Does Color Oops work on bleached hair? What effect does it have?

apply it to not damage hair

  • You simply cannot use Color Oops in bleached hair. Well, you can use it, but it won’t have any effect. Why?
  • Simply because Color Oops removes pigments deposited by permanent hair dye, not just any pigment.


Unfortunately, I had to learn that out the hard way, after wasting my money. And the real price I paid was even higher.

Have you ever tried something new, but felt like you were doing everything wrong? That feeling that makes you think, “if I could go back in time, I would do everything differently.” I have, and that feeling usually comes with some bitterness and despair.


 I want to spare you the same fate. Learn from my mistakes, and you can avoid an expensive mistake and sinking into the depths of despair and sadness.[/su_list]

Let’s get started.


I had dyed my hair black for years. And for years, it went great.

The black went well with my personality, my facial features, and above all, highlighted my stormy eyes. You know, that expressive eye color that looks bluish on sunny days and greenish on cloudy days.

But as I approached thirty-five, I discovered that black hair wasn’t as flattering anymore. While black can be flattering, it can also harden your features and lead to one dreaded effect: looking old.

Which is not something I wanted at thirty-five.


But there was a problem. Getting rid of the black dye wouldn’t be easy, as black pigments are very difficult to remove. In other words, I couldn’t just dye my hair another color to cover the black.

I had no other option than to bleach my hair. Yes, the dreaded bleach. The right thing to do would have been to go to a salon and get my hair bleached professionally.

But that would cost a small fortune. So I had no other option than to bleach my hair with my own two hands, which is exactly what I did.


I cringed as watched as my hair go from black to red, from red to orange.

And, when I rinsed out all the bleach, I discovered that my worst dreams had become a reality. My hair had turned an awful orange.

  And that’s when I made the worst decision of my life, and everything went wrong. 

I used Color Oops on my bleached hair.

Are you curious why that was such a bad idea?


If you want to find out -and avoid making the same mistake that I did- keep reading.

In this article, we’ll go over:

  • Why you shouldn’t use Color Oops on bleached hair
  • When Color Oops won’t work/su_list]


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Why Color Oops Doesn’t Work on Bleached Hair

You’ve probably used bleached to remove an old hair color.

Many people think that permanent hair dye changes the color of your hair’s natural pigment. But that’s not true.

The truth is, permanent hair dye removes some of your hair’s natural pigments first, so the artificial pigments can enter the hair shaft.

After the natural pigments are removed, the artificial pigments take their place.


This is why permanent dyes, including black dye, contain a combination of peroxide and ammonia. If the dye cannot remove the natural color molecules, the pigments in the dye cannot change the color of your hair.

Bleach, on the other hand, removes all pigment from your hair.

Do you know that color removers like Color Oops were originally created for?


To remove pigments left by permanent hair dye.

 If you’ve already bleached your hair, there’s no hair dye left. So there’s no reason to use a color remover. 


Of course, you can apply the product, but it won’t do anything.

Which is what happened to me. Like I said at the outset, I had bleached my hair to remove black hair dye.

But my hair turned an awful orange. Naively, I though that the orange was traces of hair dye that the beach didn’t remove. But it wasn’t. It’s simply the color that hair turns when it’s bleached.

But since I thought it was hair dye, I used the color remover.

And what happened?


Nothing. Nothing at all. Even after I rinsed my hair for twenty minutes, it was the same shade of orange. Because there wasn’t any pigment for the Color Oops to remove.

But it’s not entirely true that nothing happened. Although my hair was still orange, it was much more dry.


It was dry, and had been damaged. The reason why is simple: I had already bleached it, which is a fairly harsh process, and then applied the color remover, which is yet another chemical process.

My hair just went from bad to worse.

What did I learn from this experience?


 After hair has been bleached, color removers will not work, whether you try Color Oops or any other brand. 

The only thing that can change those orange tones left behind by the bleach is a new hair dye or a toner.

Well, it’s clear that color removers shouldn’t be used after bleaching. But when should they be used?


Keep reading to find out.

Or you can waste your time using Color Oops when it won’t work, and even worse, unnecessarily damage your hair.


What Color Oops Does Not Do

I’ve experienced first hand what it’s like to have to learn from my mistakes.

What can’t Color Oops Do?

  • It will not return your hair to it's natural color
  • It won't turn your hair blond
  • It cannot remove hair cuticle staining
  • It will not remove semi-permanent dye
  • It will not restore your hair to a previous color or condition


 Color removers eliminate artificial pigments from the shaft of your hair. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Color removers work by entering the hair shaft and removing oxygen atoms from the color molecules, making them small enough to slip out of the spaces in the hair shaft that the developer opened when you dyed your hair.

What's why you have to rinse your hair -maybe even for twenty minutes- when you use a color remover.

If you don't rinse out the color molecules, they will recombine with oxygen and stay in your hair, making it look the same color as before.


To sum it all up, Color Oops works on hair with pigments from a permanent hair dye. Nothing else.

Color Oops doesn't work on bleached hair, because it's already been stripped of pigment.

So, what did I do to get rid of that awful orange after bleaching my hair?


What to Do After Bleaching Your Hair

  • But first, I gave my hair a break. No more chemicals, for at least three weeks.

But I didn't spend that time just lounging around the house. Quite the opposite. I applied conditioning masks every four or five days to try and restore some of the moisture my hair had lost.

The bleach and Color Oops has both dried out my hair.


  • And finally, I applied a toner to neutralize the orange tones.

If I had only known that Color Oops doesn't work on bleached hair, I could have saved myself time and money.

But you, on the other hand, have that vital information.

So you don't have to make the same mistake.


Now it’s your turn to share. Have your used Color Oops? What happened?

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