9 Tips to fix your hair burned from bleaching and stop suffering

after bleaching

Hello, ladies.

How are you today?


Today I want to talk about a very delicate topic.

The disastrous consequences of a poorly-done bleaching treatment.


Every day I receive questions like these:

“Carina, what treatment to do you recommend to me for hair that is burned from bleaching?”

“Carina, the ends of my hair are very burnt from bleaching. What can I do to fix them?”

I receive at least three or four comments like this every day.


These types of questions make me sad.

And cause me problems.

Problems because I know that   when bleaching is done well, it doesn’t cause these major problems.  

really damaged and burnt

Of course, many people throw the bleach on themselves without having the smallest idea of what they are doing.

So that it is clear.

There is a right way and a wrong way to bleach your hair.

One way gives you good results and the other way damages and burns your hair.


The fact that a girl ended up with her hair in pieces because she wanted to bleach her hair at home doesn’t surprise me at all. Bleaching is a very delicate process that should only be done by trained professionals.

The problem is that a lot of girls, and not so little girls want to go from black hair to blonde in one afternoon. And of course, that’s impossible.


In my article where I explained how to bleach your hair, I explained that the key to a successful bleaching is to do it in stages. And between one stage and another, you should nourish your hair with natural oils to alleviate damage and prepare your hair for the second stage.


Many people don’t do this. They rush the process and the consequences are devastating for their hair.

They use 30-volume hydrogen peroxide 2 times in 10 days, and other similar atrocities.


But there is something that makes me furious with all of this.

Something that makes my nerves stand on end and makes me lose a few years off my life.

What am I talking about?


 Hair stylists that burn their clients’ hair.  

Yes, just as you read it.

Many of the comments that I receive are from girls that got their hair burnt in a salon.

How can salons ruin the hair of their clients?

I don’t understand.


They charge them a fortune and the only thing they do is destroy their hair. The clients arrive to the salon with healthy hair and they leave the salon with their hair broken into pieces.

The fact that a person with no experience doing bleaching treatments ruins someone’s hair doesn’t surprise me. But that somebody who is supposedly a professional ruins your hair, that doesn’t sit well with me.


That’s the bad thing in the world of hair stylists. I love being a hair stylist. But I hate this little world that is full of fakes running around. Those fakes are the ones that ruin the good name of our profession.


That’s why for the last few days, I’ve been angry.

In a bad mood.


Every day I receive more comments like the ones above from people whose hair has ended up burnt after a bleaching treatment.


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Can you fix your burnt hair from bleaching?

fragile and brittle hair

Do you want to fix your burnt hair in a week?

If that is what you are looking for, then I kindly ask you to close this page.

su_highlight background=”#ffabef”]Repairing hair burnt from bleaching is possible, but in no way can you expect miracles. [/su_highlight]


If you are looking for miraculous solutions, I’m sorry to tell you that you are in the wrong place. All the tips and ideas that we are going to see today work, but only if you are willing to have patience.

with home and natural remedies

Many people have the wrong ideas. They think that they can repair their hair in 2 weeks. Or a month. I’m sorry to have to be the evil queen in the movie telling you that’s not possible.


Now that we’ve cleared that up, lets look at 5 tips that really work to fix your burned hair.


9 Tips to Repair Burned Hair


1- Don’t use heat tools

avoid using it on burned hair

This is the most important idea in the whole article. If you take anything away from all of this, it should be this point.   You can use the most expensive oil that you find, but if you are applying to heat to your hair, it won’t help you at all.

Your hair is like a newborn baby. Delicate. Fragile. It breaks from nothing. The last thing that you want to do is ruin it by applying heat.

I’m going to put it another way so that you will understand better.

  Applying heat to hair burned by bleach is a STUPID.  


I don’t care how you will dry your hair from now on but forget about using the dryer for some time. Keep under 7 locks and keys if necessary. Donate it to the Salvation Army. Throw it away. In the end, do what you want with your hair dryer, but don’t use it on your hair.

And the same thing can be said for the hot iron or flat iron as it is known in some countries.

 If using a hair dryer is a stupidity, using a flat iron is BARBARIC.  

Please don’t do it.


2- Wash your hair as little as possible

washing is a physical wear for the hair

Many people with damaged hair think that if they wash it, the are fixing it. They think that shampoo and conditioner are remedies for their hair. This is absolute naivety.

Whether you like it or not, washing your hair physically wears out your burned hair. Your hair is already weak. Fragile. When you wash it, you force your hair to go through a physical stress that it doesn’t need right now.

Wash your hair as little as possible and with natural products.


3- Use Natural Oils

But don’t abuse them please. It’s not necessary to use the entire container of oil on your hair. Don’t think that the more oil you use, the faster your hair will get fixed. No.


Hair can only absorb a small percentage of oil that we apply to it. So, only apply just want is necessary.


What natural oil should you choose?

There are many. I always recommend choosing products that are easier to find.


