Is splat hair dye permanent? No, but read this to avoid unpleasant surprises

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  • SPLAT is a semi-permanent hair dye. According to the line you choose, it can last from one to 18 washes. I’ll tell you all the characteristics of each of these product lines.
  • Also, recently, the brand has added a dye line called DOUBLE LIFT PERMANENT COLOR. It’s the only permanent dye offered by SPLAT. It’s applied with a developer. However, this line has a few secrets. I’ll tell you about them in a few moments.


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After reading the previous information, you may guess  why people often doubt whether SPLAT dye is a permanent dye. 


And from what you can also see, the answer is that  SPLAT dyes are semi-permanent,  except for the line named: DOUBLE LIFT PERMANENT COLOR.

However, that line of SPLAT permanent dyes is quite different from what we commonly know as permanent dyes.

Although they don’t fade with washes,  the manufacturer recommends applying this permanent dye on dark virgin hair or on bleached hair. 

Also, unlike other permanent dye brands, it only offers five colors.


Therefore,  most colorists agree with the manufacturer that SPLAT is basically a line of semi-permanent or temporary dyes. 


The manufacturer even states that its purpose is to allow its customers the opportunity to experience temporary hair color changes. 


I really enjoy the brand’s blog. You can find funny articles, such as the discussion around the hair color horoscope.

Other articles are more informative and present the possibility of changing hair color as a form of self-expression.


But I want to make it clear:  SPLAT is a semi-permanent hair color brand.  It offers three lines of semi-permanent hair color:

  •  Temporary,  which can last from one wash to ten washes.
  •  Semi-permanent,  which can last up to 18 washes. It depends on how often you wash your hair and what products you use.


Another benefit of SPLAT semi-permanent hair dyes is that you don’t need a near-white blonde base, as with other semi-permanent hair dye brands.

This means that if your hair is dark blonde 6 or blonde 7, you can apply the dye without bleaching your hair.

Now, if your hair is black and you want to wear red, the options will be much more limited. However, L’Oréal offers a very interesting alternative.


Why can SPLAT hair color be applied to dark blond hair?

The secret lies in the intensity of its pigments.


So, you want to change your hair color but have the dye fade gradually?

Then, let’s take a look at all the alternatives offered by the SPLAT brand.


If you want to do a color test, opt for the SPLAT temporary dye that lasts up to one wash

splat hair dye one wash

This temporary hair dye from SPLAT  is ideal if you want to dramatically change your hair color but you’re not sure if you’ll get used to it. 


For example, if your hair is blonde, and you want to wear green hair, the change is quite drastic. You’ll have to get used to being on the spotlight, change your make-up, and even your wardrobe.


So you’ll obviously need some time to adjust to the change.

That is why SPLAT 1 wash is ideal. If you feel you can’t get used to the color or feel that the change is too dramatic, just wash your hair with your usual shampoo and warm water and the color will disappear.

It’s also ideal to temporarily dye your hair for Halloween or a costume party.


But please note that  the SPLAT temporary 1 wash dye can only be applied on very light hair, such as light blonde 8, very light blonde 9, or extra light blonde 10.  


If you like a color and want to play with different shades, choose SPLAT 10 washes

woman with long dyed hair with splat

I find this alternative very interesting for those who fall in love with a color and want to try it in its full dimension.

What do I mean?

 SPLAT 10 wash temporary hair color allows you to achieve a greater or lesser intensity of color according to the time you let it act on your hair. 

For example, let’s say you choose the PEACH FUZZ dye.

  •  If you leave it on for five minutes,  your hair will be pastel pink.
  •  If you leave it on for 30 minutes,  your hair will be deep pink.


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The manufacturer recommends applying 10 washes-temporary dyes on light hair blonde 8 hair. You should also keep in mind that the less you leave it on your hair, the faster the color will fade.


If your hair is light brown 5, you can apply SPLAT semi-permanent hair color without bleaching before

SPLAT‘s MIDNIGHT line is the highlight of the brand because colors like PINK SAPPHIRE or JADE don’t need hair to be bleached first.

This doesn’t apply if your hair is black, obviously.

But  if your hair is light brown 5, dark blonde 6, or blonde 7, you won’t need to bleach it before applying these fantasy colors. 


SPLAT is one of the few brands that offer semi-permanent hair color for non-bleached hair starting from light brown 5.

The manufacturer claims that this dye lasts for four to six weeks according to your hair beauty routine. If you wash your hair three times a week, it’ll last 12 to 18 washes.


In addition, this dye also allows you to achieve a more or less intense color depending on the time you leave it on your hair, which can be from five to thirty minutes.

My professional advice is that  if your hair is light brown 5, you should leave it on for thirty minutes to achieve an intense color.



According to the manufacturer, SPLAT is a hair color brand that offers several lines of temporary or semi-permanent hair colors.

As regards permanent colors, it offers five colors for unbleached or virgin hair.

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