How to speed up the hair bleaching process. Spoiler: don’t do it if you don’t have experience

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  • The only people who should speed up the hair bleaching process are professionals.
  • Because speeding up the bleaching process can only be done with aluminum foil or by applying heat. And if you’re not a professional, you can burn your hair.
  • Speeding up the process by decreasing the time between bleaching sessions is also possible. But you should go to a salon where a professional can use products like OLAPLEX to protect your hair from extreme damage.
  • So if you want to bleach your hair on your own, it’s NOT A GOOD IDEA TO SPEED UP THE HAIR BLEACHING PROCESS.


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I think I’m being pretty clear.

If your question is  how to speed up the bleaching process, my answer is with heat, using aluminum foil or external heat sources, like a blow dryer for example. 


Now just because I’ve answered your question, that doesn’t mean you should run out and buy aluminum foil or plug in the hair dryer straight away to speed up the bleaching process.

Because if you’re going to bleach your hair on your own, I need you to take things seriously. Because bleaching is a serious business. It’s one of the most aggressive chemical processes you can do to your hair.

Bleaching can even make your hair thinner.


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If you use foil or a blow dryer but don’t control the heat you apply to speed up the bleaching process, you can burn your hair.

And I’m not talking about your hair just going frizzy. Or that your ends will split. Or that you’ll notice your hair a bit is rough.


 If you speed up the bleaching process, without professional knowledge and experience, you will burn your hair and you can hurt your scalp. 


Burnt hair gets cut off. An injured scalp has to be healed with antibiotics.


Yes, the outlook is not encouraging.

So  if you want the bleaching process to take less time or you want to bleach your hair in fewer sessions, my advice as a professional is to go to the salon. 

I can assure you that if you go to a hair salon to speed up the bleaching process, you will save a lot of dollars and a lot of annoyance.


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Why heat speeds up the bleaching process

aluminum foil accelerates discoloration

You already know that bleaching removes hair color, both artificial and natural, thanks to the chemical reaction generated by the developer and bleaching powder.

When you apply the bleach mixture to your hair, the developer opens the cuticles and the bleaching powder begins to remove the color. This is a chemical reaction that generates heat.

That’s why you should cover your hair to keep the heat in, once you finish applying the bleach.

Now, what do you think happens when you apply more heat once the bleaching mixture starts working?


That’s right! The bleaching process speeds up. And therefore, you can reach more numbers in less time.

In my hair salon, I use two heat sources to speed up bleaching:

  • Aluminum foil.
  • Blow dryer.


But I only speed up bleaching in very specific cases. And I can assure you I don’t even leave my client for five seconds during the process.

Because when you speed up the bleaching process, every second counts. And this is not an exaggeration.

I seriously advise you that if your idea is to speed up the process, you should go to a salon. The professionals know just the right temperature so your hair won’t burn or break.


On the other hand, if your hair is dark and you want to go blonde, you will need several bleaching sessions.

How many sessions?


The exact amount will depend on how dark your hair is currently and how light you want it.

But, for example, if your hair is dark brown and you want to take it to medium blonde, you will need three bleaching sessions. And between each bleaching session, you should allow three weeks.

Is it possible to speed up the bleaching process and do it in fewer sessions?


Yes, but only a hairdresser could do that without damaging your hair.

First of all, this is because they have the knowledge to tell if your hair will withstand speeding up the bleaching process. But they also know the temperature at which hair breaks. Therefore, they have an important advantage.

And if that wasn’t enough, a colorist will use specific products that serve to speed up the bleaching process without compromising the health of your hair.

Generally, in my salon, I use products such as Olaplex or WELLAPLEX.


Now, if you want to speed up the bleaching process, remembering all the risks including ruining your hair, I advise you to forget about the blow dryer.

In that case, you can opt for aluminum foil. But do it at your own risk.


How to use aluminum foil to speed up the bleaching process…if you’re a daredevil

Hairdresser uses aluminum foil to speed up bleaching

Because only a daredevil will take the most extreme risks. I hope you’ll give up the idea at the last moment and avert disaster.


That said, let’s move on to how to use foil during bleaching to speed up the process. I must warn you that  in addition to knowing how to control the time you let the bleaching mixture work, you’ll also have to act pretty quickly. 


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Because you’ll need to divide your hair into several sections, then wrap each section with the foil. And time will go very quickly. Remember that as you wrap the different sections, in the other parts you’ve done already, the bleach mixture is working.

  • Cut several strips of aluminum foil 15 centimeters wide by 30 centimeters long.
  • Separate your hair into different sections.  Each section shouldn’t be too wide , so it’s easier for you to wrap it with the foil.
  • With the help of a brush, apply the bleach mixture to the foil strip and your hair.
  • Place the strand on the foil strip and wrap it.
  • Continue wrapping the different sections of your hair in the foil.
  • When finished, leave the bleaching mixture on for twenty minutes.
  • After the exposure time is up, remove the foil and quickly  place your hair under cold running water to stop the chemical reaction. 
  • Finally, wash your hair with shampoo to remove any remaining bleach mixture. Apply conditioner, to moisturize your hair.



As a professional colorist, I strongly advise you to go to a salon if you want to speed up the hair bleaching process. Because it won’t do you any good to lighten your hair if you end up with burnt hair.

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