Does Olaplex really cause hair loss and breakage? Short answer: NO!

repairs and strengthens hair

  • There isn’t any indication from the manufacturer that Olaplex causes hair loss. After all, it’s used in the most prestigious salons worldwide and in the most mistreated hair.
  • However, you have to identify if Olaplex is the cause of the hair loss or if it’s due to other factors such as hormonal changes, a stage of greater stress, damaged hair before using Olaplex, or even incorrect use of the product.


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Hair treatments work like diets.

Some people lose 5 kg in a week with the moon diet. Others follow the same diet and only lose a few grams. Why the difference?


Because not all bodies are the same. An infinite number of factors influence them, such as genetic predisposition, general health, and physical exercise. Also, unbelievably, the weather in which you live. The same thing happens with Olaplex.


 Some people are satisfied with Olaplex and others aren’t. They think that Olaplex is the cause of sudden hair loss. 


From my experience, I can say that Olaplex shouldn’t cause hair loss because it’s designed exclusively to repair and moisturize hair that undergoes chemical processes such as bleaching, coloring, or permanent straightening.


That’s why  the most important thing to consider is the level of damage your hair had before applying Olaplex. 

If your hair was damaged, brittle, or burned, Olaplex may not be enough to repair it. Then, you may notice increased hair loss.


Also, hair loss can be a symptom of other things in your body, or hair, that have nothing to do with Olaplex.

So, today I invite you to think together if the Olaplex is really causing your hair loss.

There’s no use to point at a product but you should find out if your sudden hair loss deserves special attention from a professional. Will you join me?

Let’s start the check-up together.

The first thing I have to ask you is the following.

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Olaplex and hair loss: have you used the product correctly?

If you’re reading these lines, you already know that Olaplex is a three-step treatment. Steps 1 and 2 are done in the salon, and Step 3 can be done at home.

Why are steps 1 and 2 performed exclusively at the salon?


 Because they are applied to the hair in which very aggressive chemical processes,  such as bleaching, will be performed. Its components repair the inside of the hair fiber during the process and prevent further damage.


However, these products must be mixed and used in exact quantities. If the manufacturer’s indications aren’t followed, the result may not be the expected one.

That’s why even stylists take a course on the correct use of Olaplex.


Due to market demand, the company decided to release a small kit, called the Olaplex Traveling Stylist Kit, which contains the Olaplex 1, 2, and 3. They allow you to perform the complete treatment at home.

I think it isn’t a good idea because not everyone has the patience to read the instructions that come with the products, let alone follow them.


If the product is not used properly, you won’t get the desired results. In this case, it would be repaired and strengthened hair. Of course, if you’ve used it to repair your hair and it wasn’t applied correctly, the product won’t repair your hair. It’ll still be fragile and prone to breakage. Then, possibly, hair loss will occur.

  • Have you used the product correctly?
  • Did you read the instructions and followed them carefully?


If your hair was damaged and you applied the Olaplex without following the instructions, it’ll still be damaged. Then, it’ll remain weak and eventually fall out.

It wasn’t the product that failed, but the hand that applied it.


Have you done the complete treatment?

avoid damaging hair during bleaching

If you decided to try Olaplex, your hair was probably damaged and you wanted to protect it from aggressive chemical processes.

However, the Olaplex is a three-step treatment, as I told you before. Olaplex 1 and 2 are responsible for repairing the hair fiber internally. Its components look for unique hydrogen and sulfur bonds and re-bond them to form disulfide bonds before, during, and after the treatments.

Have you applied Olaplex 3 without using Olaplex 1 and 2?


 If you had very damaged hair and it needed repair from inside, Olaplex 3 will have no effect. 

Olaplex 1 and 2 are restorative, while Olaplex 3 is moisturizing.


If your hair was weak before applying the Olaplex, it’ll be weak inside. Therefore, it’ll fall out.

The Olaplex 3 can leave your hair more moisturized on the surface, but the inside will still be as damaged as before. So your hair is still prone to breakage.


How damaged was your hair before applying the Olaplex?

before bleaching

There are several chemical processes that can damage your hair, breaking the keratin bonds:


If any of these factors influenced your hair damage, the Olaplex will be able to repair it. However, you also have to be realistic.

 Many times hair is so damaged that no product can repair it.  The only solution is to remove burned hair.


That’s why, by the time you apply the Olaplex, the damage may be so deep that the repair action is not enough and you start to experience breakage hair loss.

Now, if your hair wasn’t so damaged and you’re experiencing hair loss, you may be going through another type of process.


Are you undergoing a hormonal change?

how to make it grow again

Hormones drive the proper functions of the body and influence all its functions. That’s why, for example, when the thyroid gland doesn’t work properly, you get hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.


 If for some reason, such as stress, menopause, teenage years, or pregnancy, your hormones are triggered, they can weaken the hair,  producing subsequent breakage and fall.

In that case, you should visit your family doctor so that he or she can order the appropriate treatment.



If after reading all of the above, you are convinced that the Olaplex has caused your hair loss, DISCONTINUE ITS USE IMMEDIATELY. Go to the salon so that your trusted colorist can recommend another type of moisturizer.

If your hair continues to fall out, visit your family doctor. He or she will probably also recommend a healthy diet, including fruits and vegetables.

Olaplex is used in salons all over the world with excellent results and should not cause hair loss.

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