Is it a Good or Bad Idea to Rinse Out Hair Dye in the Shower?

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  • There are several reasons why I don’t recommend rinsing out hair dye in the shower.
  • The dye will stain the shower, shower curtain, beauty products you may have in the shower and everything in between.
  • Dye pigments are very difficult to remove. So, it will take you longer to clean up anything that get stained, than the dye itself.


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Many women think it’s a good idea to rinse out hair dye in the shower, so as to bathe at the same time. That way, they kill two birds with one stone.

The problem is that hair dye should be removed with cold water. Then, in the rush to do everything at once, you will end up catching a cold or rinsing out the dye with hot water, which is not a good idea.


  If you want to do things properly, I recommend that you rinse your hair dye in the sink. Whether it’s in the bathroom, the laundry room, or the kitchen.  

This way, you can rinse out the dye with cold water without risking a cold and also ensure that no dye remains in your hair.

Did I manage to convince you not to rinse out your dye in the shower?


If I haven’t convinced you yet, stay with me for two more minutes because I will end up convincing you with what you’ll read below.

  • Firstly, I’ll explain a little more why I don’t think it’s a good idea to rinse out hair dye in the shower.
  • Then, I’ll tell you how to rinse out hair dye properly so that your hair is the envy of all.


Removing dye from hair is a very important part of the coloring process.

If you don’t remove hair dye properly, it will become dull and heavy. But, if you rinse it out properly, taking into account the details that I will tell you about next, I can assure you that your hair will be radiant.

Ready to get started?

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Why is it a very bad idea to rinse out hair dye in the shower?

If you’ve ever rinsed out your dye in the shower, you’ll understand why you shouldn’t.

In the rush of rinsing it out faster, you’ll spend most of your day removing stains from the floor, tiles, and curtains. Hair dye pigments are very strong and have the power to stain everything intensely – watch out for this!


Rinsing out hair dye in the shower is probably one of the easiest and quickest options. However, the easiest is not always ideal. I will help you avoid having to end up cleaning all the tiles in your bathroom, even if you have to buy new curtains.


 I don’t think it’s a good idea to rinse out hair dye in the bathroom. The best idea, due to many factors, is that you do it in a sink, preferably in the laundry room, since it is usually bigger. Otherwise, the kitchen sink also works. 


One of the reasons why I recommend rising out hair dye in the sink is thanks to my grandmother Lola.

She used to say that rinsing out the dye in the sink made your hair shinier and cleaner. Why did she say this? Was she right?


 The truth is that she was right, because we can finish our washing by rinsing our hair dye for a few minutes with cold water, resulting in shinier hair. 


  • I recommend that you buy a showerhead adapter for the sink tap where you’re going to wash your head.

This way, it will be more comfortable and you will manage to remove all the dye avoiding splashes around the sides of the pool.


  • If you have back problems or your back hurts, you’re going to have to wash in the shower, because washing in a pool or tub is going to be counterproductive. The position you’d be in would be super uncomfortable. Also, don’t forget you’re going to be in that position for about seven minutes.


Why is it so important to remove hair dye completely?

Whether you rinse out the hair dye in the sink or in the shower, it is very important that you rinse your hair thoroughly.

I’ve also emphasized rinsing before, and I’ll keep repeating that you have to do it properly. You are going to thank me for what I’m going to explain now.


  • Firstly, before rinsing out hair dye, do a good emulsion with it. What does this mean?
  Get your hair wet with some water and massage the dye off your scalp and hair. Perform these massages for three minutes. 


  • Then you’re going to test the water, it has to be warm.

Start to rinse out all the product and do not use shampoo yet. Rinse until the water begins to be transparent. This will indicate that you no longer have dye in the hair.


  • Only then can you apply shampoo.

You will wash your hair two or three times to remove all traces of product and, thus, have a light and shiny hair.


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