What Does Purple Shampoo Do to Grey Hair? Here’s the Truth

rebellious gray hair don't hold hair color

  • Purple shampoo can be very useful on gray hair, especially in two situations.
  • If you dyed your hair with a gray or silver dye, the purple shampoo will help neutralize the yellow unwanted tones that appear after a few washes.
  • Also, you can use purple shampoo to transition to gray hair smoothly or to turn your gray hair white.


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 Are you planning to use the purple shampoo on your gray hair? 


It’s a great idea whether you dyed your hair silver or gray, or your first gray hair started to appear and you want to disguise it to transition to gray hair.


Yes, it’s the same product for two completely different purposes.

Are you surprised?


That’s how two of my clients felt when I suggested they use the purple shampoo. And they were surprised because these clients are actually mother and daughter.

The mother wanted to start the transition to gray hair because she was tired of coloring her hair monthly to hide her gray hair.

The daughter had bleached her light brown hair to an extra light blonde and, then, applied a gray dye.


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Imagine how surprised they were when I recommended purple shampoo to both for proper hair maintenance.

The daughter was afraid her hair would turn gray. The mother, in turn, didn’t want to wear metallic gray hair even though all shades of gray are the latest trend.

I explained that the purple shampoo could meet the needs of their hair, even though they were completely different. They understood everything.


Also, they considered it was an advantage to share the same purple shampoo. As a stylist, I loved the idea of mother and daughter finding a new common ground.

Yes, it’s the mysteries of life… or generation gaps.

But back to using purple shampoo on gray hair, let’s start looking at the different alternatives.


The purple shampoo for proper maintenance of gray or silver-colored hairuse on highlights

Gray hair is one of the latest trends in hair color. However, achieving it and keeping it flawless is not easy.

If you’ve decided to wear your hair gray or silver, you probably went through several bleaching processes until you got to an extra light blonde. Then, you applied a toner or a dye, which was probably a semi-permanent dye.

Either of these two products will fade with washes. Therefore, the strident yellow will begin to emerge, which is the color that you had achieved after bleaching.


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Don’t despair.  The purple shampoo contains violet pigments that will remove the unwanted yellow tones from your gray hair. 

The color wheel shows us that purple is the opposite color of yellow. So, when you apply the purple shampoo to your gray hair, the violet pigments neutralize the bright yellow in your gray hair.


Therefore, to keep your gray or silver hair flawless, you should use the purple shampoo once a week for five minutes.


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Also, purple shampoo is free of mineral salts and sulfates. So, it won’t dehydrate your hair.

Are you worried about your gray hair showing yellow shades? Read on, because we’ll also talk about a smooth transition to gray hair.


You can use the purple shampoo to transition smoothly to gray hair or to keep your gray color even

maintenance of gray hair with purple shampoo

Generally, people associate gray hair with completely white hair.

However, the reality is completely different.



Melanin is a dark pigment in some of our cells that gives color to our hair, eyes, and skin.

As we age, some of that melanin is lost. That’s why hair loses color.

However, it doesn’t happen overnight.  Our hair gradually loses melanin.  That’s why the transition to gray hair takes a long time and gray hair has yellow shades during that time.

If you don’t want to color it because you feel the time has come to transition to a neat gray hair,  you can use purple shampoo to neutralize the yellow shades. 


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It should be applied once or twice a week, for five minutes. Remember that gray hair needs a longer exposure time to absorb and retain the color.



A purple shampoo is a must-have tool in a gray-hair beauty routine.

You can use it on gray or silver color-treated hair to get rid of unwanted yellow shades. And you can also use it to transition smoothly to gray hair.

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