Can I use my own developer with box dye? Yes, although…

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  • Yes, you can use your own developer with box dye as long as the developer you have is 20-volume.
  • Because most permanent dyes are mixed with 20-volume developer. So if your developer is 20-volume you can use it with box dye.
  • Now, if you want to apply a black or dark brown dye and you have 10-volume developer, you can use it instead of the developer included in the kit. Because you can renew these colors with lower-strength volume developer.
  • The same applies if you want to apply a blonde hair color. If you have 10-volume developer you can use it with the box dye.
  • What is important is that if you use your own developer with the box dye, you respect the proportions. These will always be 1 to 1, that is, one part developer to one part dye.


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I think things have become pretty clear.  In most cases, you can use your own developer with box dye, as long as that developer is 20-volume. 


Because after all, 20-volume developer is what comes in the dye kits.

So, if you have a preferred brand of developer, which you like better because it’s creamier and you feel it damages your hair less than the developer included in the dye kit, you can easily replace it.

Because what influences the coloring process is not the consistency of the developer, but the quantities of the ingredients you use.


Therefore, if your scalp is sensitive, and your dermatologist recommended you use a certain brand of developer, you can use it just fine with the box dye.

In addition, there are other cases when it may even be beneficial to replace the developer included in the coloring kit with your own developer. And I’ll talk about those cases below.


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When it’s a good idea to use your own developer with box dye

Subtly lighten hair

As I mentioned earlier, the coloring kits include 20-volume developer. This is because 20-volume is the universal amount for renewal or application of most dye colors.


But  if you have to apply a dark dye on your roots, such as black or dark brown, the 20-volume developer is too much. 

Because it’s possible your roots become lighter. In this case, I recommend you use your own 10-volume developer instead of the 20-volume developer included in the coloring kit.


And if you have to renew a blonde hair color, you can also use your own 10-volume developer. Your hair is already almost colorless, and you don’t need to use a 20-volume developer.



If you plan to replace the developer in the dye kit with your own developer, remember it’s important to respect the proportions.

  • If you have 30 ml of dye, you need to use 30 ml of developer.
  • If you have 50 ml of dye, you should use 50 ml of developer.

The ratio is always 1 to 1.

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