The 5 longest-lasting red hair dyes – permanent and semi-permanent

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  • These dyes last between seven and eight weeks.
  • The 2 longest-lasting semi-permanent red dyes are WELLA COLORCHARM PAINTS and CRAZY COLOR. How long either of these dyes will last will depend on your hair care routine. But they generally last between 20 and 25 washes.


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How soon can you dye your hair after semi permanent?


Looking for the  red hair dye that lasts the longest ?


Throughout my twenty years as a professional hairdresser, I’ve used dyes from all the best-known brands, from L’Oréal to Koleston.

And in my experience, the dyes that last the longest are L’Oréal and Garnier.


But this is a generality because you can’t really compare one brand with another.

Rather,  we have to compare the color of one brand with the same color of another brand. 


And in this way, you can think about comparing how long each one lasts.

For example, which red lasts longer?  Does the L’Oréal red dye last longer or does the Garnier red dye? 


Well, I can assure you that Garnier’s red dye lasts less time.

Because while  L’Oréal’s red dye lasts up to six weeks, Garnier’s red dye only lasts five weeks. 


And besides, how long red dyes last doesn’t only depend on what the manufacturer claims or what I can tell you here.

Because the duration will also depend on how you take care of your hair. That is, what products you use, how often you wash your hair, if you use heat tools and how often, among other things.

All of these issues will also determine how long the color lasts, whether you choose a permanent or semi-permanent hair dye.

So, with all this in mind, let’s take a look at which red dyes last the longest.


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3 longest-lasting red permanent hair dyes

choice of longest lasting red hair dye
Actually, the three permanent dyes I’ll mention below have a very similar duration.

But one of them keeps the intensity of the color for longer. Because the truth is that red dye, compared to other colors like blonde, for example, loses intensity faster.

That is, that dye’s red will look more intense and bright  for eight weeks. 

Therefore, my list will start with this dye.


Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe: the red dye that lasts the longest and also moisturizes your hair

light and dark
This brand offers you an intense and long-lasting red dye, and you can choose from various shades of red depending on your tastes.

Palette is sold as a kit, where you’ll find everything you need: gloves, applicator bottle, developer, and post-color treatment.

It’s also made with argan oil, which will provide extra hydration during application.

I recommend you  wash your hair a maximum of three times a week,  if you want the color to last up to eight weeks. And during the first four weeks after you use the dye, don’t use a straightener or curler.

L’Oréal Paris Préferénce: the long-lasting red dye that doesn’t fade to orange

L’Oréal has a wide range of extra long-lasting vibrant red colors, so you can choose from dark red to lighter shades.

L’Oréal’s red dyes start to fade after six weeks, but the advantage they have is that when the color wears off,  no orange or violet tones  will show up[/su_highlight].

In other words, your hair will be red from the day you dye it until the day you renew the color.


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Garnier Nutrisse: the brand that specializes in red dyes

pre pigment hair

And although it’s not the longest-lasting red dye, because the color can start to fade after five weeks, it makes up for it with color variety.


Because Garnier has an exclusive line of red dyes with more than a dozen options, from purple reds to strawberry reds.

I recommend that to keep the color longer you use the Garnier Fructis line of products, which are vegan. They don’t contain sulfates, salts, or minerals.


2 semi-permanent red dyes that last the longest

application of the longest lasting red dye
If you’ve decided to opt for one of the longest-lasting semi-permanent red dyes, remember you’ll have to be careful with your hair care routine.

And when I say careful, I mean super extra careful.

What hair care routine?


  •  Wash your hair a maximum of twice a week . If you feel you need to increase the washes, you can use a dry shampoo.
  • Don’t overuse the straightener or blow dryer. And this means that as much as possible, let your hair dry naturally. And always use a heat protectant before straightening, curling, or blow-drying your color-treated hair.
  • Use strictly sulfate-free products. Because sulfates are detergents that will remove the semi-permanent red dye much quicker.


Most semi-permanent dyes last an average of 12 to 16 washes. However,  the two brands of red dyes I’ll mention to you below can last 20 to 25 washes . Because darker colors last a bit longer.

Wella Colorcharm Paints: three shades of red that last up to 20 washes

Plus, any of their three options can be applied to dark blonde number 6 hair.


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Regarding this hair color, I have two recommendations for you.

  • Always use  warm to cold water  when you wash your hair because hot water will make the color fade much faster.
  • Protect the spots of your skin near where you’ll dye your hair. You can even use a few drops of coconut oil to protect your forehead and ears. Because this red dye stains absolutely everything.


Crazy Color: long-lasting red dye for light brown hair

burgundy, blue, ruby and other colors
And this means you don’t need to reach a very light blonde color to apply it. So  if your hair is light brown 5, you won’t need to bleach it first. 

I want to clarify this because many semi-permanent hair dye colors must be applied on bleached hair, such as pastel colors, for example.

If you choose this red dye, I recommend you apply it to damp hair, freshly washed and free of hair products such as conditioners or oils.



Once again, remember that how long the red dye will last, whether it’s permanent or semi-permanent, will depend largely on your hair care routine.

You can dye your hair with Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe red dye, which is one of the longest-lasting dyes. But if you wash your hair every second day, use any old kind of shampoo, and straighten your hair every three days, remember that the dye will fade after only two weeks.

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