Is Sun Bum hair lightener heat activated? Can I use a blow dryer for example?

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  • SUN BUM is a heat-activated hair lightener.
  • Once you apply it to your hair, you can expose it to the sun or use a blow dryer to boost the lightening ingredients, such as peroxide and lemon juice.
  • Below, I’ll tell you about other heat sources you can safely use to activate the lightening ingredients in SUN BUM.


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 How long does it take for Sun Bum hair lightener to work?


 Do you want to use SUN BUM hair lightener by activating it using the heat from a blow dryer? 


Well, if you don’t want to expose yourself to the sun because you fear damage to your skin or simply because you don’t like to look tanned, you can activate the lightening ingredients of SUN BUM by using a hair dryer.


SUN BUM was actually created as a product to be used in the summertime.



Because it mimics the effects of the sun on hair when you expose it for many hours and many days in a row to the action of ultraviolet rays.

As I think about this topic, a movie from 1991 (yes, that was a long time ago) starring the late Patrick Swayze, comes to mind: “Point Break”.

I won’t go into the details of the plot of the movie, but I will tell you that in it, Patrick Swayze plays a passionate surfer and sports a beautiful golden mane, which he probably got thanks to many hours in the sun.

Patrick Swayze with sun-bleached blonde hair next to Keanu Reeves


That’s what Sun Bum does to hair; it fades the color. Because  Sun Bum contains peroxide, lemon juice, and pineapple juice. They’re lightening ingredients that activate when you expose your hair to the sun. 


Of course, if you have no intention of imitating the feats performed by Patrick, or his stunt double, on the surfboard, or you don’t want to expose yourself to the sun, you can use a blow dryer.

And that’s what I’ll talk about next.


Why you should activate Sun Bum with heat

sun bum bottle

Before I go into details, first let me give you a top tip.

 If you’re determined to use Sun Bum to lighten your hair, my advice is to choose some specific sections of your hair. 


For example, choose your bangs or the strands around your face. This way, the lightened strands will highlight your features and give your face a special glow.

Now let’s see why it’s important to activate Sun Bum with heat.


Sun Bum contains hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, and pineapple juice, all of which are lightening agents.

Both lemon and pineapple are citrus fruits, which contain acidic juices that lighten hair. Hydrogen peroxide also lightens hair, but unlike citrus fruits, it does so by oxidation and requires heat.

When you combine these three ingredients and add the heat of the sun, they form a perfect and very gentle lightener for the hair. Heat activates and enhances them.


What other heat sources besides the sun can you use to activate Sun Bum?

woman with highlights using hair dryer

Although the manufacturer of Sun Bum recommends using the sun to activate the product’s lightening agents on the hair, they also say you can use other heat sources.


Many people don’t want to expose themselves to the sun’s rays, either because their skin is very delicate or because they like to show off their natural skin color.

So there are alternatives if you don’t want to expose yourself to the sun. You can still lighten your hair with Sun Bum.

What heat sources can you use with Sun Bum?


  • A hair dryer on high.
  • Heat vent.
  • Air conditioner on high heat.
  • Hot towels.
  • A humid sauna.
  • Infrared rings.
  • Heat rings.

These types of heat are not direct heat. They’re really “artificial” heat, electrically controlled and with a limited temperature. Therefore, they won’t burn your hair.

Now, other heat sources, such as gas stoves, fireplaces, campfires, or kitchen stoves, are prohibited. Since they use direct heat, they can melt, burn, and even set your hair on fire.



To achieve the best results, you need to heat-activate Sun Bum hair lightener. And if you don’t want to use the sun’s heat, you can replace it with a blow dryer.

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