What hair dyes are the easiest to apply at home?

fixing highlights

Are you looking for an easy to apply and safe hair color?


  • Aerosol hair dye is the easiest to apply. It’s ideal for covering a few gray hairs quickly before a party or special occasion.
  • The next easiest to apply hair dye would be a temporary fantasy color. They are perfect if you’re looking to a hair color that will wash out in a few shampoos.
  • Next on the list are semi-permanent dyes, which last longer.
  • And finally, the most difficult to apply is a classic permanent dye. Although these colors are not the easiest to apply, they come in kits that include everything you will need, which makes it much easier.


 As you may have noticed, the ease of application depends on the type of dye, and your hair goals. 

Although it’s an amazing product, hair color does not work miracles. A spray-on color will not completely cover a significant amount of gray hair. You will need a more comprehensive product, such as a permanent dye.


In a way, it’s similar to painting. I renovated my salon a few months ago and had to repaint many of the walls.

I noticed that Peter, who has done painting work for me for years, sometimes use a paintbrush, while other times he used a paint sprayer.


  I asked him which tool was easier to use, and he told me it all depended on the surface that needed to be painted.  For example, he would use the sprayer on a wall with molding and details, because it could cover even the smallest nooks and crannies.

That being said, it was easier to use a paintbrush on smooth walls without details.

Hair dye works similarly.


  • If you have just a few gray hairs, an aerosol hair dye is your best option, as it can cover them in a matter of seconds.
  • But unfortunately, if you need to cover anything more than just a few gray hairs, you are going to need a different method.


But don’t worry, because in this article we will discuss:

  • The three easiest-to-use hair dyes
  • The best day to completely cover your hair

How to choose the easiest hair dye for your hair goals.


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The three easiest to apply hair dyes

Like I said at the outset, the three easiest apply hair dyes are aerosols, fantasy colors and semi-permanent dyes.

Let’s start with the simplest one: aerosol hair dye.


Aerosol hair dye: easy to use, and versatile

touching up grown roots

Aerosol hair dyes have become very popular recently which is why many of my clients ask me questions such as “Can I apply aerosol hair dye over all of my hair?” or “How many bottles of aerosol hair dye do I need?”

Stylists think of aerosol hair dye as something like a patch.

Generally, what is a patch used for?


  • When most people think of a patch, they think I have a temporary solution to a problem, such as a patched car tire. Although it will solve your problem for a moment, later you will have to take your car to the tire shop, and get the tire changed.

Aerosol hair dye is similar. It is not permanent, semi-permanent, or a fantasy dye.


  • It’s a great way to cover your roots temporarily, for example, if you have a party to go to and did not have the chance to touch up your hair dye. Or went to the salon for a blowout and realized you have a few gray hairs.
  Aerosol hair dye will only cover your gray hair, or any other color, for 48 hours. Once you wash your hair, the hair dye will wash out. 


  • But it's best feature is it's very easy to apply: simply spray the strands of hair you wish to color. Not only that, but it doesn't spill or stain clothes.

It doesn't even need to be rinsed: just spray and go. Not only that, but it is available in various colors and can be found at any hair supply store or pharmacy.

What is the best brand of aerosol hair dye?



for gray or dyed hair

I can assure you that it will create excellent results. One of my clients even used it to add highlights to her hair before a party.

But remember, it cannot be used as a regular hair dye.


Do you need a hair dye that's easy to use, but covers more than a few gray hairs?

In that case, fantasy hair colors are for you.


Fantasy hair dye: easy to use and gentle on hair

fantasy hair color

This type of hair dye is very easy to apply and is ammonia and peroxide-free. Therefore you simply apply the product to your hair, without mixing it with anything beforehand.

How is this product applied?


  • Very simply: simply apply the product evenly to all your hair, making sure to use gloves. It is even easier to apply on damp hair.

Fantasy care color is have a creamy consistency, which makes them less likely to stay close. That being said you should make sure that the product covers all of your hair evenly, to prevent a patchy hair color.


  • Fantasy colors last between 3 to 5 shampoos, and you will need to apply a new color after that time.

Would you like to know my favorite brand of fantasy hair dye?



As well as being internationally available, this brand offers an impressive color line, and products in two variations: wax and cream. This allows you to choose the consistency that's easiest for you to work with.


But maybe you've noticed that, although aerosol and fantasy colors are easy to apply, what you need is a dye that lasts longer.

This is where semi-permanent days come onto the scene, they are still easy to use but last longer.


Semi-permanent hair dye: easy to use and longer-lasting

does not ruin hair

Although semi-permanent dies or a little bit more difficult to prepare, they are still quite easy to apply.

This type of hair dye comes with a 9 volume developer, that you will have to mix with the die.

Don't worry, it's quite easy because everything you need comes with the kit.


  • Once the product is mixed, it takes on a thicker consistency, somewhat like chocolate mousse. This prevents the dye from dripping and staining your skin or clothes.

You can even apply it with your hands -while wearing gloves, of course- or with a brush, whatever you are most comfortable with.


  • Apply it on dry hair, let it process between 30 and 45 minutes, and rinse. The products moisturizing formula will nourish your hair and keep it from drying out while it processes.
 That being said, each brand is a little different, so you should follow each brand's instructions to the letter, and reapplying the color about every month. 

Would you like to know another advantage of semi-permanent hair dye?


  • You don’t have to re-dye all of your hair each month. You can simply touch up your roots to cover gray hair or your roots, and reapply the dye in all your hair every 8 weeks or so.

Of course, I also have my favorite brand of semi-permanent hair dye.



I love this dye because it has aloe vera extract and keratin, which create a protective layer on your hair and prevent damage when the product is applied.

Now it is time to discuss the most complex of the family of hair dyes: permanent hair dye.


Why permanent hair dye is the most difficult to apply

different tones

Permanent hair dyes are more difficult to apply because they contain ammonia and 20 volume developer. Because of this, you should be very careful to cover each strand of your hair, or the color can easily look uneven and messy.


  • The kit has everything you need to dye your hair: the dye, and the developer, already in a bottle with a small tip, to which you'll add the dye.

Although you would think that the small tip would make the day easier to apply, in my experience this is not the case. This is because it applies very little dye, and does not spread it out over the surface of your hair.


  • I would recommend that you mix the products in a plastic bowl and, while wearing gloves,  apply the die to your hair with your hands, similar to how you would apply a hair mask. This makes it easier to distribute the product. 

Although the dye has a creamy consistency, it can stain your skin. If it gets on your skin it should be washed off immediately with a little bit of gentle soap and a cotton ball.

After applying the dye, with 40 to 50 minutes, then rinse with warm water until the water runs clear.


This way, you only need to completely redo your color every 10 to 12 weeks.

Are you wondering what my favorite permanent dye is?



Because this brand has a wide range of colors, creates excellent results, and has a creamy consistency that makes it easy to apply and prevents spills.


As you can see, what type of dye you could choose depends on your hair goals.

What do you think is the easiest type of hair dye to apply?

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