Do you use shampoo to rinse out hair dye? It depends on the hair dye

wash hair after dyeing


  • If you use permanent hair dye, you can rinse out the dye with shampoo. However, it should be sulfates, parabens, or metallic salts-free. Go for those with keratin, fruits, or coconut oil because they’ll help nourish your hair.
  • Alternatively, if you use semi-permanent hair dye, you shouldn’t rinse it with shampoo because it’ll strip the color film deposited by the dye.


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Unfortunately, not all hair dye jobs turn out as planned!

Believe me, I understand the doubts and misconceptions.


Having permanent, semi-permanent, and even demipermanent hair dyes may be confusing.

Of course, each of them has a different composition. Therefore, they’re applied and washed out with specific procedures.

That’s where the doubts arise.


However, it usually requires common sense.

My client, Marcela, has a story about that.

Her common-sense abandoned her for a while. Why do I say this?


You’ll understand when I tell you.

Marcela is a fan of pastel colors. That’s why she’s tried all of them after bleaching her hair to a light blonde level.

When she first colored her hair at home, she got a rather unpleasant surprise. Let’s go back in time.


After bleaching her hair at the salon, I applied a beautiful pastel pink semi-permanent hair dye.

Before she left, I explained to her that the semi-permanent dye fades with washes.

So, she should try to wash her hair less often and use a sulfate-free shampoo.

I know she followed my instructions.


The pastel pink lasted a little over 20 washes for her.

When the pastel pink faded, she wanted to try emerald green. But since she didn’t have time to come to the salon, she colored her hair herself.


It was the first time she used semi-permanent hair dye. After the exposure time, she rinsed out her hair.

Then, she looked in the mirror, and she couldn’t see any green in her hair.

But what had happened?

Was the hair dye expired?

Hadn’t she waited long enough?


No, nothing like that.

She had rinsed out the hair dye with shampoo.

Since she didn’t have a sulfate-free shampoo, she used her sister’s shampoo, which was a regular brand.

That’s why I say that Marcela’s common sense went for a walk that day.


If I had recommended that she wash her hair less frequently and use a sulfate-free shampoo, how could she use a regular shampoo?


Water and sulfate products are the enemies of semi-permanent hair dyes. The pigments wash out quickly.

To make matters worse, if you dye your hair semi-permanent, and you rinse it out with a regular shampoo, you strip the color film that’s settling in the hair.

It’s a waste of time and money.


However, if you use permanent hair dye, things change.

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If you use permanent hair dye, you can rinse it out with shampoo

remove hair dye

What’s the difference?


Permanent hair dye is applied with a 20 vol developer and ammonia.

The developer opens the cuticles of your hair and the ammonia penetrates to the core to fix the new color.

This way, the color is resistant to external factors such as the sun, chlorine from the pool or hair products.


In that case, you can rinse out the dye with shampoo after coloring.

  The shampoo slows down the chemical reaction of the dye.  


Also, a shampoo will remove hair dye residue that may irritate your scalp.

Since the shampoo is also designed to remove dirt, it’ll remove any chemical and dye residue left.

That brings us to semi-permanent hair dye.


In turn, semi-permanent hair dye shouldn’t be rinsed out with shampoo.

  You shouldn’t rinse out semi-permanent hair dye with shampoo after coloring your hair.  


It’s because semi-permanent hair dye settles on your hair like a color film.

If you wash your hair with shampoo after semi-permanent, you’ll prevent the dye from settling in. You’ll wash out the color.


Which shampoo should I use to rinse out the hair dye?

shampoo to wash hair with highlights

The first thing I want to tell you is that most shampoos contain sulfates.

They’re detergents that clean but also remove color from your hair. You shouldn’t use them if you want a long-lasting and vibrant color.


  What shampoo should you use?  

– It should be sulfate-free.

– It should be paraben-free.

– It shouldn’t contain metallic salts.


Instead, look for moisturizing ingredients such as:

  • Keratin
  • Cermides
  • Coconut oil
  • Aminoacids
  • Fruit extracts


Any of these components will nourish your hair.

How to rinse out your dye with shampoo after coloring your hair.


  Remember that you should only use shampoo if you used permanent hair dye.  
  • After the exposure time, rinse your hair with lukewarm water.
  • Once the water runs clear, apply the shampoo from roots to ends.
  • Massage into the scalp and lengths.
  • Rinse again with plenty of water
  • Towel dry and apply conditioner
  • Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Rinse again


The shampoo can be used every time you wash your hair.



You should only rinse out the hair dye with shampoo if you used permanent dye. It’ll help remove excess chemicals and color stains.

Remember that this shampoo should be sulfate, paraben, and metallic salt-free.

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