How to Dye Bleached Hair Darker Blonde today?

darker than before

  • To darken your bleached hair, you’ll need to use a blonde dye two or three shades darker than your current color.
  • It’s important to keep your current base color in mind after bleaching it to know what shade of blonde you should choose.
  • If you don’t know how to figure out what base color you have right now, then you can base your color choice on your skin tone or if your hair is straight or curly to choose the perfect color.


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As you can see, bleaching is a complex issue because not only does it aggressively use chemicals to process your hair, but also because of the results, which oftentimes aren’t quite what you were expecting.

You should always dye your hair after bleaching it. Do you know why?


 Because bleach will leave your hair a dull, ugly blonde that won’t have anything in common with your favorite model’s blonde you were hoping to imitate. 

If you’ve already bleached your hair, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. But, believe it or not, there are still people who think that the marvelous blonde you want to imitate will magically appear after you dye your hair.

You don’t believe me?


There’s nothing better than other people’s experiences to help you see. One day, Carmen came into my salon with hair so yellow, it could have been a chicken if it had just laid an egg.

Of course, she had bleached it at home, thinking she would end up with a beautiful honey color. Oh gosh, have a little common sense!


 The only thing bleach does is destroy your hair’s natural pigment. It doesn’t deposit any new color; that’s what dye is for. 

Luckily for Carmen and my patience, it had been 15 days since she had bleached her hair, so we were able to dye her hair without having to worry about it further damaging her hair. She wanted to put out the fire in her hair with a darker blonde.

So, all I did was use dye. Of course, for me, it’s easy to choose the right new color since I studied colorimetry. I know about different shades and tones, and I even learned about skin tones and subtones.


I want it to be easy for you, too, to darken your hair with the ideal shade of blonde.

So, let’s stop trying to lay eggs and hop to it. Stick around, because I’ll tell you:

  • How to use a dark blonde dye on bleached hair
  • How to choose the right blonde based on your skin tone and hair type


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How to choose the right dark blonde for bleached hair

fixing the color

Like we saw in Carmen’s case, darkening bleached hair isn’t hard since you already have a light base.

Did you know that there are different shades of blonde?


Yep, blonde goes from dark blonde number 7 to platinum blonde number 10.

 But it’s key that you choose your new color with your new, bleached base color in mind, so you get the change you’re looking for. 


For example:

If you have a platinum blonde number 10 base tone, you can use a blonde 8 since that way, you’ll darken your hair two shades of blonde.

I’m sure that so many numbers are confusing, and you’re probably about to knock me over the head because you don’t even know what number the color in your hair right now is.

Don’t worry! If you don’t know what your base color is, it doesn’t matter. The new color you choose is what is important.


Don’t forget that since your bleach hair is a light base, so you can always apply any shade of dark blonde. 

 Once you’ve used the dye, that number will be your new base color, and that will help you when you need to re-apply it or if you want to change your color. 

For example:

  • If you use a blonde number 8 dye on your hair, that will be your new base color
  • If you go for a dark blonde 7, that will be your new color


If you don’t know your base color, then the best thing you can do is choose between the level 7 and level 8 shades of blonde, that way, you’ll be sure that you’re able to darken your hair.

And if you know what your bleached base color is, then all you need to do is look for a color one or two shades darker than it.

What shades of blonde could you use if that’s your case?


Usually, the shades dark blonde 7, blonde 8, and light blonde 9 are the best for darkening bleached hair.

For example:

  • If your bleached hair is a level 10 platinum blonde, you can use a blonde 8, which will darken it.
  • If your hair is a blonde 8, then you can use a dark blonde 7.


You might still have a few questions about how to choose the perfect dark blonde. But don’t worry, there are other ways of choosing. And that’s exactly what I’m about to talk to you about.


How to choose the right color blonde based on your skin tone and hair type

If you’re still not sure about what color blonde to choose, I’m going to give you a few pieces of advice that might be useful.

And to follow them, you’re going to need to pay attention to two things: what your skin tone is and whether your hair is straight or curly.


Choose the right blonde based on your skin tone

  • If your skin is light or pale, lighter blondes will look great in your hair because they will take away years and soften your expression.

I’d recommend either blonde 8 or light blonde 9.


  • Now, if your skin is darker or you sunbathe a lot (with lots of sunscreen, please!), darker blondes are better because they’ll draw attention to your eyes and give your features more depth.

I’d recommend either dark blonde 7 or blonde 8.


Believe it or not, it’s also important to keep in mind if your hair is curly or straight when you’re deciding which blonde to use.


Choosing your shade of blonde based on your hair type

  • Curly hair goes best with dark blondes, like level 7 dark blonde or level 8 blonde, because they’ll give your hair extra shine.

If you have either long or short straight hair, lighter blondes are best for you because they’ll give your hair a little extra light.

The color will highlight your face, and your hair will be splendid. All you have to do is choose a medium blonde 8.5 or a light blonde 9.


  • But there is one more element to keep in mind if you’re still unsure which color to choose to darken your hair.

You can try a toner, which washes out gradually each time you wash your hair, unlike dye, meaning it’s not permanent.

 If your bleached hair is warm, bright and yellow, you should use a warm toner like golden blonde. If your hair is a cooler blonde, then choose a cooler toner. 


Use a mask on your hair every 2-3 days and if possible, wrap your hair in a damp towel and let it sit for 1-2 hours to achieve even deeper hydration.


What shade of blonde will you choose to darken your bleached hair?

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