Can I dye or bleach my hair with dry shampoo in it?

before bleaching hair

  • It’s not a good idea to dye or bleach your hair if it still has dry shampoo in it.
  • The shampoo’s chemicals can interfere with the pigmentation of the dye you want to apply, and you can end up with a different tone than you were hoping for.
  • That’s when we’re talking about dye—with bleach the situation gets even more dangerous.
  • Dry shampoo contains corrosive chemicals that damage hair. Bleaching also has chemicals that harm your hair. If you bleach your hair when you still have dry shampoo in it, your hair fibers will be even more damaged.
  • For this reason, you shouldn’t dye or bleach your hair with dry shampoo in it, nor use it 48 hours before either of these treatments.


Dry shampoo is an excellent resource if you have greasy hair.

You can apply it between regular hair washings, and it’ll remove the excess hair grease.

Thanks to this, your hair will look fresh and light.


 But if you’re thinking of dying or bleaching your hair, I don’t recommend that you have dry shampoo in your hair, nor that you apply it 48 hours beforehand. 

It’s a proven fact that it’s better for your hair and scalp if you don’t wash with any type of product for 48 hours before any chemical treatment.

Do you know why?


Your hair’s natural grease protects the skin of your scalp when you’re exposing it to the chemicals of the dye and bleach treatments.

It’s for this reason that it isn’t recommended to wash your hair before these treatments.


But, you’re also at risk if the residue of dry shampoo is still in your hair.

Now I’ll tell you what can happen if you dye or bleach your hair with dry shampoo still in it.


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What can happen if you dye your hair while it still has dry shampoo in it?

As I was telling you at the beginning, dry shampoo’s goal is to get rid of the grease in your hair.

That grease serves as natural protection when you’re putting dye into your hair.

It generates a protective layer around your hair fibers that lessens the damage produced by the ammonia and bleach in the dye.

For this reason, it’s not recommended to wash your hair 48 hours before applying the dye.

But suppose you applied the dry shampoo, and the residue is still in your hair. Can you dye it?


No, don’t dye it.

Dry shampoo chemicals are corrosive.

Beyond the damage caused by the combination of ammonia and bleach, it can alter the dye’s pigmentation you’re putting in.

 Maybe you picked out a dark brown 3 tone, and thanks to the dry shampoo residue, your hair ends up a medium red-brown 5.5. 


You should keep this in mind.

The shampoo’s chemicals can alter the dye’s color profile, which can lead to a real disaster.

How do you solve it?


Put the date in your calendar and 48 hours before wash your hair for the last time.

For example:

  • Put in your calendar that you’ll dye your hair on Wednesday
  • On Monday, wash your hair with dry shampoo for the last time
  • On Wednesday, you’ll be able to apply the dye without any problems or unintended consequences.


What happens if you intended to bleach your hair and beforehand you used dry shampoo?

As you now know, bleaching is a chemical process that damages hair.

Bleach is made up of chemicals that break the hair cuticles so that the hair can get rid of its color, whether it’s natural or dyed.

On the other hand, we have dry shampoo.


  • Unlike normal shampoo, dry shampoo contains more corrosive chemicals.

This is because, as the name indicates, you don’t use water to get rid of the grease from your hair.

Do you know what I mean when I say corrosive chemicals?


  • Detergent.

Yes, the same thing that you use to wash the dishes.

Imagine the damage that it could cause in your hair when mixed with the bleaching chemicals.


 So, I recommend that if you’re going to bleach your hair, you wash it 48 hours beforehand with normal shampoo. 

In this way, you’ll get rid of the rest of the dry shampoo and avoid more damage during the bleaching treatment.

Can I give you a piece of advice?


  • When you’ve finished washing your hair, put some drops of coconut oil in the palms of your hands.

Rub it into your hair from roots to tips, and leave it in.

Don’t rinse it out.

In this way, your hair will be protected from the bleach and won’t suffer even more damage.

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