What happens if you leave hair dye in too long? Will my hair get darker?


left the dye an hour and a half

Without wanting to or researching it, I left the dye in my hair for almost three hours longer than the instructions recommended on the box.


Do you want to know what happened?

Do you want to know if I became the protagonist of a true hair tragedy?


I’ll tell you.


It’s just that sometimes I don’t even have control over my abstraction power.

But I can assure you of one thing.

You know you was at fault for my abstraction?

It was Christian Grey’s fault. Yes, that guy from that well known novel and afterwards the movie, “Fifty Shades of Grey!”


Any not exactly because he put into place a dominatrix love plan.


I’m sure you want to know why Christian Grey is at fault for me leaving the color in my hair for almost three hours.


I’ll tell you, but I will also tell you:

  • What happens when you leave the dye in your hair for more than the recommended time
  • What is the difference between leaving in a semi-permanent dye and a permanent one for longer time
  • Have you left the dye for longer in your hair? 3 easy tips to recuperate the health of your hair




What happens when you leave the dye in your hair for longer than recommended

Yes, I know.

You are dying to know if my hair fell out or if craters formed on my scalp.

But everything in its own time. As Christian says, “expectation is the key to seduction.”


It was a rainy Saturday.


Those Saturdays where you only have two options: sleep all day like a lazy bear or dedicate yourself to your body image.

My hair was screaming for a new color.

The roots were starting to show and actually, that had nothing to do with the beautiful protagonists of my favorite erotic novels.


 So, after preparing a delicious detox shake, I applied the dye as the law states. 

I divided my hair into sections and very patiently and with the help from a brush, I applied the dye to my whole head.

I put on a shower cap and a got comfortable in the chair to keep reading one of my favorite erotic novels: Fifty Shades of Grey.


You’ve never heard of Christian Grey?

Do you live under a rock?


Well, let me sum it up quickly.

The story starts with a literature student who unwittingly stumbles across an impactful businessman whose sexual appetite is found on the border of pain and pleasure.

 From there, the bickering and the battles, which was what made me completely forget about my hair and the dye. 



The story sucks you in. You feel like you are a part of it somehow, that you suffer with Anastassia and you cry for Christian.

All of a sudden, while I was turning one of the pages, I touched my hair and noticed something sticky and hard.

Oh my God! The dye!


More than two and a half hours had passed since I had applied the dye in my hair.

Damn you, Christian Grey and your illustrious phrases!


Imagine if someone says to you, “You are like the winning lottery ticket, the cure for cancer and three magic lamps from Aladdin, all at the same time.”

Lost in the power that Christian Grey’s sayings emanated, I lost all senses of time.

I threw the book in the air, sorry Christian, and I ran to the bathroom.

after leaving color for too long

I was afraid to look in the mirror and that a disaster would be looking back in the reflection.

I closed my eyes, one, two, three… I took a relieved breath. My hair was still there.


I took of my clothes faster than Anastasia and I jumped into the shower.


With a lot of love, I washed my hair, without shampoo obviously, and I applied conditioner.

I rinsed again, and with my microfiber towel, I dried my hair softly.

Now, I will answer your question:

What happens if I leave the color on for longer in my hair?



Absolutely nothing, but…

Nothing happened because the dye that I had applied was semi-permanent.

Which brings us to the next question.


What is the difference between leaving a permanent dye on your hair for longer than recommended and a semi-permanent one?

Like I said before, I had applied a semi-permanent dye.


This type of dye doesn’t contain aggressive chemical products, like peroxide. In addition, most are vegan and contain products that soften your hair.

So, they don’t lift up the cuticle of your hair nor change the internal molecular structure.


They are, to say, softer, and the color is deposited on the external layer of the hair.

Many people even recommend letting it sit for three hours so the color sets better.

Your hair won’t get darker.


You will simply get the color that you paid for, if and when you respect the rules of colorimetry.


 Now, when we talk about permanent dyes, things change completely.  

Because these types of dyes contain pretty aggressive chemicals, that draw up the cuticle of your hair, so that the pigments of the dye can act.

But the worst things is that even if you leave it in your hair all night, you won’t get a darker tone.

First, because the hair has a limited power of absorption of the pigments.

So it won’t be darker, even if Christian Grey stared at you for a half hour.


You will only fight a losing battle.


Because, it will become fragile, it will lose shine and God help you with the future tangles.

And of course, forget about finding someone like Christian Grey if your hair turns to straw.


But today, I feel inspired and generous.


So I’m going to share something with you, some recommendations.

In case one day you are too involved in a book and you forget about the dye in your hair.


Have you left the dye on your hair for too long? 3 easy tips to fix your hair

First, don’t panic.

Your hair won’t fall out.

But you will notice that it is weaker and more fragile.


That’s why your solution is: a lot of coconut oil.


 Apply the coconut oil twice a week in your hair, and then, let it sit overnight.  

Always take caution in wrapping your hair with a shower cap so you don’t stain your pillowcase.

If you don’t have coconut oil, you can use extra-virgin olive oil.


Don’t make that disgusted face!


Olive oil is a natural remedy that is older than my grandmother. Sorry, Grandma, but it’s true!

And lastly, try not to use the flat iron or the hair dryer for at least a month.


Now, you know.

Keep Christian Grey far away from or hair dyeing sessions.

And ultimately, respect the rules of the dye manufacturers.


After all, they spend hours in the lab experimenting with their products.


Have you every left the color in your hair for longer than recommended?

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