How long does permanent dye last in hair? How to care for the color so it lasts longer

lasts up to two months

Do you want to know how long permanent dye lasts in hair?


I asked myself the same question from the first time that I decided to dye my hair with one of those dyes.

Generally, permanent dye will last between four and six weeks in your hair.


Hey, wait! Don’t throw knives at me!

Have you dyed your hair and two weeks later you noticed that the hair faded quickly?


But that’s what I said before. Pay close attention to the first word: generally.

Because after applying permanent dye, it will depend on you if your color looks attractive and shiny.

I’m going to give you an example.


My friend Sofia and I use permanent dyes to change the color of our hair.

 For her, it lasts four weeks and for me six.  


Two weeks of difference is a lot when we are talking about hair coloring.

So, Sofia and I decided one afternoon to analyze why my color lasted six weeks and hers only four.

Do you know what we discovered?


  • We discovered that we both have two very different lifestyles.
  • We discovered that our hair care routine was very different
  • And that our choice of hair products was also a relevant piece of information.


First thing’s first, I would like to tell you which are permanent dyes because it is also important to know exactly what we are talking about.

Permanent dyes act on the hair through a process called oxidation where a developing agent like hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are mixed with the coloring agent, dye, before applying.


 The permanent dye offers a few advantages with respect to other types of dyes, primarily because it isn’t necessary to apply them as frequently and because a majority of brands offer a wide array of colors.  


However, given that the chemical products used in permanent dyes are stronger than in other dyes, they can be more damaging for the hair in the long term.

Also, the application can take longer because the mixture generally needs to sit on the hair for longer.


Up to here, we know that a permanent dye can last between four and six weeks, and what they are exactly.

Now, I want to tell you about the errors that my friend, Sofia, committed which makes your hair look sad and dull just a short time after having dyed it.


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Do you want your hair to look shiny and attractive for more time? Then, don’t make these mistakes

demi permanent

Do you remember that I told you that both Sofia and I dyed our hair with permanent dye?


I also told you that hers lasted barely four weeks, and mine six weeks.

Can you imagine Sofia’s frustration?


One day, we got together at my house and we got to talking about the topic. She felt disappointed and we started to talk about what things could have caused this.


 I work as a personal assistant to an executive, and Sofia is a swim teacher.  

You may be asking what the hell our professions have to do with our hair.

Well, in this case, absolutely everything!


Sofia spends more than six hours a day in swimming pools teaching different styles of swimming. Also, she trains because she competes at the regional level.

I always tell her that she is more of a mermaid than a woman. The problem is that, as you already know, pools have a large amount of chlorine in order to maintain them properly.

And even though Sofia uses a swim cap every time she swims, the chlorine was disastrous for her hair.

And it is one of the reasons why the permanent dye lasts less time in her hair.


And that is the worst thing your can do if you have hair dyed with permanent dye.

Hot water not only dries out your skin, but it also opens the cuticle of the hair, freeing the color molecules and the natural moisture.


  • Lastly, we also discovered that Sofia is addicted to the flat iron. She can’t live without her hair looking perfectly straight.

The topic of flat irons and hair dryers is that you can use them, but be smart about it.

Sofia dried her hair with the hair dryer and then after used the flat iron, the same day she applied the color.

And that’s the mistake. We discovered that if you wait a week before flat ironing your hair after having dyed it, you make it so the color doesn’t fade.


Do you see how our daily activities affect the maintenance of our hair?

I didn’t submerge my hair in chlorinated water, nor use the flat iron or hair dryer.

That way, the color didn’t fade.


 So, thanks to that girl talk, we discovered everything that we shouldn’t do if we want to extend the color in our hair.  


Therefore, if you want to keep your permanent hair color as vibrant as the first day for longer, keep in mind the following:

  • Don’t wash your hair with shampoo until at least 24 hours have passed. If you can wait 48 hours, even better.
  • If you go to the beach or swim in the pool, use a product to protect your hair.
  • Avoid hair tools, like hair dryers and flat irons, for at least the first week after having dyed your hair.
  • Complete deep hydration treatment before dyeing your hair.


Most of us think that we should moisturize our hair dyed hair as much as possible. And it’s logical to think like that.

After all, the chemicals in the dyes can damage your hair and dry it out.

What happens is that if we go overboard with deep conditioning treatments, we are helping the color fade.


Deep conditioning masks are designed to penetrate the hair follicle to hydrate it. However, when you rinse, the water strips out the color molecules.

What I do is use a good-quality daily conditioner and I let it sit in my hair for a few minutes.

I have a few other little tricks to care for my dyed hair.

Do you want to know what they are?


Advice to care for your hair

There can’t be a more beautiful feeling that to show off attractive, healthy, dyed hair.

But, dyeing your hair can take you down a path of split ends and dryness, in addition to premature fading of the color.

But it is important that in addition to avoiding all of the things I mentioned before to maintain the dye in your hair for more time, you should also incorporate other habits into your daily routine.


  • For example, what shampoo do you use to wash your dyed hair? Whichever?

Run to the bathroom and thrown away those shampoos and conditioners that you’ve been using for years.

On many occasions, even, we buy the cheapest one in the supermarket.


 But, for dyed hair, you should use a shampoo and a conditioner specifically designed for dyed hair.  

It is important that the products you use for your hair align with the necessities of your hair.

Whenever possible, opt for sulfate-free shampoos.


  • Have you thought about how your diet affects your hair?

Well, if you have never thought about it, then now is the time that you know that everything we eat influences every part of our bodies, from our skin to our nails and of course, our hair.

 It is more important than what you think to maintain a healthy diet if you want your hair to look healthier and smoother.  


Foods that include proteins rich in iron help to nourish the scalp, improve texture and stimulate hair growth. Also, iron contains proteins that form keratin and strengthen hair.

To be assured that your diet contains sufficient iron, try to consume lean meat, egg whites, fish, low-fat cheeses, leafy greens, walnuts, and soy.


Also, Vitamin A is one of the most important vitamins to improve the look of dry, broken hair that has been colored. Some foods that are rich in Vitamin A include fish, spinach, carrots, red peppers, and sweet potatoes.

It is incredible all the things you can learn while chatting with a friend!


Of course, Sofia incorporated all of that care for her dyed hair and was able to break the six-week barrier with an absolutely attractive color.

And you? How long does color last in your hair?

Did you already know this advice?

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