Which Wella toner to use? Check if your hair is orange or yellow

  • If your hair is dark orange after bleaching, you should apply Wella T10.
  • Alternatively, if it turns light orange, you should use Wella T28.
  • If it’s yellow, you should apply Wella T14.
  • Finally, if your hair is light yellow after bleaching, you should apply Wella T18.


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Best Wella toners for orange hair: how to choose the right one for you


If you’re thinking about  which WELLA toner you should apply,   keep reading what I have to tell you.

I can assure you that I’m usually in awe even though I passed the age of innocence some time ago.

I believe that reality has surpassed fiction when I hear some stories at the salon.

Why am I telling you this?


Today, one of my clients came to the salon with her hair almost ruined.

It was ruined for two reasons: a disastrous bleaching process and the wrong choice of toner.


My client had bleached her hair herself   and it reached different bleach levels. 


Her roots were light yellow, while her lengths had some bright orange and yellow strands.

Yes, a real mess.


Not happy with the result, she decided to apply T18 toner to all of her hair because she wanted to achieve light ash blonde.

When she rinsed out the toner, she discovered that her roots were almost white. The lengths, in turn, were platinum blonde, while other strands were ash blonde.


Yes, her hair was still a real tri-colored mess. My client should have gone to the salon to have her hair colored by a professional.

The stylist would’ve evaluated her hair and applied different toners to neutralize the yellows and oranges.

What solution did I offer her?


To wait for the toner to fade with washes, apply intensive repair treatments for a month, and, after that time, return to the salon.

I would bleach her hair again using OLAPLEX to even out the bleach level and apply the appropriate toner.

Why am I telling you this?


To choose a Wella toner, you should consider the color of your hair after bleaching

using purple toner on bleached yellow hair

The toner will neutralize the bright colors that appear in the hair after bleaching.

 To know which WELLA toner you should use, you have to keep in mind the color wheel, where you can observe the opposite colors that neutralize each other: 


When you follow that rule, you can get your desired color or undertone such as ash or pearl.

But if you don’t even want to waste time looking at the color wheel, I’ll tell you which Wella toner to apply to your hair to achieve your dream color.


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If your bleached hair is orange, you can choose Wella’s T10 or T28

wella toner for orange hair

Wella Color Charm toners  T10 and T28 are applied on light or dark orange hair. 

Do you know why?


The color wheel tells us that blue cancels orange.

Both T10 and T28 contain blue pigments. Therefore,  your hair will be ashy and free of strident orange colors. 


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Now, which one is the most suitable one for you?

  •  If your hair is dark orange, light brown 5, or dark blonde 6, you should apply T10.
  •  Alternatively, if your hair is light orange,  blonde 7, or light blonde 8, you should opt for T28.


Both toners contain blue pigments, but T28 will give your hair a deep ashy color.

Orange hair colors are very common after bleaching the darker colors on the scale, such as dark brown 3 or brown 4.


 You could use Wella toners to neutralize unwanted colors that appear on colored hair after a few washes. 


In general, dyes that contain coppery tones can leave unwanted orange tones on your hair.

What are these dyes?


You will need to look at the numbers on the box dye.

All dyes are identified by a number. Sometimes, it’s only one number. For example, 4. Some other times, that number is followed by a dot and another number.

Hair dyes with copper shades should be identified with a number followed by a dot and the number 4.

For example:

  • Copper blonde 7.4
  • Very light copper blonde 9.4
  • Coppery light brown 5.4


If you applied any of these dyes, and want to remove unwanted orange tones, you can use either Wella’s T10 or T28.


If your bleached hair is yellow, you can opt for Wella’s T14 or T18

toning orange hair

According to the color wheel, the opposite color of yellow is violet.

Both  T14 and T18 have violet pigments, but T14 also contains blue pigments. 

Why does T14 contain blue pigments? Because it can be used to neutralize orange unwanted tones as well as yellow ones on medium blondes.


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As you can see, you need to determine what your blonde color is:

  •  If it’s light blonde 8,  T14 will cancel both orange and yellow colors.
  •  Alternatively, if it’s very light blonde 9 or extra light blonde 10,  T18 will neutralize the yellow shades.


Yellows arise after bleaching hair that is dark blonde 6, blonde 7, or any other color from the middle of the color chart.

Yellow also appears with gold-colored dyes. Any dye that finishes with a number 3 will leave some strident yellows in your hair.


But don’t worry. Wella T14 and T18 toners can also remove them.

For example, if you color your hair with any of the following dyes, you can use these Wella toners:

  • Light golden blonde 8.3
  • Very light golden blonde 9.3



You can use Wella toners to get rid of the strident orange or yellow shades that can appear in your bleached hair.

They are also ideal for toning color-treated hair.

The most important thing to do before choosing a Wella toner is to determine the base color. It’ll indicate which toner to apply.

Any Wella toners will leave your hair ashy or pearly without unwanted undertones.

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