Will light ash blonde cover yellow hair? Yes, but your hair will turn out greenish

woman unhappy with her yellow hair

  • If you use a light ash blonde dye on your yellow hair, it will turn out greenish.
  • Instead, you should use a pearl blonde dye to cover your yellow hair.
  • If your hair is yellow after dyeing it, that means you got a level 8 light blonde or level 9 very light blonde color during the bleach process. So, you’ll need to use a light pearl blonde or very light peral blonde dye on your hair. I’ll tell you what numbers identify these dyes shortly.


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Did you bleach your hair and end up with yellow hair?

If so,  the solution for covering your yellow hair isn’t an ash dye.  Because ash dyes contain blue pigments.

And  if you apply these blue pigments on your yellow hair it’s going to turn out tinged green. 


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How do you know what dye to use to cover your yellow hair then?

It’s easy.

You should use the same tool us hair colorists use to decide how to eliminate unwanted colors that appear in your hair after bleaching it.

And this tools has a name. It’s called the color wheel.


hair color wheel to neutralize yellow hair

The color wheel will help you get rid of yellow in your hair, based on the level blonde you’ve gotten by bleaching your hair.

To make sure you aren’t left with any questions, let’s start with what you shouldn’t do to your yellow hair.


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You should never use an ash dye on yellow hair because it will turn green

due to bleaching

Because each dye has a secondary color, that could be:

  • Ash (1)
  • Pearl (2)
  • Gold (3)
  • Copper (4)
  • Mahogany (5)
  • Red (6)


And  these secondary colors are the ones that neutralize those unwanted yellows or oranges that appear in your hair after bleaching it. 


At the beginning of this article, I told you you about the color wheel.

The color wheel tells us that each of those secondary colors are made up by pigments from different colors that eliminate unwanted tones.

  • Ash – blue
  • Pearl – purple
  • Gold – yellow
  • Copper – orange
  • Mahogany – red-violet
  • Red – pure red

Why do those color neutralize?


neutralization of yellow in the hair

Because if you look at the color wheel, each pair of colors are located opposite each other. That means they cancel each other out.

  • Blue neutralizes orange.
  • Purple neutralizes yellow.
  • Green neutralizes red.

Keeping this information in mind, let’s play a game.


Look at the list I gave you above and choose one of the options below to answer the question I’m about to ask you.

Which dye would be best to neutralize yellow hair?

  • Ash blonde
  • Copper blonde
  • Pearl blonde


That’s right.

 The best dye for covering yellow hair is pearl blonde because it contains purple pigments. 


And, as such, using an ash blonde dye would be an error, since that dye contains blue pigments.

What would happen if you use dye with blue pigments in yellow hair?


Your hair would end up with green tones. Why?

  • Yellow + Blue = Green


So, if you use a pearl dye on your yellow hair, the result with be a very special pearl blonde, that will give your hair lightness and brightness.

Now, you understand why you should choose a blonde dye that ends in .2.


Of course, depending on the level blonde you ended up with after bleaching, you have two options.

Which should you choose? I’ll tell you about that soon.

What number blonde dye should you use to cover your yellow hair?

fixing the color

I know you’ve been through a long journey to get to one of the highest levels of blonde.

And even more so if you started with dark hair. Because you surely went through several rounds of bleach, which would have taken you a long time.


That’s why this isn’t the time to rush because if you choose the wrong blonde dye, all the work you’ve done will be in vain, since you wouldn’t be able to use the color you actually wanted.

So, let’s start with the first step. And in order to take that first step, we need to talk about color levels.


Each number of dye is a color on the palette:

  • 1 darkest black
  • 2 black
  • 3 dark brown
  • 4 brown
  • 5 light brown
  • 6 dark blonde
  • 7 blonde
  • 8 light blonde
  • 9 very light blonde
  • 10 lightest platinum blonde


 If you bleached your hair and the result is a bright yellow, then your color level is 8 or 9. 

How do I know?


Because I have years of experience with hair coloring and I know that if you had gotten to a level less than 8, then your hair would have turned out orange.

So, since your hair is yellow, you’ve gotten to a level 8 light blonde or a level 9 very light blonde.


You know that to get rid of the yellow, you need to use a dye that ends in 2, which corresponds to pearl or purple.

So, all you need to use is use a dye that’s the same level of your current blonde:

  •  If your hair is a light blonde 8,  you should use a light pearl blonde 8.2 dye.
  •  If your hair is a very light blonde 9 , you should opt for a very light pearl blonde 9.2 dye.



To cover your yellow hair, you should use a pearl dye that could either be a light pearl blonde 8.2 or a very light pearl blonde 9.2

If you use an ash dye, your yellow hair will turn green.

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