What color does copper hair fade to? How to keep hair color from fading?

copper hair fades to pale orange

  • If you dyed your hair with a copper dye, the color will fade to orange. It’ll be a lighter or darker orange according to the intensity of the copper dye you applied.
  • If you want to keep your copper-colored hair longer, use sulfate-free products, wash your hair less often, don’t abuse heat tools, and use a toning shampoo once a week.


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Have you dyed your hair copper?

Are you thinking about doing it?


Whatever your situation, I must first congratulate you.

Copper hair is an option for daring women. It’s for women who don’t come to the world to be unnoticed.

Do you know what I think of when a client asks me to color their hair with a copper dye?


I think of powerful, warrior women, sorcerers, half goddesses, and half-human. It’s women who are capable of the greatest feats.

Sure, their hair may be the secret to their strength and courage, but they need to know how to maintain that strength.

And you’ll also want to know what will happen to that copper color when it fades.


Whether you’re a valkyrie, a sorcerer, or a copper-haired warrior, stay with me. I’ll reveal to you all the secrets of this exciting color.

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When the copper dye begins to fade, it’ll gradually transform into orange

copper faded to orange hair

But don’t worry, because  it won’t fade immediately. 


Instead, you’ll slowly notice how the copper will fade and turn to orange.

 The time it takes to fade depends on the care you give to your hair. 


But I’ll tell you more about that later.

Now, let’s focus on that copper color in your hair.

How intense was the copper dye when you applied it?

  •  If you applied a light copper dye,  the color will fade to light orange.
  •  Alternatively, if the copper was medium,   the color will fade to orange.
  •  Finally, if you applied a dark copper dye, it’ll fade to dark orange.


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If you don’t like your hair color when the copper dye fades, you can renew the dye or apply another color.

 If you decide to apply another hair dye color, I recommend a dye that finishes with .1. 

What does this number mean?


The colors are numbered in the color palette. Some dyes are identified by a single number and some others are identified by more than one number.

The first number is the base color. For example, black is identified with the number 1, and the extra light blonde is identified with the number 10. The scale ranges from number 1 to 10.

The second number that may appear on the box dye represents the shade of the dye. It’s always preceded by a period or comma.

It’s a very important piece of information because it tells you the pigments of the dye that neutralize bright colors.

In this case,  you should choose a dye that contains blue pigments, which are identified with .1. 


Then, if you don’t want to touch up the copper dye, you could choose between:

  • Ashy brown 4.1
  • Light ash brown 5.1
  • Dark ash blonde 6.1


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Then, if you’re still in love with your copper hair, and you don’t want it to go away, read on. The secrets of your power are safe, little warrior.


How to keep your copper color longer

copper dyed hair maintenance

If you want your copper color to maintain its strength and not fade quickly, you’ll need to keep a pretty strict care routine.


  • Don’t use hair products that contain sulfates.

Sulfates are detergents that remove copper dye pigments.

Therefore, replace your usual hair washing products with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. You can also use products from vegan lines that don’t contain these chemicals.


  • Don’t wash your hair every day.

It’s not just about making the copper dye last longer. If you wash your hair every day, you’ll remove the natural scalp oils which are an important source of moisture for your hair.

 Wash your hair every 72 hours  and remember to use sulfate-free products..


  • Don’t abuse flat irons and curling irons.

Styling tools work with heat. Those high temperatures remove moisture from your hair.

The color will also evaporate with the moisture.

I’m not telling you to never flat iron your hair again. But I do recommend that you use the flat iron on special occasions. When you use it, remember to add a heat protectant.


  • Don’t expose your hair to the sun or to the water of the pool and the sea without protection.


You should wear a plastic cap to protect your hair when swimming. And you should always rinse your copper-colored hair with tap water after swimming to prevent chlorine and salts from fading the color.

And even if you enjoy your tanned skin, wear a hat when exposing your hair to the sun. Believe it or not,  the sun’s rays can lighten hair color up to three shades.  So, after a few days in the sun without protection, your copper hair will turn orange.


  • Use a toning shampoo.

Yes, toning shampoos are the great allies of the dyes.

And if your hair is copper, you should use a toning shampoo to keep your hair coppery for longer.

KERACOLOR CLENDITIONER or VIRAL LUXURY offer you four different copper colors to keep your color as crisp as freshly applied.

You should use it once a week, but read the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct use of the shampoo.



Copper dye gradually fades to orange colors. The more intense the copper dye, the more intense the orange it will fade to.

Use sulfate-free shampoos, wash your hair less frequently, and include a copper toning shampoo in your hair care routine.

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