How often should you tone blonde hair? It depends on your shade of blonde

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  • To find out how often you should tone your blonde hair, think about the shade of blonde in your hair.
  • Dark blonde hair, i.e., dark blonde 6, blonde 7, and light blonde 8, should be toned every two to three weeks.
  • Light blonde hair, i.e., very light blonde 9 and extra light blonde 10, should be color treated every four to five weeks.
  • I also include a foolproof routine for applying toner less frequently. This way, you’ll avoid using chemicals on your hair unnecessarily.


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If you want to know  how often you should tone blonde hair , you’ve probably noticed that blonde tones are the hardest to maintain.


Because once you reach the exact shade of blonde you want, washing, using heat tools, and poor choice of hair products can all make it easy for harsh colors to show up.

And when you do have a blonde hair color, your only option for maintaining it is to apply a toner.


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And  the darker your blonde, the more often you should tone your hair.  When blonde shades are darker, harsh yellow or orange colors start to appear, which can ruin your hair color.

  •  If your hair is dark blonde , then you should tone it every three weeks.
  •  If your hair is light blonde , then you should tone it every five weeks.


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Put this way, it seems like you won’t really have to use a toner that often. However, don’t lose sight of something fundamental: the health of your hair.

Because if your hair is blonde, you’ve probably bleached it. And during that process, it was weakened because it lost nutrients and moisture. Also, after bleaching it, you probably applied toner for the first time to tone it down.


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And toning is also a chemical process because you apply it with developer, and it contains ammonia. So, even if you must apply toner to keep your blonde hair flawless, it’s important to decrease how often you need to use it.

How can you do this?


By using a toning shampoo. This way, you can apply toner less often, avoiding dryness.

Today I’ll show you how to alternate toner application with purple shampoo.


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Dark blonde hair coloring routine and frequency

 If your hair is dark blonde 6, blonde 7, or light blonde 8, it’s considered dark blonde.  In this case, you should apply toner every two to three weeks.

Why every two to three weeks?


Because although the toner is a permanent dye, its holding power is much less than that of a regular dye. Therefore, with each wash, the toner pigments will fade.

And if you use shampoos with sulfates and straighten or curl your hair frequently as well, the toner will last for much less time.

And then you’ll have to renew the toner more often. Therefore, you’ll deprive your hair of moisture and nutrients more often.


Therefore,  my professional recommendation is to combine the toner application with a toning shampoo to maintain the effects for longer. 

elvive purple shampoo for yellow hair after keratin

What would an ideal routine to start this plan look like?


  • Week 1: apply the toner to your blonde hair.
  • Week 2: Wash your hair three times with a sulfate-free shampoo. Remember, it’s essential you wash your hair at most three times a week.
  • Week 3: From this week on, we will include the toning shampoo in your routine. You should use it in two weekly washes, replacing your usual shampoo.
  • Week 4 and 5: wash your hair once a week with the toning shampoo.
  • Week 6: evaluate your color. You may need to apply the toner, and from that moment on, start again with this maintenance routine.


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Light blonde hair coloring routine and frequency

woman tones her blonde hair with purple shampoo

 If your hair is very light blonde 9 or extra light blonde 10 , you can tone your hair every four to five weeks. These shades of blonde are easier to tone since they have a very light base, almost the color of butter.


And although you’ll need to use toner less often, you can also alternate it with a purple shampoo.

What would your routine look like?

  • Week 1: you apply the toner.
  • Week 2: wash your hair with your usual shampoo.
  • Week 3: wash your hair once with toning shampoo.
  • Week 4: wash your hair with regular shampoo.
  • Week 5: wash your hair once with toning shampoo.
  • Week 6: check your color to decide if you need to renew the toner.



To know how often you should tone blonde hair, you need to consider what shade of blonde you have. The darker your blonde hair is, the more often you should tone it.

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