How to dye dark brown to light brown hair in 6 steps

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There are several ways to get a change of look, it can be a radical change or simply by changing the shade of your hair will make you look different.

Today we are going to see how to go from a dark brown to light brown.

The first and most important thing is to define what shade of brown we want to reach.


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Color definition

The first thing we are going to do is define the light brown tone we want to reach.


The color scale ranges from 1 to 10, 1 is black, 10 extra light blond, and dark brown is a 3 on the scale.

Now, taking into account that the dark colors whenever they fade are orange or yellow, we must know well what light brown tone we want to reach, either number 6 or 7 (already being a dark blonde).


To choose the light brown tone ideal for you, you have to take into account mainly the skin color.

  • Light browns do not favor darker skin tones, as well as very pale skins for dark colors.
  • Ideally, if your skin is darker, do not choose a very light brown, a caramel shade would be ideal.
  • If your skin is very pale, light brown, almost blonde, would look well. A honey tone would be ideal.


How to evaluate the health of your hair before dyeing it

Another issue to consider is the condition of the hair.

If your hair is very damaged with previous coloring, I recommend that you ask for professional help to avoid greater consequences when doing the chemical process.

If the hair is not very damaged, you can do it at home without any problems and during your own time.


How to dye your hair to light brown step by step (at home)

developer and bleaching powder

Once the color has been chosen, lets get to work.

You will need bleaching powder and 30 volume developer.


I always use a serum that is for these chemical processes that prevents hair breakage. As well as peroxide cream that is less aggressive to the hair.

You can get all of this in any hairdressing shop and/or pharmacy.




  • Mix the powder and add the developer (and the serum if you have it).

Don’t forget gloves!!!

The 30-volume developer is ideal for the procedure at home because it is easy to see the process and you can keep checking it as you go.

If we did it with higher volumes like 40 or 50, we would damage the hair a lot and we wouldn’t be able to control the process since it works much faster. Higher volumes equal more reaction.


  • We apply the mixture from the root to the ends covering each part of the hair.

Try not to leave any part without product. Keep in mind that where you apply the mixture, your dark brown will change and have a uniform color, that’s the goal.


  • Once this is done, we put on a heat cap, this process raises the temperature and it cuts off when it cools.

You may feel a little burning or heat in the head. If it itches, becomes irritated or inflamed, apply water quickly and rinse.


This process takes approximately 30 minutes.

Check the color every 5 or 10 minutes , the root lightens very fast, but the rest does not. Ideally, apply to the rest of the hair first and then 1 cm. from the root.


  • Once we reach the lighter shade, rinse with plenty of warm water and dry with a hair dryer.

It might be a big change so don’t panic, you still need to dye your hair!!


  • Once we dry the hair we apply the dye we chose following the instructions of the product.

Keep in mind that if you don’t like reddish-coppery colors, you should ideally use a dye with an ash hue 6.1 or 7.1.


How to go from a dark brown to a light shade in a professional salon

coloring hair to light brown

If you decide to get the color with a professional, you can take a picture with the tone you are looking for, or simply choose from the color chart in the salon.


 Before starting the process, you should know that a good stylist is going to do a hair health test. This consists of applying bleaching to a lock of 1 cm of hair and if it does not break or becomes gummy, then it is safe to proceed.  

Always ask what they are doing and what they are applying to you.


Many clients of mine come and say I want the same color you put in last time but they don’t know what it was exactly.

Ask the stylist what developer graduation will be used, because this will decide how much damage your hair will get.

It is also very important that you ask for recommendations for maintaining the color, if you need a toner, and when you should return to the hairdresser to retouch the color.


How to take care of your hair so it looks beautiful for a longer period of time

Many clients are delighted with their new hair color, and they forget that for their hair to look that good for a long time, they must take care of the color. Otherwise that beautiful light brown, can turn into a horrible greenish or bluish shade.

To always have your hair like the day you left the hair salon, there are small tips to keep in mind.


  • Do not wash your hair every day, that removes natural scalp oils and weakens growth.

Use shampoo without sulfates. You can get this in any hairdressing shop or pharmacy. Sulfates diminish the tone quickly and your color will look differently in 3 weeks.


  • Use shower creams with keratin ONLY 1 TIME PER WEEK, this recovers the hair structure leaving it silky and shiny.


Whether at home or at the hair salon, there are many options for you to choose and look the way you want to! What are you waiting for?

Have you decided what shade of brown you are going to dye your hair?


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