What can you mix with bleach powder if you don’t have developer?

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  • If you want to bleach your hair and you don’t have developer to mix with the bleach powder, unfortunately, you won’t be able to replace it. I repeat: developer has no replacement.
  • Because the only thing you can mix bleach powder with to bleach your hair is developer.
  • Mixing developer with bleach powder is the only way to bleach your hair safely, without damaging it or causing irritation to your scalp.


 What can you mix bleach powder with if you don’t have developer? 


With nothing. It’s as simple as that.

 Developer has no replacement. 

Maybe you see videos on YouTube telling that you can use such and such with bleach powder instead of developer.


But the truth is that if you want to bleach your hair safely, you must use developer.


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I insist.  Developer has no replacement. 

Bleach powder and developer bleach hair together, period. There is no substitute for peroxide. Just as there is no substitute for bleach powder.

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If you want to bleach your hair evenly and damage-free, the only correct way to achieve it is to use a 30-volume developer and bleach powder.



Don’t forget that bleach is ammonia. If you mix it with anything else that makes a strong chemical reaction, like lemon, you can seriously damage your scalp.

So, in short, and although I hate to be repetitive, the laws of hair colorimetry are obvious.


You cannot replace developer with any other ingredient to mix with bleach powder

bleaching the hair using developer and bleaching powder

Because bleach powder is only mixed with developer, or hydrogen peroxide, its chemical name.

 When these two elements merge, they create an oxidizing chemical reaction that removes the color from your hair by releasing the oxygen retained in the hair fiber. 


But we’re not in chemistry class, are we? So I’ll show you what happens in your hair in simpler terms.

How would you bake a cake?


Well, you mix sugar, eggs, and flour. Now, could you replace the flour with something else?

Could you replace it with semolina? Obviously not, because instead of a cake you would get soup.

Could you replace it with cornstarch? Obviously not, because cornstarch is used to thicken sauces.

So, if you want to make a cake, you must use flour. It can be wheat flour or almond flour, but it has to be flour nonetheless.


The same goes for bleach powder and developer.

 Bleach powder can only be mixed with 20, 30, or 40-volume developer

The developer can be liquid or creamy, with aloe vera or coconut oil, but it must be developer nonetheless.

There is nothing that can replace it, much less achieve the same result that developer and bleach powder achieve when mixed together: bleaching.



Now you know. There is nothing that can replace developer when you want to prepare hair bleach. There are no two ways about it, you must mix developer with the bleach powder.

Don’t risk damaging your hair or scalp. Remember you’re using strong chemicals that can cause very serious injuries if you use or replace them incorrectly.

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