Can you go from black to blonde hair in one day? It depends on whether your hair is virgin or has already been colored

dye two weeks after keratin

  • If you have virgin black hair, you CAN dye it from black to blonde in one day. To do this, you’ll need to bleach your hair following my instructions.
  • On the other hand, if your hair is dyed black and you want to go blonde in one day, I DON’T recommend it.
  • While it’s not impossible to turn your previously dyed hair from black to blonde, it’ll be harder to achieve in such a short time. The process will take many hours. You can try it, but you should know that you risk burning your hair with bleaching products.


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Are you craving a big change of look in a short time?


If you were just wondering if it’s possible to dye your hair from black to blonde in just one day, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’ll tell you when it’s possible and when it’s not advisable.


  First, you should know that such a change will cause a big visual impact. It’s as if you had long hair one day and shaved it to zero the following day.  

Therefore, you must be sure of what you are about to do. Going from black to blonde and then back again (in other words, from blonde to black) in such a short time would mean a disaster.


Logically, each hairdresser has their own version and strategy for extreme cases like this. In this case, I’m going to write about my own experience on this subject.

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Tip: What you need to know before dyeing your black hair blonde

remove hair dye

To start coloring your hair from black to blonde, I advise you not to have freshly washed hair.

It’s best to stop washing your hair at least 48 hours before. You’ll need to have your scalp moisturized with a small layer of sebum (the natural grease of the hair).


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  If you have freshly washed hair, that layer won’t exist. Then, your scalp will have no protection against the bleaching powder and peroxide.  

Therefore, this will initially lead to severe burning during the bleaching process. It could even result in scalp lesions such as blisters. In the following days, you may suffer from severe desquamation of your scalp.


Cases where you CAN color your hair from black to blonde in one day (step-by-step how to do it yourself)

takes several hours of work

If your hair is naturally black, virgin, thick, and healthy, then you could try dyeing your hair from black to blonde in one day.


One thing you should know is that coloring your hair from black to blonde isn’t an easy job.

It’ll take many, many hours, and your hair will end extremely weak, with a tendency to break easily and hard to style.


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to bleach your hair from black to blonde in one day (only if you have virgin hair):



  • I advise you to never use very high peroxide. A 30-volume peroxide is best.

Once you have finished applying it all over your hair, you should leave it for a while until the black starts to lighten. As it lightens, you should always take into account the quality of the hair.


  • When your hair is between red and orange, it’ll be time to rinse the bleach, dry the hair, and bleach again. This time, with a 20-volume peroxide and a few drops of plex to protect the hair fiber.


  • Reapply the bleach all over the lengths and ends, but don’t touch your roots yet. After a while of exposure, you’ll have reached a medium yellow.


  • At this point, you’ll re-rinse, re-dry and bleach again with a little plex and a 10-15 volume oxidizer.


  • Now, when you see that your hair begins to reach a light yellow shade, prepare more bleaching powder with a few drops of some 20-volume lenitive and oxidizing gel, and apply it to the roots. Due to the scalp’s own heat, the roots will bleach very quickly.


  • Once the bleaching has been unified, you’ll rinse and apply the hair dye. It’ll we have a mauve or mauve-ash undertone, according to your bleach level.


  • From the moment you start bleaching your hair from black to blonde until you finish the job, at least 3 to 4 hours will have passed.


If you color your hair from black to blonde yourself in one day, getting it 100% even is no easy task.

It requires a lot of training. So, my advice is to make an appointment at your usual salon and leave this very complicated and risky job in the best hands.


Cases in which it ISN’T possible to dye from black to blonde in one day

takes several bleaching sessions

Human hair isn’t plastic. It’s not a toy, nor is it lifeless.

It’s a very important part of our body. So, it deserves a lot of care and attention.


If you previously dyed your hair black and now you want to dye it blonde, this is not something impossible to achieve.

  However, as a hairdresser with many years of experience, I can guarantee that it’s not feasible to dye your hair from black to blonde in just one day.  


The black hair dye is a combination of red pigments. It’s a saturation of pigments that results in a black tone.

So, removing this color to go from black to blonde in one day would not only be impossible but tragic for your hair.

As I told you, there’s no way to remove the excess pigment from your black hair to dye it blonde in one day.


Why can’t I dye my black hair blonde in one day?

As I said before, dyeing your hair from black to blonde in one day would be very unwise and could have serious consequences.

I’ll tell you the steps of the bleaching process to go from black hair to blonde. You’ll see why I consider it impossible to achieve in one day.


  • 1) This is a process that consists of several stages.   It’ll be necessary to hydrate and nourish the bleached hair to maintain the quality of the hair fiber.  


  • 2) You need to tone the bleached hair in each stage. That way, the hair will have a suitable shade to continue with the following lightening process.



  • 4) You also have to know that after each stage, you’ll have lighter and lighter hair. However, it’ll be progressive:   You’ll go from black to brownish red. Then, to coppery brown, light copper, dark blonde, and medium blonde. Finally, you’ll get to the light blonde shade.  


  • 5) When you bleach your hair from black to blonde, you need to keep your hair in the best possible condition in each stage. That way, following the bleaching process won’t damage your hair excessively.


Now, imagine doing all those steps in one day: you would be running a very high risk of burning your hair only to accelerate a process that is already quite complicated under normal circumstances.


2 reasons to be suspicious of someone who promises to dye your hair from black to blonde in a day

hair loss and keratin treatment

I’ll tell you something else.

If someone suggests coloring your hair from black to blonde in one day,   my advice is to be suspicious for the following two reasons.  


  • To bleach your black hair, you’ll surely use oxidants of very high volumes, which will destroy your hair fiber.

It’ll turn gummy, elastic, and likely to break off in a very short time.


  • Alternatively, it’ll miss the target of dyeing from black to blonde. So, your hair will be a thousand different tones of reds, oranges, browns. and yellows. Beware!


Dyeing your hair from black to blonde takes a long time: don’t take unnecessary risks

yellow hair after bleaching

As I’ve told you in this article, you can dye your black hair to blonde in one day if you have virgin hair.

However, I also warned you that, as a result, your hair will be somewhat dry and difficult to style.


Now, you also know that I don’t advise you at all to dye your hair from black to blonde in one day if your hair is previously colored.

You see, some jobs can be done in two hours. Some other jobs take a long, slow process. Each process has to be done in the right way to achieve the goals.


So, trying to go from black to blonde in one day is a risk that no experienced hairdresser would take.

Therefore, check where you take your hair. Many risks are unnecessary, but the last word will always be yours.

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