From purple to pink hair step by step (the first step is the most important one)

  • If the purple is already faded, you can apply a dark or intense pink dye, such as virgin pink, hot pink, or fuchsia.
  • If the purple is not faded yet, or if it is, but you want to apply a light or pastel pink, you’ll need to do a strand test. It’s to see if the pink dye can cover the purple.
  • If the pink hair dye doesn’t cover it, you’ll need to bleach your hair.


splat hair dye


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Shiny violet, emerald green, pastel pink are just some of the colors that burst into the hair beauty universe. Each of them represents a different statement you can make with your hair.

When we choose a fantasy color for our hair, we are obviously saying something.That “something” will tell the world how we want to be perceived.


However, fantasy colors have other magic. They’re absolutely changeable. Today you look at the world in purple, and the next day you see it all in pink.


That happened to one of my clients, Agustina.  The other day, she sent me a Whatsapp message because she wanted to color her purple hair pink. She didn’t have time to come to the salon.  

To be honest, I find it very difficult to give advice through Whatsapp because it’s hard to make the best decision if I can’t look at the person’s hair.

Especially when it comes to switching from one fantasy color to another. It’s not a matter of applying one color over another without considering some issues.


So, I suggested a video call to observe her hair and recommend what was best in her case.


Do you want to dye your purple hair pink? Do you want to know what I recommended to Agustina?


Then, keep reading because I’ll tell you:

  • What to do before coloring your hair pink
  • How to fade the purple color before applying the pink hair dye
  • The best semi-permanent pink hair dyes


What to do before coloring your hair pink

When I asked my client for a video call, I had to see the state of the purple color in her hair.

I wanted to check if the purple color was fading or if it was as vibrant as the first day.


Why is this difference meaningful?


 Because it’ll determine whether you need to bleach your hair before applying pink dye. 

However, bleaching hair is not something you should take lightly. It’s a very aggressive chemical process for your hair. If your hair isn’t in top condition, believe me, no pink hair dye can save you from disaster.


That’s why, to find out if the purple color is fading, you should do the “strand test.

And that’s what I asked Agustina to do. I know my client, so I was sure she had already bought the pink dye to apply to her hair. After she bought it, she came to me. Very typical of a teenager. First, act, and then think.



I asked her to test the strand because, even though the cell phone cameras are very good I couldn’t tell if the purple color was completely gone. And I asked her to call me back when the test was over to tell me the results.

Do you know what Agustina used to do the strand test?


The same pink dye that you will use to color your hair. Follow this simple steps.

  • Gather your hair in a ponytail, separate a strand, preferably from the back, and apply the pink hair dye over the strand. Leave the hair dye on according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Rinse and watch your color


  • Did the pink dye cover the purple base?
  • Is the resulting color what you expected?

Those are the same questions I asked Agustina.



Fortunately, the pink dye had covered the purple color in her hair. I think we gave each other a virtual hug because it wouldn’t be necessary to bleach her hair.

So, all she had to do was apply the pink dye to all of her hair.


Now, what happens if the pink hair dye doesn’t cover the purple after the strand test?

You won’t be as lucky as Agustina. You’ll have to bleach your hair.

Since this chemical process is quite aggressive, it’s best to go to a salon to avoid damaging your hair irreparably.


However, if you don’t want to bleach your hair because you don’t want to take any risks, you can always speed up the fading process of the purple color. That’s what I’ll tell you next.


How to fade purple before applying pink

If you still have purple residues, but don’t want to bleach your hair, good for you! You can use other techniques that are very successful.


1- Wash your hair with dishwashing soap.

to remove semi-permanent dye

Since dishwashing detergent contains many sulfates, it’ll remove any purple residue you may still have.



 Use it sensibly because its astringent power can dry out your hair.  It’s best to use it up to twice a week. Then, apply intensive moisturizing treatments.

Once your hair has regained its moisture, apply the pink color.


2- Wash your hair with ceramide shampoo.

wash splat hair dye out

Here we are at the other end because ceramides are specifically moisturizers. However, they’re also color’s worst enemies.


And that’s why they’ll   completely eliminate purple, which is what you’re looking for. 


Wash your hair with this shampoo and you’ll notice that, after three or four washes, the purple color will be gone.

But don’t forget that both products are corrosive. You should moisturize your hair with coconut oil, flaxseed oil, butter, or almond oil to recover the lost moisture.


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The best semi-permanent pink dyes

Pastel pink, neon pink, chewing gum pink, Barbie pink, panther pink, virgin pink, hot pink, cotton candy pink, flamingo pink, and so on.

Brands can be very creative when it comes to names. However, I think the key is the duration of the pink dye.


  • If you want the color to last long,  bet on brands that offer you more resistant pigments. 
  • If you want to check if pink is the color you are looking for, bet on brands with a shorter duration.

Which ones do I recommend?


1- SPLAT, for long-lasting pink.


You can choose from five different shades of pink. The hair dye will last up to thirty washes.

I recommend it for those experienced in applying fantasy colors. Its consistency makes the dye run off and stain everything it touches.


2- PUNKY COLOUR, for damaged hair.

lasts up to 30 washes

It has a different pink color palette and it contains natural flower oils that deeply moisturize your hair.

Also, for color maintenance, this brand has its own line of color depositing shampoo and conditioner. So, every time you wash your hair, you’ll add pink pigments that’ll extend the duration of the color.


Every time you wash your hair, you add pigments. So, your pink will last even longer.


3- Colorista, from L’Oréal, for those looking for a temporary change.

lasts few washes

If you’re tired of purple but aren’t sure if pink is the best color for you either, this pink from L’Oreal is for you. It only lasts for four washes.

So, you can try pink on your hair without prejudice or fear.



If you can’t find a shade of pink that you like among the three brands above, you can look for it in other brands, such as Manic Panic, Arctic Fox, Adore, or L’Oréal’s Feria line.



My client, Agustina, is still in love with pink. Every twenty or thirty days, she sends me a photo to show me what new shade of pink she applied to what used to be purple hair.


You can enjoy life in pink. Remember that if your hair is purple, you need to fade the color for the pink to look amazing. And to find out if the purple is faded, do the strand test.

That simple test will tell you if you need to bleach your purple hair before you color it pink.


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