How to Remove Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Quickly (in just One Day)

in short time

Are you about to color your hair with a semi-permanent dye, and you want to know if you will be able to remove it in one day if you don’t like the color?


I love it when people look ahead.

I’m one of those people.

That’s why, before dyeing my hair a super vibrant green, I checked around to see how to remove semi-permanent dye.

It’s because I work in an office. I’m the personal assistant of the Manager of Institutional Relations, and I couldn’t go into the office with an electric color in my hair.

An electric color that I just wanted to use for my cousin’s party.


 There are a few ways to get rid of semi-permanent dye.  

Now, if you want to get rid of it in one day, the method is more aggressive.

Applying the semi-permanent dye is very simple, which almost, almost, doesn’t require technique.

Also, some come in creams, “those that cause mania and panic,” and you can even apply them using your hands, always with protective gloves.

Because all of these colors stain what they touch.


But removing it is something more complex. And even though there are different methods, you should know that some are more aggressive than others.

Because of this, at the moment you choose, you will have to balance two things: time and method.


 The faster you want the color to disappear, the more aggressive the method will be (read that again, please).  


Do you want to know which I used to remove the semi-permanent green after my cousin’s birthday party?

I’ll tell you.


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How to remove semi-permanent dye in one day

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One of the most common methods to remove the semi-permanent color from your hair is to buy a product on the market that gets rid of the color, known as color remover.

Most of these products include hydrosulfate, a strong and powerful chemical that eliminates the hair’s color.


 Although it’s one of the easiest ways to get rid of the dye, it can also be one of the most damaging.  


But if you’re in a rush and that’s more important than the need to care for your hair, then you have the last word.

Personally, it’s not a method that I would choose to remove the dye in my hair, but if you want to get the color out in one day, it’s the only alternative.


Color reducers won’t touch your natural color. They will only eliminate the pigment of the dye, but you should be prepared.

Color removers have a horrible smell, not exaggerating. They smell like rotten eggs.

The instructions can change from one manufacturer to another, but generally, they are made up of two liquids that should be mixed to apply to the hair.


How to use color remover

You will need:

  • Color remover (if your hair is longer than the length of your shoulders, you will need 2 boxes)
  • Vinyl or latex gloves
  • Shower cap or plastic wrap
  • Non-metal bowl
  • Paintbrush
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair clips (to section your hair)
  • Shirt



  • Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo or an anti-dandruff shampoo
  • Mix the remover with the activator in a bowl
  • Apply the mixture on the whole head with the help of a brush, covering each piece of hair well
  • When each of the pieces is completely covered, cover the hair with a shower cap
  • Most color removers remove the color need around 60 minutes to work


Once you have left it on for the recommended time, the crucial step starts.

 Please, seriously, don’t take rinsing lightly. It is fundamental that you wash and rinse your hair as many times as necessary.  

And there is a reason for this.


During the last 60 minutes, the color molecules in the hair were reduced, but they are still there inside the hair. The color will reactivate in the next few days if you don’t eliminate it from the hair’s stalk.


You need to wash your hair with shampoo at least 5 times.

Jump in the shower to prepare yourself for spending 45 minutes washing and rinsing. Scrub the length of your hair with shampoo, and remember that you need to physically eliminate those old color molecules.


Other less aggressive methods for eliminating the dye


Vitamin C and anti-dandruff shampoo

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Collect two vitamin C pills and smash them in a mortar until they turn to powder.

Add a drop of anti-dandruff shampoo so that the mixture can foam.

After, smoothly apply the mixture on your wet hair, as you would normal shampoo.


Please take a few minutes to spread it over your hair, massage the lengths and on your scalp, making it foam up like normal shampoo. Then, wrap your hair in a shower cap.

This is a vital step because the mixture will probably drip, and due to that color remover, it can stain your clothes.

Let the mixture sit in your hair for 45 minutes, and then rinse and apply a good conditioner.


Anti-dandruff shampoo and baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate is an excellent tool to eliminate semi-permanent dye. You should combine the sodium bicarbonate with an anti-dandruff shampoo in the bowl and mix the two ingredients.

After, wet your hair with hot water and cover it with the sodium bi-carbonate mixture, massaging your scalp and your hair.


Let the mixture sit for 20 minutes and cover it with a shower cap. Once the 20 minutes have passed, wash your hair with warm water.

After, completely condition the hair since it probably feels dry.


This method may not work the first time. But you should repeat the process once a day for three or four consecutive days.


Wash your hair with detergent

Don’t make that scarred face, there are worse things in life. Actually, you should use detergent that you use to wash the dishes.

The sulfates present in the detergent work miracles when it comes to eliminating semi-permanent dye.


All you need to do is use the detergent as you would any other shampoo.

However, since the chemicals are a bit stronger, use a regular shampoo afterward. Don’t forget to condition also to keep your hair smooth and straight.

Use this method for four or five days to get rid of the color definitely.


Vinegar Rinse

Using vinegar to rid the hair of a semi-permanent dye in your hair is an effective and lasting method. It’s cheap, simple and most of us have vinegar in our houses, so it’s easy to find it without problems.

Since vinegar is acid, it can effectively eliminate the color from your hair and assure you that you use common vinegar.


Soak your hair with the vinegar and let it sit for three or four minutes. Then rinse with a lot of warm water.

You can repeat this process up to three times a week, for fifteen days.


How to condition the hair after removing the color

These methods are aggressive for the hair, but without a doubt, the color remover is worse.

Whatever method you choose, you should condition your hair with a lot of heart and soul to get back the shine and silkiness.

 The most effective way to fight against dryness, fragility, and breakage of the hair is to use a deep conditioning treatment. 


A deep conditioning treatment, like a coconut oil hair mask, can do wonders for your hair.

Regular application of either of these two will make your hair more elastic and less prone to breaking and damage because they will help flatten the cuticle, seal in the moisture, reduce tangles, and add shine.


Do you want to know the method I used to get rid of the color from my hair?

The truth is just the idea of smelling like rotten eggs in my hair because of the remover made me nauseous.

Also, the word “chemicals” gives me shivers.


So, I decided that it wasn’t that urgent to eliminate the dye in a day, but what you can do is dilute the color. In this way, I would prevent my boss from having his hair stand on end when he saw me.


I chose the baking soda and anti-dandruff shampoo method.



The truth is because it used two elements that were in my house.


 And it worked pretty well. The dolor faded sufficiently in the first application so that my boss didn’t lose his head. 

And I applied it two times for the next two days.

And the coconut oil was an effective tool for me to get back the health of my hair.


Now, the decision is in your hands.

What do you decide?

Eliminating the color immediately with a color remover and terribly damaging your hair or using a slower, less aggressive method?

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