Can I bleach my hair again after 3 days? No, it’s a very bad idea

shocked and horrified blonde woman
Bleaching your hair again after three days is a BAD IDEA for these three reasons:

  • Reason 1: Three days is not enough for your hair to recover from the wear and tear of a bleaching process. Therefore, if you bleach your hair again, your weakened and dried-out hair would be receiving too many chemical products.
  • Reason 2: The damage caused by bleaching is cumulative. So, if you bleach your hair again after three days, you’ll most likely burn your hair.
  • Reason 3: If you’re bleaching your hair on your own and without experience, you won’t be able to assess if your hair will resist a new bleaching process after three days. Professionals have tools such as hair resistance tests or special products to check if the hair can withstand two bleaching sessions in three days.
  • Then, it’s best to wait three to four weeks to bleach the hair again.


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I’ll never tire of saying it. Bleaching is an aggressive chemical process for hair.

That’s why   you can’t bleach your hair again after three days.  

Not after five days. Not even after fifteen days.


No matter what the hundreds of videos on YouTube said. Believe me, behind those smiles, several hours of tears abound.

It doesn’t matter what your friends, neighbors, or co-workers say either. They’re not endangering their hair.

It’s you. So, make a conscious decision. Nowadays, it seems that the “Pinocchio syndrome” reigns.

Do you know it?


Pinocchio syndrome is characterized by ignoring what your conscience dictates. In short, send your conscience for a walk. As the famous wooden doll did with Jiminy Cricket, his adorable conscience.


But we aren’t talking about fairy tales here. If you bleach your hair again after three days, the blue fairy won’t give you new, healthy hair.

That’s what happened to Maria. She caught Pinocchio Syndrome and sent her conscience for a walk. Then, she put her hair in the hands of a good friend.

Her friend was well-intended. However, sometimes, even the best intentions aren’t enough. She lacked the essential knowledge to bleach her hair, such as knowing the exact proportion between peroxide and bleaching powder.


Maria came to my salon longing for the blessed platinum blonde. We made a plan together to slowly work our way up the levels to platinum blonde with healthy hair.

She left my salon with an even, healthy, light blonde 8. Three days later, she came back to the salon. However, some of her hair wasn’t on her head; it was in her hands.

burnt hair from bleaching it twice
If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years in the profession is that most people look for shortcuts to get results.

They Google “how to go from black to blonde in an hour“, instead of “how to bleach hair without damaging it“.


Her friend had bleached her hair again within three days. I was overcome by the situation for the first few minutes. Unfortunately, the only solution I could offer Maria was to cut her hair to remove the burned parts.


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As I said before, no blue fairy will come to your aid if you burn your hair after bleaching it again after three days.

I could go into dozens of reasons why you shouldn’t bleach your hair again after three days.
They’re technical and even scientific reasons.

But I’ll sum them up in three. The three main reasons to invite you to reflect and avoid disaster. Listen to Jiminy Cricket. At least until you finish reading this post.


Reason 1: You can’t bleach your hair again after three days because it hasn’t recovered from the first bleaching

bleaching powder
This is almost a law. It’s true for even the healthiest hair.

Bleaching is a very aggressive chemical process.   It’s so aggressive that it can ruin your hair in twenty minutes.  


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During bleaching, chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia lift the hair cuticles and remove all the natural and artificial colors from your hair.


However, during bleaching, your hair also loses moisture, nutrients, and vitamins, even if that’s not your goal. This is collateral damage.

Collateral damage can be controlled if you don’t bleach your hair again after three days.  “] The first bleaching left your hair weakened and dry.  

Can you imagine what will happen if you apply a new bleach three days later?


Don’t push away the images that come to your mind. Listen to your conscience.

  If you bleach your hair again after three, five, or ten days, your hair will start falling out when you wash it.  


At that point, you’ll want to disappear into a whale’s stomach.

Let’s move on to the next reason why you shouldn’t bleach your hair again after three days.


Reason 2: As the damage from bleaching is cumulative, you’ll burn your hair if you bleach it again after three days

If you bleached your hair three days ago, your hair didn’t have time to replenish the nutrients lost in the process.

Also, your hair will be adapting to the changes several days after bleaching. It’ll be recovering the nutrients lost during the process.


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However, it won’t be able to do it alone. You must help it.


After the first bleaching, you should apply moisturizing masks to restore the moisture and nutrients lost during the process.You can also help it by trimming a few centimeters off your ends.


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Everything you can do for your hair in this instance is important if you want to bleach it again.

  Your hair needs to regain its health before the next bleaching session and it doesn’t happen in only three days.  


You’ll need to repair your hair for at least three weeks.

That’s why bleaching creates cumulative damage. If you bleach damaged hair again, you’ll add more damage. It can only lead to disaster.


Reason 3: You don’t have the knowledge or experience to bleach your hair again after three days

hairdresser bleaching hair for the second time
No offense, but it’s the truth. Only a professional would dare bleach hair twice in three days. It’d only happen under very special circumstances and taking a lot of precautions.


First, the stylist would perform a hair resistance test to determine if the hair will withstand a new bleaching session in such a short time.

Also, I would include products like OLAPLEX. They have special technologies that repair the hair as the bleaching progresses.


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In short, what products like Olaplex do is act together with bleach. They repair what bleaching destroys.


That’s why so many dark-haired Hollywood stars appear overnight with platinum blonde hair. But keep one thing in mind.

You’re not in Hollywood, and you don’t have those stars’ bank accounts.



You shouldn’t bleach your hair again after three days. Listen to your conscience. Instead, moisturize your hair with masks and moisturizing oils to recover the moisture lost during bleaching.

You should always wait three to four weeks before bleaching your hair again.

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