Should you cover your hair when dying it? 4 ways to cover your hair at home

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The answer is YES, you should always cover your hair when you dye it. And right now, I’m going to explain to you why.


If you want your hair to absorb the dye’s pigment and want the dye to have an even covering, your best bet is to cover your hair.

 If you don’t cover it, you run the risk of the color setting in unevenly. There could be parts of your hair that end up in one shade and other parts that end up in another. 

Why does that happen?


It’s straightforward.

  • For your hair to absorb the pigment in the dye, you need to mix it with hydrogen peroxide, known as a developer.
  • The developer reacts to heat.
  • That’s why you need to cover your hair once you’ve applied the dye.


If you don’t cover it, then your hair will cool, and that could stop the dyeing process, thus causing the uneven effect you want to avoid.

There would be certain parts of your hair where the color settles in properly, probably at your roots, and then ends would be a different color. That’s why it’s so important to cover your hair, so the dye doesn’t cool down.

My recommendation is always to cover it.


If you’re considering dyeing your hair at home, there are a few different ways to cover your hair.

I’ll tell you what they are right now.


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4 ways to cover your hair at home


Aluminum cap

You can buy an aluminum cap in a haircare store.

The aluminum generates heat, which in turn makes it so your hair can absorb the dye evenly at an ideal temperature.

It’s normal for your head to feel hot and even to burn a little bit. Please don’t be scared, it’s all part of the process.


Tin Foil

If you don’t want to buy an aluminum cap, tin foil also works perfectly well.

It works for both bleaching and dyeing since its job is just to add heat.

All you have to do is apply the dye and cover your hair with tin foil.


Plastic wrap

You can also use plastic wrap – the same kind you use for storing food in the fridge.

Plastic wrap can be hard to handle, but it’s very good at maintaining heat during these processes.


In this case, too, all you have to do is wrap your hair once you’ve applied the dye and wait the amount of time indicated on the product.

The good thing about the plastic wrap is that you can watch as your hair changes color since it’s clear.


Grocery bag

Another alternative option to plastic wrap is to use a plastic grocery bag.

Once you’ve applied the dye, you can wrap your hair in the bag and wait for the amount of time indicated on the product.


I’d recommend that if you apply the dye at home, you move away from places exposed to wind or color hair, like balconies or decks.

That way, the heat you apply to your hair will be more effective.


How you usually cover your hair in a professional salon


Aluminum cap

If you decided to do your color in a salon, they might have used an aluminum cap.

But, with a little twist.


The aluminum caps that they have in salons usually have some kind of tube or hose connected to a hairdryer, making the heat concentrate even faster.

That will make your salon visit super quick.


Tin Foil

They might also have used tin foil, but with a little twist, too.

They’re much more compact.

Have you ever seen the sun protectors on a car’s dashboard?


The foil in a salon is like that.

That way, the elastic can adjust to your head, which makes things much easier.


Heat lamp

A heat lamp is a device that, like its name says, heats your hair, but you don’t cover your hair in this case.

They’re more common when the hair colorist needs to keep a very close eye on your hair to see how the process is coming along.



Now you know why it’s important to cover your hair for dyeing it, and you know the possible ways to do so, from at-home solutions to professional ones.

  • Are you thinking about dyeing your hair at home?
  • Are you still unsure about the best way to cover your hair?


You can leave a comment here below with any questions you might have, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for stopping by!

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