It doesn’t help you if I tell you the best oil is almond oil but you can’t get it or it ends up being extremely expensive.

It’s better to look for a natural oil that is easy to find in your city. It can be almond oil, argan oil, coconut oil.

Remember to read the list of ingredients to be sure that the content is really natural and it doesn’t have any other added chemicals.


4- Eat a balanced diet

ideal complement to strengthen hair

To fix your hair it is important to eat a balanced diet along with everything I said above.

 A balanced diet needs to include meat, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates.  In addition, you have to respect the portions of foods as much as possible.

What does food have to do with hair?


It has everything to do with it.

If you don’t eat one day, you feel weak. The same thing happens to your hair. Your hair needs to incorporate nutrients just as much as the rest of your body.

If you have any doubts as to what good food means, I recommend that you visit a nutritionist. They will be able to help you better in this matter.


5- Take biotin supplements

from the roots

Biotin supplements are sold without a prescription in pharmacies or even supermarkets.


 The other day, a girl wrote me that found my advice about taking biotin. Before starting to take biotin, her hair broke when she barely brushed because it was so weak.  


After 3 months of taking biotin her hair seemed like someone else’s. She gained volume and strength. And her hair barely fell out when it came time to brush it.


7- Don’t put your hair up

tension in the hair

It’s pure common sense, girls. There isn’t much to add.

Don’t put your hair up. Not in pony tails, or buns or topknots.


8- Treat your hair as if it were a work of art

take care of the hair as a work of art

Wet hair is more elastic and also more fragile. That’s why it is best to brush your hair when it is dry.

As the hair dries, it loses its elasticity, so it is more difficult for it to come away from the scalp.


From now on, whenever you do your hair, always treat it as if it were a very valuable work of art.  Don’t make the mistake of saturating your hair with products. 


Think of your hair as a Van Gogh, Picasso, or your favorite artist’s painting. Surely if you had the work of one of those artists in your hands, you would treat it better, right?

That is how you should treat your hair from now on.


9- (Additional tip) Don’t saturate your hair

from brunette to blonde

More than a tip, this is a recommendation.

 Don’t make the mistake of saturating your hair with products.  

Many people with damaged or burnt hair think that the best way to fix it is to use a million different products. They think that the more products they use, the better. They use masks, creams, shampoos, conditioners.


This way, you won’t only fix your hair. You are also are going to spend a fortune. If you look through the tips that I said above, I only recommended 2 PRODUCTS.

Natural oil and biotin.

You don’t need more than that.



So that you see that you are not alone, I want to share with you two of the comments that inspired me to write this article.

Like I said, these are just 2 of the hundreds of comments that I receive every day from women that end up with their hair destroyed after bleaching.


The first comment is from Jenny, a girl that wanted to be blonde and ended up with burnt hair in really bad shape.

The second comment is Rosy, who abused bleachings and now doesn’t know what to do.


All of the previous advice is for you women and for all women that want to fix their hair.

I share these stories to motivate you and so that you see that you aren’t alone in this.


Hi! I want to tell you about my case…


About 3 months ago, I bleached my hair because I wanted to try going blonde. My hair ended up yellow and after a month, I bleached it again myself with 40% peroxide cream (the worst thing I could have done).

I didn’t know how to mix the bleaching powder with the peroxide cream, nor the grade that I should have bought.


Just washing my hair, I realized that my hair was gum-like but I didn’t pay much attention to it. I cut my ends because they were burnt and that’s it.

The thing is that a few weeks ago, I went to the beach for a few days and I went in the water.

Do you know what happened when I got home to shower?

I showered, I dried my hair, and I went to comb my hair.


It was the worst moment of my life. The comb even from the upper part of the hair was cutting my hair.

I freaked out. I had never seen so much hair. That happened to me every day when I brushed my hair.

Now I have long hair with short chunks. It’s awful!


I went to the salon and the only solution that they gave me was to cut my hair and leave it 4 fingers in length. They also told me to leave a mask on all day, not to pull back my wet hair with elastics to prevent it from breaking more, and to comb it carefully.


Now, my question is this.

If I don’t cut my hair and I follow the advice of the hair dresser, will I get results? Will I end up bald? I’m frustrated.

I look forward to your comments.

All the best Jenny.


Hi my name is Rosy.

I have blonde hair, but I’ve bleached it a lot since I have dyed it different colors.

My hair breaks into pieces when I brush it. It’s very dry. It comes out of the root quickly but it doesn’t grow, and I think it’s because of the following. Because my hair breaks off into pieces. I have used everything, and nothing has fixed it.

I want to let me hair grown naturally and let it rest. I want it to grow abundantly and most importantly, that it doesn’t break.


It’s down below the line of my bra, and I see that I have more in the upper part because there are a few chunks that are long since everything broke little by little. It seems like I have a lot of layers in my hair and I had it straight. I don’t know what to do.

What do you recommend for me Carina?

A big hug from Peru.


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