7 differences between mahogany and burgundy hair color: which one lasts longer? Which one is better if you have gray hair?


  • Difference 1: Although they look similar, mahogany has a brownish base, while burgundy has a redder base.
  • Difference 2: Mahogany lasts longer than burgundy because it maintains its brownish base when it fades out. So, even if it fades, it’ll always remain mahogany. On the other hand, when burgundy fades, it changes to a completely different color.
  • Difference 3: While you can choose any type of highlight for mahogany, burgundy goes best with warm highlights.
  • Difference 4: Burgundy is more difficult to combine with coloring techniques such as balayage or highlights.
  • Difference 5: Mahogany is the best option for very gray hair.
  • Difference 6: While mahogany suits all skin tones, burgundy is ideal for women with pale skin.
  • Difference 7: Mahogany pigments are more persistent. So, it’s easier to maintain.


Are you hesitating between coloring your hair mahogany or burgundy?


You're obviously ready for a strong color line with personality. That means you want to be the center of attention.

It seems perfect to me. However, beyond your intention,  the important thing is that when you take the big leap, you enter through the big door. 

What do I mean?


None of these colors will go unnoticed.  However, according to their characteristics, only one of them can make you shine. That’s what you’re looking for.

 They look the same, but they are not. So, today I'll help you decide which of these two colors is your best choice. 

Are you ready?


Let's start with the differences between mahogany and burgundy. They’re subtle at first glance, but they can make or break your decision.

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Difference 1: Mahogany is a warm brownish tone, while burgundy is predominantly reddish.

medium length hair

Mahogany hair is a combination of various shades of brown, red,  and violet, among others.

It never clashes with other combinations because its brownish base makes it a warm color. Therefore, mahogany manes show firmness, simplicity, and reliability.


On the other hand, burgundy is a wine color that ranges from dark purple to dark red. It’s based on the characteristic and predominant coloration of wine.

Burgundy hair is elegant and sober, and refers to sensuality, passion, and love. It’s often related to ambiguity, subjective, inappropriate, and irreverent.



  • If you're looking for a hair color change that takes you to earthy, warm, and brownish tones, opt for mahogany.
  • If you prefer your hair to lean towards reddish tones, akin to the color of wine, go for burgundy.


Difference 2: Mahogany hair always fades out to mahogany. Alternatively, burgundy turns a more brownish, mahogany-like color.

The color duration is key. Both shades find their Achilles heel here.


Without the appropriate care, Mahogany, will fade out to a dull brown, still maintaining its mahogany base. Burgundy, on the other hand, will fade out to a brownish red that is very similar to mahogany.

Therefore,  if you’re obsessed about your hair always staying the same shade, my advice is to go for mahogany. 


Difference 3: If you want to apply a hair dye with undertones, mahogany is much more versatile. In turn, burgundy only works with warm undertones.

At this point, tastes and creativity come more into play than the strictly technical. Still, if you choose a hair dye with undertones, you should check whether they’re warm or cool.


  • Mahogany blends perfectly with both warm and cool shades.

For example, a coppery mahogany is a beautiful combination as well as an ash mahogany. It’ll depend on the base on which it’s applied and your personal taste, but both shades will enhance the mahogany color.


  • Burgundy, however, finds its greatest allies in warm undertones.

starting from dark hair

You can opt for a reddish or a coppery burgundy. Both exude sensuality. If you’re daring, though a violet undertone is cold, it’s the star of all burgundies because it enhances the base and creates a unique eggplant color.


Difference 4: If you want to add a coloring technique such as highlights, you should choose mahogany.

dark hair

In this case, the differences are more striking. Mahogany allows for a greater variety of alternatives: babylights, highlights, and balayages both in warm and cool shades.


 For example, mahogany with copper balayage has a beautiful, unique gradient. 

Alternatively, the burgundy hair has less possibility of combinations. They’re relegated to a few copper or violet highlights.

Do you want an idea to highlight burgundy?


Go for a balayage on burgundy hair that is ultra-fine and completely eye-catching, called strawberry blonde.


Difference 5: Gray hair is much more visible with burgundy because it takes on a purplish-pink color. Alternatively, mahogany gives gray hair a deep golden shade as in highlights.

Gray hair is the sworn enemy of all hair colors. It’s no exception for mahogany and burgundy.

  If you have a lot of gray hair, I advise you to go for mahogany.  If you do, your gray hair will take on an intense golden shade that’ll give a lightening effect only at the roots. The color will get a fascinating effect.

The effect is not so neat with light burgundy tones because the gray hair will take on a pinkish-violet hue. It’ll completely clash with the rest of the color.


Difference 6: Mahogany suits all skin tones, while burgundy is recommended for pale skin.

light eyes

Mahogany suits almost all skin tones, because it softens or intensifies your skin tone according to how dark or light you wear it.


  • If you have light eyes, a dark mahogany will highlight them by emphasizing your look; if you have dark eyes, a light mahogany will sweeten your look.

Did you notice? Mahogany allows you to play with different shades to bring out the best in your face, regardless of your skin color.


  • If your skin is fair, and you also have green or blue eyes, burgundy is an excellent choice for you.

Who doesn't remember Jessica Rabbit? We all associate the burgundy color with her. Light skin and light eyes take on another dimension with burgundy. But you should always keep your makeup in mind, as it could make you look paler.


Difference 7: Mahogany pigments are more persistent than burgundy ones.

with shampoo and conditioner

Both colors have one thing in common: you should wash your hair with the coldest water you can stand to close the cuticles, making the color stay stronger for longer.


Now,  if you aren’t careful or persistent with the maintenance of the hair dyes, I recommend the mahogany. It has much better staying power than the burgundy. 

For example, when you wash your burgundy hair, you should use a dark-colored towel to avoid staining it red.

Do you want some advice if you're going for burgundy?


Use products that are for reddish hair, try not to wash your hair more than twice a week, and use moisturizing products that have an acid PH to keep the color longer.



Now you know if you should choose burgundy or mahogany according to your skin tone, your maintenance routine, and even if you want to accompany the color change with a coloring technique such as highlights.

So tell me, which of the two shades will you choose?

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