Why does my hair color only last two weeks? How can I make it last longer?

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  • Your color lasts barely 2 weeks because you’re not taking good enough care of it.
  • Also, if you have a lot of gray hair and you dye your hair a dark color, you’ll notice the growth sooner.
  • If the dyeing job isn’t professional, the color will wash out sooner.
  • To make your color last longer, you should take care of it with the right products, use sulfate-free shampoo, and protect it from the sun and heat.
  • In this article I’ll give you 8 tips to make your color last longer.


Have you noticed that your color only lasts two weeks after coloring your hair?


Coloring your hair is a renewal.

Does freshly colored hair make you feel new, powerful, ready to take on the world?


Of course it does! Change brings new adventures, new feelings, and renewed desires.

And sure, I guess  you hope it lasts at least a month, but nothing lasts forever . Everything comes to an end.

The problem is when something ends prematurely.


Depending on whether it’s permanent or semi-permanent dye and whether you had it done at home or in a professional salon, dyes will last differently (the packaging or your hairdresser will tell you).

Either way, whatever it is,  every color loses that intensity and shine it had at the beginning  when you just had it done and your hair looked radiant.


But, as I was telling you just now, the problem is when it loses that intensity too soon. So let me tell you  the reasons why your hair loses color just two weeks later. 

Why does my color fade so early?

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The key to all this is the care you give to your hair color. Did you imagine you just applied the dye and that was it?


Well, that’s not all.  The truth is that every change brings new routines,  and this is also the case here.

  • Color needs to be cared for and pampered so it lasts as long as possible. At least until your next appointment with the stylist.
 If you’re not taking that special care , then you already have your answer as to why your color only lasts 2 weeks.


  • It’s possible that if you have a lot of gray hair and you dye your hair a dark color, you will almost immediately notice this growth.

So in this case, in addition to color care,  you should choose to dye your hair with lighter colors. 

You may be able to get highlights or balayage to disguise gray hair. This way, you will avoid coloring your hair every 15 to 20 days.


This is the reason why they last for much less time. In fact,  some are also more damaging to your hair fiber  and wash out much faster.


How do I make my hair color last longer? 8 tips from a hairdresser

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  • Don’t wash your hair too often. This will help keep the color from fading too quickly.

I recommend you wash your hair every 2 or 3 days.



  • The water you use to wash your hair should be lukewarm or cold.

Hot water will dry out your hair and the cuticles will open more, so the dye will get damaged.


  • Avoid the sun.  Always use quality sunscreens for your hair . And if you can cover it with a scarf or a hat, all the better.


  • Try not to overuse straighteners and blow dryers.

If you do have to blow-dry, always apply a heat protectant in cream or spray.

In addition to protecting your hair,  it will be more moisturized and softer. 


  • Use specific nourishing masks and treatments for color-treated hair.

The more hydrated and nourished you keep your hair, the better the color will look.



If your color only lasts two weeks, look for a solution now, because  dyes are harmful to your hair. 

That’s why the more often you apply dye,  the more damaged your hair will become . Color care is the main thing: start there.


 Ask your hairdresser which products to use  and follow all my tips so you can keep your color looking good for much longer!

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