The hairdresser burned my scalp with bleach. What can I do?

dye right after bleaching

  • If you think the hairdresser burned your scalp with bleach, I’d recommend you get an appointment with a dermatologist doctor.
  • In the meantime, you should check your head for blisters, redness, or swelling.
  • If you’re sure that your hairdresser burned your scalp, your hair may or may not be damaged.
  • Usually, the scalp is hurt and burned, but the hair isn’t damaged. Alternatively, both the scalp and the hair may be burned.
  • In this article, I’ll give you 10 tips to take care of your burned scalp with bleach.


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Do you really think the hairdresser burned your scalp?


If so, your scalp is probably injured, red, or swollen. You may also feel moistness or weeping in the affected area.

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Check your scalp with a mirror to look for injuries or burned areas

bleach burns the scalp

  • If it is blistered or swollen, get busy: reactions such as blisters, which can weep, ooze, or crust are a reason to consult a dermatologist.
  Only a specialist will be able to indicate the treatment to heal the scalp skin to avoid infections. 


  • Instead, if you check your scalp and it’s red, treat it like any other burn. It’s like burning your skin: it may bother or hurt.

As the days go by, the skin will continue healing.


10 tips for dealing with burned or damaged scalp

If you experience a chemical burn on your scalp, do the following as soon as possible. It’ll help while you wait for your dermatologist appointment.


  • Avoid heat, so  don’t blow-dry your hair. Don’t even think of using a flat-iron or anything else that could burn your hair again. 


  •   Stop coloring your hair for at least one month,  or until the redness of your scalp is completely gone.


  • You should also discontinue any type of straightening or keratin treatment.

Remember chemical products are used for those services, and they could prevent your burned scalp from healing.


brush the hair carefully so as not to injure the scalp

  • Avoid brushing hardly or pulling your hair.

Your scalp is very sensitive and needs to heal.   Don’t stop brushing altogether, but do it gently and carefully. 


  • While waiting for a doctor’s appointment, don’t take any pain relievers on your own.

Many recipes are going around on the net, but don’t fall for them. They usually include products with alcohol that could irritate or infect the wound.


  • In this case, I suggest you use a very mild dermatological shampoo for sensitive skin. Wash your hair very gently without rubbing it, and let it air dry.


  • Don’t expose your head to direct sunlight nor wear hats that cover the wound unnecessarily. Contact with air will help it heal faster.


aloe vera to soothe burning scalp

  • On the other hand, if your burn is reddened and the skin is intact, you could apply natural aloe vera to cool and help to heal.

Aloe vera is very soothing for burns. Being a natural product, it doesn’t contain alcohol or other chemicals. Before applying it to the skin, keep it in the refrigerator to make it even more refreshing.


  • In case you don’t have access to aloe vera, a cool compress to the affected area can help with pain and swelling. Then, apply a few drops of castor oil to moisturize at night.


  •  If you wash your hair the day after your hairdresser burned your scalp, do it with a dermatological shampoo and very gentle movements.


  After a few days, your skin will start to recover. You may find patches of skin that appear flaky or scaly.  

You’ll notice a kind of dandruff fall from your head.

If all goes well, the burn will be history. But be careful. Skin burns could become serious.


Next visit to the salon, do this....

applying dye to dirty hair

Now that you know that your scalp is sensitive to bleach chemicals, next time you bleach your hair, switch stylists and tell your new professional about your experience.

He or she will know what to do and, possibly, use other bleaching methods that don't affect the skin on your head.


Foil or cap highlights are off-scalp techniques. They could be an excellent option.

On the other hand, if the new professional wants to bleach your hair again without any protection, remember the bad experience you had, and don't let it happen again.


Dealing with burned scalp: professional help and a lot of patience

We’ve seen what to do in case your hairdresser burned your scalp.

We have seen that if the skin is badly damaged, you should ask a dermatologist.

Otherwise, just be patient and take care of your burned scalp. Follow the advice I have given you, and the discomfort will soon go away. Cheer up!

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