What does blue shampoo do to brown hair? How to use it correctly?

neutralize orange tones

  • Blue shampoo neutralizes unwanted brassy tones that appear in brown hair.
  • It works the same way on natural brown hair, colored hair or hair with lighter highlights.
  • The essential thing is that you replace your regular shampoo with the blue shampoo and that you leave it on for the time indicated by the manufacturer, which can be between 5 and 10 minutes. I’ll tell you more about this in a moment.


Most people have heard of purple shampoo, which is the great ally of natural or colored blondes, to prevent the appearance of bright yellow tones.

Brown-haired women seemed to be the forgotten ones, until blue shampoo arrived.

Why did purple and blue shampoos appear?


 It is because ultimately, for different reasons, some unwanted tones appear in both natural and colored hair. 

In the case of blondes, yellowish tones appear and, in the case of brunettes, brassy or orange tones appear.

Why do these unwanted tones appear?


  • In the case of women who color their hair, it happens because, as the dye pigments fade, the underlying shades appear. Those shades are orange in brown hair.
  • In women with natural brown hair, agents such as pollution, chlorinated water and the sun’s rays, modify the natural pigments in the hair.


 When that happens, blue shampoo can be your new big ally because it will neutralize those orange tones, giving your hair back the shine and pigmentation you want. 

Why will blue and not purple shampoo work on your brown hair?

for orange or brassy hair

It is because blue is the opposite color to orange on the color wheel, as simple as that.

That’s why it’s a great way to tone your hair without the need to use toner or recolor your hair. The blue pigments in its formula work quickly and give incredible results.

Are you tired of depending on a toner to deal with the orange tones in your brown hair?


Then keep reading, because I’ll tell you:

  • How blue shampoo works on colored or natural brown hair
  • How to correctly use the blue shampoo


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How does blue shampoo work on natural, colored or highlighted brown hair

brown hair with highlights

Each hair color has underlying warm tones that are exposed when hair is lightened, whether by the sunlight, coloring, or bleaching.

Lighter hair color has underlying yellow tones and darker hair color has underlying orange tones.


  • If your hair is brown and you have highlights or have lightened the color of your hair, you may notice that, over time, your hair starts to look brassy.

If you have a look at the color wheel, you’ll see that each color can be neutralized by its opposite. Blue is the opposite of orange. So, a blue shampoo will help remove the orange from your brown hair and restore it to a cool or neutral tone.


 Every time you wash your hair with the blue shampoo, you deposit color pigments that neutralize that nasty orange shade. You’ll notice it within a few washes. Those unwanted tones will disappear. 

Do you know what the best part is?


  • Purple shampoo can be used on colored, natural brown and highlighted hair.

Why would you use a blue shampoo if your hair is not colored or bleached?

It’ s simple; brown is a very usual tone in natural hair, and when you wash your hair, the chemicals in the beauty products degrade your color. In addition, sunlight, water, and sulfates in shampoos and conditioners also degrade your hair’s natural pigments.

So, if your natural brown hair has turned brassy or orange, you can apply a blue shampoo to neutralize it.


It is very common for these orange tones to appear, as the dye uses peroxide to make the hair fiber absorb the pigment.

This chemical reaction causes the color to degrade, thus, generating the orange tones.

But, those orange tones will no longer be a problem for you, because the blue shampoo will solve them perfectly.


  • Do your highlights look awful in your brown hair? Try blue shampoo!

Highlights are a technique in which small strands are separated to bleach and, then, a dye is applied to neutralize unwanted tones. After a while, and as a consequence of the washings, highlights can turn orange.

Blue shampoo is an excellent tool to compensate for this problem.

Now that you know how blue shampoo works on brown hair, it’s time to start using it. I’ll tell you how to do it properly.


How to use blue shampoo on brown hair

brown hair

In general, you won’t need to use blue shampoo every day. You can use it one to three times a week instead of your usual shampoo, or simply when you notice those unwanted orange tones starting to show.


 To maximize the benefits of shampooing, I recommend that you also use a blue conditioner   and that you wash your hair with warm water. Remember that hot water strips the natural oils from the hair and makes the color fade faster.


Step 1 – Blue Shampoo

  • Get in the shower and wet your hair, just as you do with any other shampoo, making sure your hair is completely saturated with water before applying the shampoo.
  • Gently massage the blue shampoo into your hair and scalp, forming a thick foam and rinse thoroughly.
  •  Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the blue shampoo you’re using,  to be certain how long to leave it on.
  • If you don’t respect the exposure times, you may end up with some blue highlights in your hair, and that’s probably not what you’re looking for.


Step 2 – Conditioner

After thoroughly rinsing the shampoo, it’s time to condition. Never skip this step!


Apply the conditioner. If it’s a blue one, much better, mainly on the middle and ends.

If it’s a blue conditioner, leave it on for the right amount of time so that the blue pigments do their job. After that time, rinse with plenty of warm water.



The blue shampoo is an excellent ally for women with colored brown hair, both natural and with highlights, because it neutralizes the orange tones that usually appear from the underlying pigments.

You should replace your regular shampoo with a blue shampoo and respect the application times, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Now tell me, did you know about blue shampoo’s effect?

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