Is it safe to touch up roots every 2 weeks? No, you could damage them

woman wonders if she should touch up her roots after two weeks

  • No, touching up your roots every two weeks is unsafe.
  • The chemicals in permanent hair dye can damage your hair follicles and weaken the new hair, causing it to fall out.
  • Also, it could be even less safe if you touch up your roots by bleaching them before using either dye, super-lightening dye, or a 30-volume developer dye. These products could cause areas of hair loss in your hair.
  • Therefore, the safest thing to do is to touch up your roots every three or four weeks.
  • Now, if you need to touch up your roots every two weeks, you can use semi-permanent hair dye. It doesn’t contain ammonia, and you don’t apply it with developer.


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How long does to leave hair dye on the roots? It depends on the color


Now you know.   Touching up your roots every two weeks is unsafe.  Let’s see why not.


Let’s say a month ago you decided to dye your hair dark brown, your natural hair color, because you have a lot of gray hair. You’ve tried different hairstyles, but since you have more gray hair each year, no hairstyle can hide it.


Since you love your natural hair color, you simply go to the salon and dye your hair. When you leave the salon, you feel great.

It’s as if you look ten years younger. Even your husband, who usually never notices the “little things” that mean the world to you, has congratulated you and told you that you look more beautiful than ever.


But as the days go by, your hair starts to grow. And your gray roots begin to show. Your whole world seems to explode into a thousand pieces. Then it occurs to you. Your only salvation is to dye your roots every two weeks.

woman shows her grown roots after two weeks


And here you are. Trying to put your shattered world back together, wanting to find a quick fix.

But what you think is a good option often has cons, as in this case.

 If you touch up your roots every two weeks, you could disguise your gray hair, like in the picture. Or you could disguise the color difference between new growth and the rest of your hair. 


But have you ever thought about the price you’ll pay for touching up your roots every two weeks? I invite you to consider it by reading what I tell you below.


Why it’s NOT safe to touch up your roots every two weeks

woman doing root retouching with hair dye

  because permanent hair dye contains ammonia, and you have to apply it with developer. 


Therefore, if you touch up your roots every fortnight, you would be applying harsh chemicals every fortnight to the most fragile part of your hair, the roots.

Not to mention that your roots are on the scalp, which you would also be subjecting to a chemical process. The scalp is skin, which deserves the same care as the skin on your hands or legs.


Would you apply a cream containing harmful chemicals to the skin of your hands every fortnight? Obviously not. You should take the same care of the skin on your scalp.

 Every hair comes from a hair follicle. But if you apply developer and ammonia every two weeks, you will dry out your hair follicles, and your hair will fall out. And then you’ll start to get hairless areas. 


Also, what if your hair is extra light blonde, and you need to bleach before applying dye? Or maybe you need to use super-lightening or box dyes with 30-volume developer. Then things are much more serious.

 In this case, you’ll need to touch up your roots every six to eight weeks instead of every three or four weeks as you would if you dyed your roots with darker colors, or simply cover your gray hair. 


And if possible, I recommend you go to the salon to touch up extra blonde roots.


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Now, let’s say your hair grows a lot; therefore, the roots are already extra visible two weeks after coloring it.

 An interesting alternative is to apply a semi-permanent dye. These dyes don’t contain ammonia, and you don’t apply them with developer . In addition, they give excellent results on hair that doesn’t contain melanin, which is gray hair.



If your hair is extra light blonde and you need to touch up your roots every two weeks, my professional advice is to go to a salon. Only a colorist can touch up your roots without endangering your hair.

It’s always safer to touch up your roots every three to four weeks.

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