The best hair colors for women with blue eyes and light skin

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Choosing a new hair color can be a true headache.

“Carina, I want to dye my hair red NOW, but I’m afraid it’ll look bad on me.”

“I was told that if I dye my hair blonde, I’m going to look very pale.”

“Do you think black would look good on me? I really want to dye my hair but I don’t want to regret it.


The list of questions that I get asked at the salon is pretty long. And yes, if we add those that I’ve been sent through the contacts section of the blog, they would be infinite!

I’m sure that if you got to this post, it’s because you also have questions. I want to help you with this process!


But let’s go step by step, because this topic is a bit extensive. This article is dedicated to women with light hair and blue eyes, like the title says.

Since I know that hair color selection can be complicated for you, I want to help you choose without fear.


That’s why, in this article, I’ll teach you:

  • The reasons why you don’t dare change your look and how to get them out of your way
  • What hair colors look best with light hair
  • Hair tones that make your blue eyes pop
  • Tipos for blonde, red, brown tones and more…


Should we start?


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Why don’t you dare to look how you want? I’ll tell you the true story!

skin with freckles

Typical! You show your mother the hair color that you want and she asks you with a furrowed brow: “But are you sure?”

Or worse, you tell that coworker that you want to dye your hair X color and she laughs in your face…

And there’s always someone who says, “no, it’s just that hair color isn’t for people like you!”


 So, you listen to everyone. The noise mixes around in your head. You start to doubt yourself, and you stay with the same hair color forever… THE END! 

Is that how you want your story to end?

tips of another color

Of course not! So read the following carefully:

If you really want to change your look, you should know that:

  • You don’t have to ask everyone… or you’ll discourage yourself!
  • You don’t need a clinical exam or something similar to tell you the exact color of hair that you should have. It’s not that difficult!
  • Sometimes you ask too much because you are AFRAID and you want someone to change your mind to stay in your comfort zone.
  • The need for social approval prevents you from taking that step you really want.


Calm down, I’m not judging you!

I’ve had so many insecurities like you before radically changing my look, so I know how you feel.

I’m also not inviting you to throw yourself into the unknown. There are many characteristics that will help you choose the appropriate color.

Today, I’ll give you tools! Keep reading to learn how to choose the best tone that will adapt most to you.


Hair colors that make your light skin and blue eyes pop

green eyes

Surely you have heard a thousand times that people with your characteristics look good with only certain colors. I want you to remember this:

You can have a blonde, brown, red and other colors that go well with your light skin and blue eyes.The important thing is that, ultimately, you choose the correct tone!

Yes, just as you read it, the tone is key for an impressive look!


I want us to do an exercise… Maybe your thoughts are confused, but your heart always knows.

 Without thinking too much answer: “What color do you imagine your knew hair?” 


Did you choose? Ok! I have various recommendations …


Blonde, I want to be blonde!

golden and honey favors fair skin

If you want to dye your hair blonde, I’ll share with you some recommendations:

There are tones that look good on you and others that you should avoid. Among those that can make your light skin and eyes stand out are:

  • Golden blonde
  • Honey blonde


Ashy tones or very light blonde could make your features look dull and a bit lifeless. And that is what we want to prevent. Colors that are close to gold look really good!


I want to be a redhead!

If you want to try a red color, you have a lot of options!

There are various tones that you could use. Among them:

  • Golden red
  • Venetian red
  • Irish Red


Definitely that color is meant for women with your characteristics. Take advantage of vivacious tones. They will look really beautiful and make your natural beauty stand out!


Brunette Passion!

Yes, maybe you want a radical change and you think that dyeing your hair black is the best option, but careful!

Nothing will be able to stop you if you want to be a knockout brunette, but not all tones are right for you. Among the ones I recommend for you are:

  • Golden brown
  • Light brown
  • Medium brown
  • Other tones with warm highlights


We want your hair to make you stand out, not for it to take over the leading role and take away the life in your skin and the beautiful color of your eyes.


A fantasy world!

Before I recommend a color, I want to ask you a question: do you want to dye your whole head, or just use highlights?


If you only want fantasy highlights, you have many options. You should just be sure – with the help of your stylist –  that the tone that you choose goes with the color that you have as a base in your hair.

If you want to paint your whole mane, the tones that look best are pastels: pink, purple, blue, green, among others. You will look beautiful!



Let’s recap! I want to you have all of this very clear, so let’s review what we’ve learned today.


  • The blonde color will make you look phenomenal as long as it isn’t too light. Golden tones are a better option.
  • It’s true: reddish tones are a great choice for women like you. Especially when it comes to lightening tones.
  • Yes you can have brown hair if you have light skin and blue eyes, but avoid the darkest tones.
  • If you want to really look different and you have an explosive personality, you can opt for fantasy tones. No fear!


 Extra tip: If after all of this, you aren’t convinced, you should look online for a fun app that lets you change your hair color in a photograph.  


In addition to being really fun, you will get a better idea of what you will look like in real life.


And you? Did you choose your new hair color yet? Do you have any doubts?

Comment here below and it will be my pleasure to answer you!

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