4 Best Clarifying Shampoos to Remove Toner from Hair (in just one day)


Today is one of those days I woke up feeling very, very generous. So, I’m going to give you four names of clarifying shampoos that are absolutely amazing for removing toner from hair.

Why four?


Because I’m going to recommend a brand for each type of hair.

Why am I feeling so generous?


I don’t know, maybe it’s because life is smiling at me, that in the southern hemisphere the summer hasn’t ended and it’s my favorite season, and I’m one of the lucky ones in this world because I have a job that I’m passionate about.

And life will also smile at you today. Even though you still don’t believe it because you’re in a bad mood as a result of that horrible color you have in your hair.


 But cheer up! Clarifying shampoo could be your solution, because it’s an excellent tool for taking out artificial color from your hair. That’s to say, the pigment deposited by the toner or dye. 

What’s so good about these shampoos that I’m recommending to you?


They don’t contain bleach nor ammonia, and they return your hair to your natural color.

For that reason, if you don’t like the toner, or if you feel like it’s not the color you were looking for, by using whichever of these shampoos, you’ll avoid bleaching, which is a much more aggressive treatment for your hair.


  Also, the difference between bleaching and clarifying shampoo is that bleaching removes all color from hair, natural and artificial, while clarifying shampoo just takes out the color of the dye or toner. 

Even if the toner rinses out with a few washes, in many cases the color breaks down and the hair becomes dull. This is when you can decide to redo your color, as in by applying the toner again, or to completely remove it from your hair.


Before you go running to buy clarifying shampoo, stick with me because I will let you know:

  • The best brands of clarifying shampoos
  • How to use this type of shampoo for getting rid of toner


I am sure that now you’re feeling like life is smiling at you, right? So, let’s go all out to eliminate that toner from your hair.


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Which are the best brands of clarifying shampoo to get rid of toner?

Because I understand well the burning need running through every single fiber of your body, including your hair, to eliminate that toner that you don’t like, first I’ll let you know the shampoo that I consider to be the best to get this done.

And afterward, I’ll let you know how to use it correctly. Whichever of these shampoos will make that toner disappear from your hair. 

In this way, you can have your natural tone again without exposing your hair to excessive damage.



scalp treatment heals itchy scalp

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Do you have greasy hair? Then, without a doubt, buy this shampoo, because it’s specially designed for this type of hair, given that it maintains the moisture of your hair without drying out your scalp.


 In addition, it contains citric extracts, natural oils, and it doesn’t have a bad smell. 

The best part? You can get rid of up to three shades with the first use.


KENRA CLARIFYING SHAMPOO, for bleached or highlighted hair

remove color residue from hair

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Everything a hair product can do to maintain your hair’s moisture should be welcome, and that is true of this shampoo.

If you have bleached hair, or with some highlights, it’s ideal that you maintain the bleaching, getting rid of only the excess of dye or toner that could ruin your color.

Do you spend a lot of time outside? Do you swim daily? Then this is the clarifying shampoo for you.


NOTHING BUT CLARIFYING SHAMPOO, for curly hair and afros

for curly hair

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Curly hair can’t retain water, thus, it generally is more frizzy and dry.

Therefore, you should be careful with hair products that use, especially if you’re getting rid of toner.


This shampoo doesn’t have any added chemicals that dry out your hair, and it dissolves the color deposits that make your hair dull.

 You should apply it two or three times so that the toner vanishes completely, but it doesn’t dry out your curls.  

It gives excellent results and it doesn’t damage your hair, given that it contains glycerin, which moisturizes your hair even more.



vegan sulfates and parabens free

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This shampoo has double the amount of oils, and if you’re a natural product fan, you can use it with peace of mind because it’s vegan. And something very important is that you can use it with any hair type.

  Also, it’s a daily use product, so you can use it several times every day, or just once a day until it takes out the unwanted color of the toner. 


It only has one tiny problem, and that is that it has a strong, bad smell.

You won’t pass out because of the bad smell, but I would advise that if you’re sensitive to smells that you apply it in a well-ventilated area so that the smell dissipates quickly.


As you can see, my generosity will allow you to choose the best clarifying shampoo according to your hair needs, because what works for one person may not be the best for others.

Very good, now you know what product to choose, but do you know how to use it?

That, I’ll talk about next.


How does clarify shampoo work?

As I mentioned at the beginning, clarifying shampoo doesn’t contain chemicals, and all of the ones I named before, are composed of natural oils that protect hair during the process of color extraction.

And the best part is that these components act selectively. What do I mean by this?


 When you put it in, the shampoo’s components are only going to act upon the artificial pigment, that is, they are only going to work on the color that you’ve added to your hair. 


Once you’ve chosen the ideal clarifying shampoo for your hair, you only need to apply it. But keep in mind these considerations:

  • Don’t apply it while you’re showering. The reason is simple. You should leave it for a while after putting it in. While it’s working, you can take advantage of the time and look at the accounts of your favorite Instagrammers.
  • You should put it in like a normal shampoo, that is, by rubbing your fingertips throughout your hair.
  • You can wash your hair two times in the same day.
  • You can apply it several days in a row.
  • You can apply a new dye or toner after washing your hair with clarifying shampoo.


 But I should warn you that according to the color of the toner you’ve chosen, you’ll need to apply the clarifying shampoo more times, that is, if the color of the toner is darker, you’ll have to wash your hair two or three times to eliminate it completely from your hair. 

And you won’t notice any hair damage, given that this type of product doesn’t contain chemicals like bleach or ammonia.

Once you’ve managed to take out all the toner from your hair, you can apply a different toner or dye.


Which of these clarifying shampoos will you use to get rid of that unwanted tone from your hair?

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