Blue Dye Over Pink Hair: please read this carefully before using any hair dye

  • To apply a blue dye on pink hair, you must consider two things: the pink shade you have and the blue shade you want.
  • If you want to apply a medium or dark blue over a light pink, you can do it straight away. However, if your hair is still pink, even a bit faded, you’ll need to lightly bleach it using a 20-volume developer.
  • If you want to color your pink hair light or very light blue, you’ll need to bleach it until there aren’t any pink pigments.
  • Finally, to avoid making any mistakes, you should do a strand test.


strand test

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Stylists’ lives would be easier if we should simply apply a dye for a color change. However, unfortunately, the reality isn’t like that.

If you have pink hair, and you want to color it blue, there’re some key issues to consider.

 So, first and foremost, it all depends on the blue you choose and the pink you have as a base. 



  • Do you want to know if you can go from one color to another? Yes, you can. But you must consider the pink intensity and blue you want to apply.
  • Do you want to know if you can apply the dye straight away? In some cases, it will be possible. And I’ll tell you what they are.
  • Do you want to know what blue shade covers pink? The darker, the better, and the less damage to your hair because you won’t need to bleach it.
  • Do you want to know what blue shade you can apply to your pink hair? It all depends on what you’re looking for. You can choose a long-lasting color or one with a shorter lifespan but more moisturizing power.


You should consider those facts.  For example, if your hair is fuchsia and you apply light blue, you’ll only get purple.  It can be very nice, but it has nothing to do with the blue you’re looking for.


So, to change successfully from pink to blue, stay with me, because I’ll tell you:

  • Why it is so important to do the strand test before going from pink to blue hair
  • What blue shades you can apply to your hair
  • Which blue color to choose according to your (and your hair’s) needs


For a foolproof color change, a plan of action is best. Every action plan has a first step: the color test.

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Why it is so important to do the strand test before going from pink to blue hair

brown skin and dark eyes

Some call it the “strand test” and others call it the “color test”.  I call it the “irrefutable and infallible proof”. It’ll be useful to:

  • Firstly, the color test. It’ll tell you if the blue color you choose covers the pink you have without the need to bleach.
  • Secondly, if you need to bleach your hair, it’ll show you if your hair will stand the process.


I know you’re anxious about the color change.

I know that you’re tired of getting up every day and combing your pink hair you find so pale and dull.

But, as my grandmother would say, “dress me slowly because I’m in a hurry.” If you don’t want to end up with lavender in your hair, it’s best to take your time. 


The strand test doesn’t require expensive products or five hours of your time.

To check the blue dye coverage on pink hair you only need a strand of the back of your hair and a piece of the blue dye.


Once you apply the color to the strand, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for exposure times and rinse your hair.

  • If the blue hair dye covered the pink, congratulations! All you have to do is dye the rest of your hair.
  • If you notice that the blue didn’t cover the strand evenly, or a shade such as violet or lavender, you’ll have to bleach your hair.


It’s not the same to bleach faded pink as deep pink hair.

  • If your hair is faded pink, you can slightly bleach it using a 20-volume developer. It’ll be enough to remove all the pink pigments.
  • If your hair is deep pink or fuchsia, you’ll need to bleach it using 30-volume bleach. But first, do the strand test.


I know what you’re thinking.

 That I am more annoying than the Encyclopedia Britannica. I only think about the health of your hair. Do you know why? 


You probably bleached your hair to a very light base to color your hair pink. That must have dried out and weakened your hair fiber.

Take my advice! It’ll only be twenty minutes of your life against a hundred hours of bitter loneliness.


In this case, you should test the strand by applying the bleaching mixture, leaving it in for twenty minutes, and then rinsing it.

If your hair isn’t gummy and doesn’t break, you can bleach it. Then, apply the blue dye.

Now that the tedious but necessary part is over let’s move on to the fun part: the blue shade you can choose.


What blue shades you can apply to your hair

electric color

My fingers and toes are not enough to count the variety of blue tones on the market. So we’ll look at the base of pink you have and the blue you want to apply.


  • If your hair is light or medium pink, and you want a medium or dark blue, you can apply blue hair dye straight away.

You don’t need to go through any other previous process. You don’t even need to fade the pink with dandruff shampoo. But, if you are not sure what exactly a faded pink means, remember that you have a foolproof weapon: the color test.


  • If your hair is faded dark pink and you want a light or medium blue, you should bleach your hair with a 20-volume developer.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to apply the light or medium blue dye directly to your hair because you risk turning it purple.

My recommendation is to apply a light bleach with a 20-volume developer to remove as much pink pigment as possible to apply the blue dye.


  • If your hair is deep pink and you want it light blue, you’ll have to bleach it.

In this case, you need a light base with no pink traces. Therefore, you need a bleach with a 30-volume developer. Remember to do the strand test to make sure your hair can resist the process.


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Which blue dye to choose based on your (and your hair’s) needs

There’s a wide range of blue hair dyes.

You have to check your and your hair’s needs to choose the best color.


 Remember that the best hair color isn’t necessarily the fashionable one or the one used by the “influencer.”  The current influencer uses the hair color that pays the most. However, you’re not paid to color your hair blue.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is to choose the right color for your needs.


Now, let’s look at the hair dyes to give you more information to choose from.


Do you want the blue to last long in your hair? Choose one of these dyes

differences with arctic fox

If you’re looking for a blue color that lasts for many washes, you should try Splat Midnight Azure. It’ll give you excellent results. You can also try other shades such as Blue Envy or Aqua Rush.


Best blue hair dyes to cover faded pink hair

If you’re looking for a blue hair dye with powerful pigments to cover your faded pink, you could choose the Color X- Change Mood of blue or Ballistic Blue.


Best blue dyes after bleaching pink hair


If you’re looking to repair your hair because you had to bleach it to remove the pink, you can choose Keracolor Clenditioner. Some of the most sought after shades are Silver Blue, or Blue.

If you’re looking for original blue shades, you can choose Punky Color and some of its variants such as Lagoon Blue, Midnight Blue, or Atlantic Blue. Remember that this brand recommends having a very light color base before applying the color.



If your hair is faded pink, you can apply medium or dark blues without bleaching. If you prefer light blue, and your pink base is intense or dark, you’ll need to bleach your hair.

To avoid bleaching, you have to do the strand test. That way, you can check the coverage of blue dye on pink hair.

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