What consistency should hair bleach be? Creamy and homogeneous

  • The hair bleach should have a creamy and homogeneous consistency; it shouldn’t be lumpy. The mixture will be easy to apply with that consistency because it’ll not splash or drip.
  • To achieve that creamy consistency, the bleach to developer ratio should be two to one.
  • If the bleach mixture is too liquid, you won’t be able to rinse your hair. If the bleach is too thick, you’ll only dry out your hair.


before applying it to the hair

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What is the golden rule of pastry?



If you want to bleach your hair and succeed in the process, you must start with a good bleach mixture. It can only be achieved by mixing the two main ingredients, developer and bleach, in their exact proportions.

What are they?


  You must add one part of bleach powder for every two parts of developer. If you respect those portions, you’ll achieve the perfect consistency. 

For example:

  • If you use 200 cm3 of the developer, you must use 100 grams of bleach powder.
  • If you use 500 cm3 of the developer, you must use 250 grams of bleach powder.


 If you don’t respect those proportions, you won’t achieve the creamy consistency needed to bleach your hair. Also, you’ll have exposed your hair to significant damage only to achieve nothing. 


  • If the bleach mixture is too liquid, it contains too much developer. Therefore, you won’t be able to lighten the shades you need.
  • If the bleach mixture is too thick, it contains too much bleach powder. Therefore, instead of lightening your hair, you’ll dry it out deeply.


That’s why you have to respect the instructions and proportions to achieve a creamy consistency without damaging your hair excessively.

I know what you’re thinking. If the bleach has to have a certain consistency, why doesn’t it come ready to use?


The answer is simple.

Bleach has to generate a chemical reaction in your hair to lighten it. That reaction only happens if the bleach is prepared a few moments before use.


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If you’re about to bleach your hair, stick with me because I’ll tell you:

  • How to achieve the creamy consistency of the bleach mixture
  • The best peroxides and bleach powder” for a risk-free process

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How to achieve the creamy consistency of the bleach

I know that we all live in a hurry. When we’re not working, we’re checking bills to pay, or watching a show on Netflix, or trying to find the best outfit on Instagram.

I appeal to your responsibility. If you’re going to bleach your hair at home, you need to be responsible.  A part of that responsibility is to take the time to prepare the bleach, which must have an exact consistency. 


Peroxide and bleach powder have a symbiotic relationship. They need each other to modify the color of your hair. As the bleach powder washes out your hair color, the peroxide lightens it. However, the mixture must be accurate.

What’s the best way to tell if your bleach mix is perfect?


By its creamy consistency. Neither too liquid nor too thick.

To achieve that consistency, you must follow the following steps:


Step 1: gather the necessary elements.

  • Developer or peroxide cream
  • Bleach powder, also known as lightener powder
  • Plastic container
  • Dye brush
  • Measuring element. Elementary, my dear Watson!


 Please note that all elements you use for the bleaching mixture must be plastic.  If you use a metallic container, the bleach and peroxide will lose their effectiveness.

Look at both the developer and the bleach. Can you see any indicators that’ll help you measure the exact proportions?


If, for some reason, they don’t have one, you can replace it with any type of plastic meter, such as a pastry cup or a plastic spoon.

Remember that you must respect the 2 to 1 ratio.


Step 2: preparing the mixture: time and patience.

  • In the plastic container, place the 2 portions of peroxide. With the same element, you used to measure it, add 1 portion of bleach powder.
  • Use the dye brush to mix the ingredients until you get a homogeneous and creamy consistency. Mix very well until there isn’t a single lump!
  • Does your bleach look like your facial cream? You have achieved the perfect consistency! Now all you have to do is apply the bleach to your hair.


What if the mixture doesn’t reach the creamy consistency?

My advice is to discard it and start over. It’s better to lose some money by throwing away the mixture than to ruin the bleaching process and maybe your hair.

Although you can add developer or bleach powder to get the right consistency, it’s best to go for the exact proportions. That can only be done by measuring the elements separately and accurately.


The best developers and bleaches for safe bleaching

from wella

Professional salons always use the best products for their customers. Now, if they are the best products, will they make sure you get the right consistency to bleach your hair?


No. The quality of the developer and bleach will not be reflected in the consistency of the mix. Instead, it’ll show in the health of your hair. Whatever brand you use, it’ll require the right measurement to achieve the creamy consistency.


Professional hair bleaches:


Professional developers:

  • Welloxon Perfect de Koleston
  • Clairol Pure White



The consistency of the bleach should always be creamy, neither liquid nor thick. You’ll only achieve it if you respect the proportions of the developer and bleach, which should always be two to one.

Prepare it carefully. This part of the process is as important as the subsequent application. If you want to protect your hair from the effects of the chemical process, add 15 drops of coconut oil to the mixture.

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