How to dye blue hair pink in 2 steps: remove the blue traces and choose a choose quality pink hair dye

  • To cover your blue hair with a pink hair dye, you’ll need to consider two things: the blue intensity in your hair and the shade of pink you want to apply.
  • If the blue is FULLY faded, you can apply any shade of pink you like. It can range from the most intense, like fuchsia pink, to the most pastel, like cotton candy pink.
  • If there’re still intense traces of blue, you’ll need to bleach your hair and then apply the pink hair dye you chose.


bleaching the blue dye first

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Do you want me to tell you a secret? You’ll have to come closer because I don’t want my youngest daughter to hear me, and I’ll tell you why. Are you ready?


I love fancy hair colors!

When a client asks me to take her hair to the land of unicorns, green elves, and magical beings, my soul explodes with happiness.

Working with fantasy colors (with any of them) makes me feel like a true artist. It’s not just about choosing a color. It’s almost about designing a psychological profile of a person through her hair.


  • If the person is bold, daring, passionate, and driven, she/he’ll surely choose hair dyes in electric and daring colors.
  • On the other hand, if it’s a shy person, but romantic and dreamy, I bet she/he’ll choose softer and lighter fantasy colors.


Yes, I definitely love fantasy hair dyes.

Then, you might wonder why I don’t want my daughter to listen to me. Because she’s still too young to dye her hair and handle the aftercare for hair with non-natural colors.


She’s only 10 years old, and I know she’s likely to get bored of color quickly.   That’s the only flaw I find in these colors: people usually get bored quickly with their hair always green, purple, or blue. 

That was the case with one of my clients, Victoria, who came to my salon with only one complaint: “I want my hair pink!”


Yes, just like that. No “good afternoon,” “I’ m interrupting you,” or “I’d like to ask you a question.” Her only goal in life at that time was for me to make her wish come true: to color her blue hair pink.

Of course, I am not a genie nor in wonderland.

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Before coloring blue hair pink, you have to check some issues.

transition to another color

So, with my usual mother’s patience, which I must renew every day with effort and psychology, I sat down, invited her to imitate me, and observed her hair.

After a few minutes, I asked her if she realized it was a drastic change and whether she was sure. Her answer, of course, was “yes.”


I asked her to look in the mirror to see if she noticed that her hair was still blue in some areas. Her answer was, “yes.”

Then, I asked her the final question: if she was willing to bleach her hair. Her answer was… a scary look. Sweet innocence!


 It’s impossible to think that you can go from blue to pink with a simple magic trick or by rubbing the lamp. For Victoria, for me, being a professional stylist, or for anyone else.

Blue is one of the most persistent ones due to the intensity of the pigments. If you want to remove it from your hair, you can’t get it magically.


You’ll have to wait for it to fade by increasing the washing frequency or bleach to remove the blue pigments. Then, get it ready to apply the pink dye.

As if that wasn’t enough, the choice of pink shade is also important.


Do you dream of pink hair? Do you want to know if Victoria finally managed to bring pink into her hair and leave blue behind?


Then, stay there because I’ll tell you:

  • How to remove traces of blue hair dye from your hair before coloring it pink
  • 4 pink dyes to apply on your hair after removing the blue hair dye


How to remove traces of blue dye from your hair before coloring it pink

Yes, this first step is inevitable. If you apply pink hair dye to your blue hair, it’ll not turn pink, but a kind of purple, lilac, or violet. It’ll never be pink.


So,  for pink dye to be deposited on the hair fiber and definitely look pink, there should be no trace of blue left.  Even so, if you want to color your hair very light pink.

So, you have to know beforehand which pink shade you want to apply.


  • If you want to cover the blue with colors such as fuchsia, dark, or intense pink, you need to have very slight blue traces in your hair, or almost no blue at all.

subtle waves

If you want to make sure that the pink hair dye penetrates for a flawless pink, you can finish fading the blue with an anti-dandruff shampoo or washing your hair every day.


  • If you want a pastel pink or light pink, the blue in your hair should be faded. Totally faded. The only way to achieve it is to bleach it.

hair is not damaged

That’s exactly what I did with Victoria because some parts of her hair were still deep blue. So, I bleached her hair after assuring her that it would not be damaged. As a professional, I knew how to perform the process correctly.


Then, with her hair already bleached, the magic moment had arrived. Do you want to know which pink tone Victoria applied to her hair? I’ll tell you, but, first, let me recommend you three brands of pink dyes that you can apply in your own home.


4 pink hair dyes to apply after removing the blue dye

There are many hair dyes, but each has its own characteristics. Let’s start with a brand that isn’t well-known, but that is very effective.


1- Adore semi-permanent, pink hair dye for beginners.

This brand offers you  8 different shades of pink. I recommend it for those who are not experienced in coloring  because of its creamy texture that doesn’t stain or run.

If you don’t want your whole bathroom to end up pink, choose this brand. Also, it lasts for 15 washes and has an aroma that lasts for days.


2- X-Change color: pink hair dye for those who have bleached their blue hair.

temporary hair color

If you’re looking for intense colors, you should try this brand. It has four different shades of pink.

I especially recommend it for those who have bleached their blue hair since the manufacturer recommends that the hair should be completely blonde.

If you also want to achieve an intense pink, you can apply it to dry hair.


3- Pravana Chromasilk Vivids, pink hair dye to cover any trace of blue.

semipermanent color

Are there still some subtle traces of blue in your hair?


Then, this brand is ideal for you because   it has a very strong pigmentation that can cover those slight traces of blue. 

Also, it lasts 15 washes. Not bad for a semi-permanent dye. Also, it’s very easy to apply.


Do you know which one we chose with Victoria? We decided on the Sweetheart Pink from the Color X Change brand, and the result was spectacular.

Her wish was fulfilled because her hair was no longer blue, but pink. My wish was also fulfilled: I had become an artist, at least for a while.


4- Manic Panic, Arctic Fox, and Punky Color.

semi permanent color

As a final option, I leave you some of the most popular brands of semi-permanent hair dyes.

Each of these three brands has several choices of pink in their color range. From more classic pinks to unique and original pinks that will make you stand out in any feed.



  • If your hair is still very blue, you must bleach it before applying pink hair dye.
  • If there are some slight blue left traces, you can apply a deep pink dye, such as chewing pink or fuchsia.
  • If you want a pastel pink, you should always fade the blue dye either by waiting for it to gradually disappear with washes or by bleaching it

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