragile, don’t even think about bleaching it again. 


  • Movement

How well your hair moves can reveal what state it’s in.

 If your hair is tense and doesn’t seem to flow, that means it’s extremely dry. If this is the case, don’t bleach it. 


It’s important to be honest with yourself when you look at these four characteristics in your hair because bleaching your hair is not something to be taken lightly.

If the test doesn’t go well, wait before you bleach it again.


How to prepare your hair before bleaching it again

woman applies mask to bleached hair

Bleaching your hair is an aggressive form of processing your hair.

It dries out, so we need to hydrate it before you can get that change that you’re looking for.


 I’d tell you it’s just about impossible to bleach your hair and then not take care of it.  Lots of women come to my salon looking for a change in their hair that requires bleaching their hair, but unfortunately, a lot of their locks are NOT ready to undergo the change they’re looking for.

Because of a lack of time or knowledge, many people’s bleached hair dries out and loses its beauty.

But don’t worry, there’s a way to fix it: You just need to dedicate a bit of time to your hair to restore its beauty.


  • If you’re going to bleach your hair, you must not do any straightening treatments before you bleach it.

Because even if these products promise to repair and bring into line your hair, they tend to be acidic, meaning that they close your hair cuticles, while bleach is an alkaline product that opens your cuticle to lighten the color.


When the straightening products fight with the bleach over your hair fiber, this produces a devastating effect on your hair, leading to true hair disasters.


Use one of these masks one a week for a month and you’ll see how your hair starts to get its beauty back.


while hair goes back to normal

It’s best to bleach hair with healthy ends and not ones that are already in bad shape.


  • Avoid hair straighteners.

If you need to straighten it for a special occasion, use a heat protectant before doing it.

After a month, check on your hair again using the test I described above and you’ll see that with a bit of time and dedication, your hair will be ready to bleach again.


Conclusion: Be very careful when it comes to bleaching your hair

In this article, we’ve seen that it’s not so easy to tell if you can or can’t bleach your hair again after three months.

Now you know that bleaching it won’t be a problem if you’re only planning to touch up your roots.

On the other hand, in order to be able to bleach your whole head again, you need to do a special test to evaluate your hair quality.

If you fail the test, be sure to follow the guide I gave you for how to prepare your hair. It’s worth the effort!

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