How often can you dye your hair with box dye?

with box dye

How often do you think you can dye your hair with box dye?


I’ll give you three options, let’s see if you can guess the correct one.

  • You can dye your hair once a week
  • Once a month
  • Every two months [/ su_list]


Technically, all the above answers are correct.

You can do whatever you want with your hair.


Now if you want to keep all your hair on your head for a long time, then it is best not to abuse any dyes, both box ones, or the so-called professionals.



Because dyes contain peroxide and ammonia, chemicals that open the hair cuticle, so the dye deposits the pigments of the new color.


 My advice is to wait at least 20 days between the application of one dye and the next. 

Note that I repeated several times, “at least;” This is because in general, it is best to wait a month.


The amount of time you wait will depend a lot on the state of your hair.

  • If your hair, after the first color, ends up looking brittle then you may want to wait longer.
  • If instead it turns out in good condition and strong, then you could dye it again after the 20 days we talked about.

How to know if you should wait more or less time?



Perform the strand test.

 The strand test is to apply the dye only on a strand of your hair and see how it responds. 


If it responds well and does not get coarse or brittle, then you can proceed to apply the color.

If instead, you notice that your unfortunate strand of hair contracts and becomes gummy, then wait longer.

Easy right?


However, you must also take into account other factors between coloring sessions.

For example, why do you want to reapply a color, or what type of dye will you be using to dye your hair.


Yes, coloring is an art. As in art, although each artist has a personal seal, there are specific rules for the works to be considered artistic and not a disaster.

Otherwise, we would all be Picasso.


A painter chooses the canvas on which he will work, arranges the brushes, chooses the colors, and then creates his work.

When you dye your hair, the same thing happens. You must respect the quality of the canvas, in this case, the health of your hair, and the brushes you use, in this case, the dyes.


Today I will tell you:

  • How often can a permanent dye and a semi-permanent one be applied?
  • What to do if when you dye your hair, you don’t like color
  • How to strengthen your hair between each coloring session. [/ su_list]


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How often can you apply a permanent dye? And a semi-permanent one?

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How often can you apply a permanent dye? And a semi-permanet one?

Do you know what the difference between a permanent and a semi-permanent dye is?


The difference is also vital when reapplying a dye.

When you use a semi-permanent dye, all it is doing is depositing a color. These dyes are softer, since they do not contain ammonia; therefore, they do not lift the hair cuticle to deposit the new pigment.

The color is deposited on the outside of the hair fiber.

That’s why they are less harmful and fade faster.


 If you have thick hair and use a semi-permanent dye, then after fifteen days you can reapply a dye, but always a semi-permanent one. 

Now if your hair is thin, and you notice it becomes brittle after having done the hair test, I would advise you to wait a few more days. Although it does not contain ammonia, a semi-permanent dye can compromise the moisture in your hair.


Now, if you use permanent dyes, whether they are sold in a box or by professionals, that is a different story.

These dyes contain peroxide and ammonia, which is what makes such drastic color changes.


In this case, the hair cuticle is lifted, and a new pigment is deposited inside the hair.

That’s why it doesn’t fade as fast as the semi-permanent dye.

But the damage your hair receives is also more severe. Generally, when lifting the cuticle, the natural oils are washed away.

Leaving hair weaker and more prone to frizz, not to mention the split ends.


 My advice is that if you use a permanent dye, you wait between dyes about thirty days. 

Can’t you wait that long?


Then, you will end up turning your hair into a gummy substance, dull, absolutely dry, and frizz.

That’s why I told you at the beginning, you can do whatever you want with your hair, but you must also face the consequences.


Now, the million-dollar question, why do you want to dye your hair again?

Depending on your answer, the time you have to wait between dyes will also be different.


When you apply a dye, you know the risks, it is a decision that has consequences in the future.

Unless you like to wear zebra stripes in your hair, you will have to dye your hair again.


 Yes, the box dyes may seem like the happy little box of the famous hamburger chain, but believe me, on many occasions, you will get an unpleasant surprise 

Which brings us to the following, what to do with your hair while you wait to dye it again?


What to do if you have to wait to dye your hair

If you have done the strand test, and you cannot dye your hair again in less than twenty days, your worst advisor is despair.

Because desperate actions lead to disasters.


 I understand what you feel when the model’s hair color in the dye box was a wonderful chocolate, and you end up with a simple brown without shine. 

Or when you decided to lighten your dark blonde, and you got a scary orange.

There are some solutions that you can implement while waiting to apply a new dye.

So don’t lose hope and pay attention.


  • If you applied a blonde dye and you have orange hair, you can always apply a toner, which is much less aggressive than a dye.

Don’t apply it the day after you dye your hair, wait two days, and then use it.

Remember that if your hair is yellow, you should use a violet toner, and if you have orange hair, you should use a blue toner.


  • If you applied a dye and you notice that your roots grew out too fast, you can hide them using a spray or pen for roots.

Generally, these types of products are used by people who have a few gray hairs, and do not want to start dyeing their hair.

However, today there are a lot of colors at your disposal, so you can use them until you can reapply a new dye.


  • If you applied a dye to darken your hair and you have thick hair, you can try a semi-permanent dye. Remember that these dyes are less harmful to the hair.


  • If you dyed your hair a bold tone, such as red or violet, you might need to color your hair more frequently. Make sure you keep the color focused on your roots for most of the process. If you want to refresh the color of your tips, drag the color to the ends during the last five minutes of your color session.


How to strengthen your hair between dyes

During the period between one color and the next, you should take the time to revitalize your hair with an excellent deep conditioning product.


  • There are conditioners and intense masks on the market that help keep your hair shiny and healthy.

The use of these products weekly after coloring, can accelerate the recovery process of your hair, returning the moisture that was lost by the dye and keeping it away from frizz.


  • Finally, the day before your next dye, wash your hair with a brightening shampoo.

This product will remove any oil that can prevent your new dye from entering the cuticle at a deeper level.


Now you know how long you should wait between dyes, depending on the type of color you use and the condition of your hair.

How long do you wait to dye your hair between colorings?

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