6 best colors to cover pink hair according to a colorist (purple, chocolate, and others)

permanent hair dye

The three best fantasy colors to apply over pink hair are:


The three best traditional colors to apply on pink hair are:


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I’m sure you’re jumping for joy because, after all, you have six different options for coloring your pink hair. Each one offers you advantages.

 If you’ve been using pink hair dye for months now, you might feel it’s time for a change.  Fantasy colors are very nice, but they also bring a change of style, and I don’t just mean color.


A few days ago, Julieta visited me at the salon. She’s a twenty-year-old fan of KPop’s Blackpink. Do you know them?

Then, you may know that young Korean girls change their hair color like they change their shoes. However, they usually wear wigs.

My client didn’t take that into account when she colored her hair pink. What was the result?


 After thirty days, she was bored of seeing herself with pink hair. 

She was also tired of planning for wardrobe, accessories, and makeup to match her pink hair.

So, she went to the salon looking for a more traditional alternative. Do you want to know which one she chose?


I’ll tell you, but first let me tell you:

  • What the best colors are for covering pink hair
  • What type of hair dye to choose to cover the pink hair dye

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What are the best colors to cover pink hair?

To color your pink hair, you can choose fantasy colors or traditional ones. It’ll depend on your adventurous soul.

Let’s start with the fantasy shades you can try to keep your youthful and innovative style.


1- Violet/purple, a color that is still a trend.

tone it down with conditioner

If your hair is still dark pink or deep pink, I recommend that you color it purple or violet because it’ll cover the pink. As it contains red pigments, you’ll have an ideal base.


2- Dark green for any pink base.

manic panic hair dye

Green is the opposite color of red on the color wheel. So, it’ll neutralize any remaining pink in your hair.


3- Orange for those who don’t like to go unnoticed.

color over pink

This is the option for brave women. It’s very interesting if you want to take advantage of your pink base. Orange will cover it because it also has a red base.


Are you exhausted from maintaining the fantasy colors?

Then, I recommend that you go back to a more traditional color. What are the best colors for coloring your pink hair?


4- Mahogany brown 5.5 for the most elegant women.

at the store

This color has a red undertone that’ll cover the pink shades that you may still have.


5- Brown 4, a classic color that is always in style.


Brown 4 will also cover any remaining pink color. Best of all, you can apply it without having to bleach your pink hair first. If you have gray hair, don’t hesitate because it’ll cover it completely.


6- Light brown 5, for those who want to gradually go blonde.

If you’ve applied a light or pastel pink, you can choose this brown that’ll lighten your face. It’s one of the most popular colors in salons because of its versatility. Also, it’s an excellent starting point for your way to lighter blondes.


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Now that you know what color you can use to cover your pink hair, you have to choose the right dye. That’s what I’m going to talk to you about next.


What type of hair dye to choose to cover pink hair?

to darken hair

You already know that you have several color options to cover the pink without having to bleach your hair. You can even make a radical change in some cases.

However, you also have to consider the color type you’ll be using. Semi-permanent color is not the same as a permanent color.


The biggest difference is that permanent hair color contains ammonia and it’s applied with developer. So, it’s more aggressive to the hair. But, considering all facts, I must also say that it has greater coverage and color durability.


There are two cases in which I recommend that you choose a semi-permanent dye:

  • If you want to continue using fantasy colors because you’ll find a wide variety. Also, fantasy hair dye brands are specialists.
  • If your hair is damaged, dry, or brittle because it doesn’t contain chemicals that can further damage your hair.


Also, most contain essential oils and several other components that can help you repair your hair. And if you’re a vegan, you’ll be in tune with your beliefs. Semi-permanent hair dyes are animal cruelty-free, meaning they’re not tested on animals.


There’re a lot of brands of semi-permanent hair dyes on the market. In fact, there are more and more because the fashion of fantasy colors has come to stay for a long time.

One of the well-known brands is Manic Panic with its infinite color palette. Well, maybe it is not infinite but it has so many colors that choosing one can take you a whole afternoon, especially if you can’t make up your mind.


Another brand that has grown a lot in recent years is Arctic Fox. Like Manic Panic, its hair dyes are animal cruelty-free. Also, its color palette is vast like Manic Panic’s.

Of course, those are just two options among the many you can find. If you’re going to use a hair dye that you’ve never used before, I recommend doing some research. Before you buy it, you look on social networks like Instagram to see customer reviews.


If you want to go back to traditional colors, you should choose permanent dyes.

quantities for the mix

They contain ammonia for better color absorption and use developer to help the pigments penetrate your hair. Chocolates or chestnuts will cover any pink traces you may have in your hair.


Do you want to know which option Julieta chose to color her pink hair? She chose a brown 4 permanent color. She finally decided that she would leave her Kpop fanaticism to music, not to her life.


Also, she was happy that her color wouldn’t fade so quickly and that she wouldn’t have to worry about matching makeup and clothes with her hair anymore.



Now you know that you can choose six different colors to dye your pink hair. Best of all, some options are semi-permanent dyes if you want to continue with the fantasy colors. Also, permanent hair dyes have more traditional and longer-lasting colors.


It’s also important to consider your hair health both before choosing the color and the product type.

Now tell me. What color will you choose to cover your pink hair?

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