How often should you get highlights redone? 5 tricks to make them last longer

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Would you like to know how often you should have your highlights redone, so they always look perfect?


  • Highlights should be completely redone every two months.
  • The amount of time depends on many factors, like the frequency of hair-washing and the products you use, the quality of products used to do the highlights, and how fast your hair grows.
  • You should also keep in mind that for retouching highlights, the technique should be applied from scratch as if you were highlighting your hair for the first time.


Surely the answer is a little surprising to you because you thought that for retouching, you only had to do the highlights for your roots.

But that’s not the case, do you know why?

  • Because retouching the roots isn’t about hiding hair growth; it’ about the colors in your hair.

So, to get these colors or highlights, you need to bleach your hair.

What’s more, the parts of your hair with highlights will also lose part of their shine and color.

  Also, because hair grows approximately a centimeter and a half per month, you will see that your highlights seem to be lower in your hair. For this reason, it’s necessary to redo the whole process in your roots and with the rest of your hair.  


  • The technique for doing the highlights, using the cap or aluminum foil, doesn’t matter. Both highlights will last for the same amount of time, and you should have them redone after two months.

Why is it important to wait two months to have the highlights redone?


For a simple reason: your hair health.

To be able to get highlights, it’s necessary to bleach your hair. And we’ve said it before many times: Bleaching is a very chemical and aggressive treatment.

 Suppose that if each time your hair grows, you bleach it, in 10 months, you would have had 5 bleaching treatments. 

Can you imagine the damage?


For this reason, highlights should be redone every 2 months, because stylists want to protect your hair as much as possible.

 Now, as a hairstylist, I can tell you many secrets that help your highlights last longer, that don’t require you to go to a salon exactly every two months. 

Would you like to know what they are?


If so, keep reading, because I will share information with you that is a state secret, like for example:

  • Which highlighting technique to choose based on what you want and so that the colors last longer
  • Three highlighting techniques so that you don’t have to have your highlights redone so frequently
  • Tips for taking care of your highlights


It doesn’t matter if you’ve already visited the hair salon to do the highlights or if you’re about to go; this information will be useful in any case.

If you’ve already done the highlights, you’ll know what to ask your stylist for the next time. And if you haven’t done the highlights yet, you’ll know ahead of time everything you need to make them last longer.


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Highlighting techniques: Goals and Duration

takes longer than foils

My clients in my salon always ask me which highlighting technique requires less maintenance, aluminum foil or the cap?


  • Both techniques require the same amount of maintenance, which is every two months highlights should be redone.
 The essential difference between the two techniques is that the highlighting cap leaves a tiny space between the cap and the root, of approximately .5 centimeters. 

On the other hand, the foil technique doesn’t leave any space and is much more localized.

Which technique would I recommend to you?


  • Normally, I always recommend the cap technique because as it doesn’t bleach the hairline, it protects hair health more.


  • That said, it’s also important that you keep in mind what you’re hoping to achieve with your highlights.

If you’re looking to accentuate your face’s features, like your eyes and face frame, you should go with aluminum foil highlights.

However, if you would to accentuate all of your hair and change the tone or hide gray hairs, you should choose the cap technique.

That said, it’s important to keep in mind that whichever technique you choose, the maintenance is always the same, and you should have the highlights redone after two months.


 Another important point to keep in mind is the dye you use to do the highlights, whether you have them done either with aluminum foil or the cap. 


  • The dye that is used for highlights should always be permanent.

Permanent dyes have ammonia, which makes them last longer in your hair. After the bleaching treatment, the stylist applies permanent dye, and the hair absorbs the pigment, which then lasts for approximately 45 to 60 days.

For this reason, you should return to the salon to have your highlights completely redone from the roots to the tips because your roots will surely appear, and the rest of the color will not look as shiny as when you walked out from your first salon appointment.


That said, some tricks can make your highlights look their best for more time. And these tricks have to do with the highlight tonality you choose.

As a result, I will describe three different scenarios, that depending on the chosen highlight tone, will allow you to stretch the time between treatments.


Three highlight techniques so you don’t have to retouch your hair so frequently

  • Use four different highlight tones for long hair.

I’m sure that more than once, you’ve seen a photo on Instagram of important models or artists, and your reaction was: I want that!

Well, behind those highlighted hairdos hides many secrets, like the one I’m revealing to you now: do your highlights in 4 different tones.

What does this achieve?


 Medium and low colors better hide hair growth and so they make it seem like your highlights last longer. 

When you use more than one color, the result is a more natural look, making it so the new growth doesn’t stand out as much.

This way, it’s possible that you’ll only need to retouch your highlights after 10 to 12 weeks!


  • Do what I call “melted highlights.”

These are highlights that are done to make it seem like they don’t all come directly from the roots. Some sections yes and others no, and in this scenario, I also recommend that you play with the highlight in up to 4 colors, always in the same tone.

With this option, you can be sure that you won’t need to have your highlights redone until at least three months.


  • Highlights that hide gray hairs.

If you have a high percentage of gray hair, I always recommend highlighting it in a light blond tone because it hides gray hairs effectively and is easy to maintain.

 While your hair grows, the blonde highlights will hide new gray roots. 

In this way, you can let more time pass between each highlighting session.


As you can see, there are several tricks that hairstylists know very well to make it “seem” like highlights last longer.

You can also do your part, and you will do it if you put the effort in to maintain your highlights’ tone for more time.


And that’s what I will tell you about next.


How to maintain the tone of your highlights for more time

Whichever treatment you do to your hair has consequences, which is why you must make some changes in your hair care routine so that your highlights’ tone lasts for a longer amount of time.


  • Use toning shampoo for blonde dye each time you wash your hair because, in this way, you will be able to maintain the blonde tone of your highlights starting from the first day.
  • If you want to hydrate your hair, use advanced repairing ampoules.

But make sure you don’t choose whatever shampoo, it should be repairing ampoules without rinse because the chemicals of these products also remove the dye. How often should you apply it? Once a week, or every 10 days, will do the trick.

  • Don’t apply hair masks with heat, because like the ampoules, it removes dye, and within a few days, your roots will start to appear.[/su_list]


 If you follow these tips, you will not avoid highlight maintenance, but you will be able to hide the growth of your roots a lot. 

Besides, you will have hair in perfect condition for the next bleaching treatment and highlight dye, given that the repairing ampoules will nourish your hair fibers.


Now you know how often you should have your highlights redone, care for them in the best way possible, and some tricks to extend the times between maintenance.

How long has it been since the last time you had your highlights redone? How did you maintain them during that time?

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