Should I straighten my hair before I dye it? Get insights from a hairdresser

young woman with beautiful dyed hair straightened with keratin

  • You should first dye your hair and then straighten it for the straightening process to last longer.
  • However, if you want the color to last longer and not fade, you should straighten your hair and then dye it.
  • In this article, we’ll look in-depth at the advantages and disadvantages of straightening your hair before coloring it.
  • I’ll also give you 5 tips to extend the duration of both color and straightening.


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Do you want to straighten and dye your hair and wonder what to do first?


I must admit that the answer is a bit complicated because it depends on the treatment you want to prioritize.


In this article, we’ll check the  advantages of doing either process first. 

I’ll also tell you a 100% true story of a client who colored her hair at the salon and then straightened it at home.

Finally, I’ll give you  5 tips to make straightening and coloring last much longer. 


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3 advantages of straightening your hair before dyeing it

girl in the living room while they do a hair straightening

  • Straightening your hair lightens the color. So,  if you straighten your hair before applying the dye, this shouldn’t worry you. 
  • In that case, your color will last longer.
  • If it’s a keratin straightening, the keratin protects your hair from damage.


2 disadvantages of straightening your hair before hair coloring

  • The biggest disadvantage, in this case, is that  you’ll remove some of the straightening effects when you color your hair,  especially if you do it immediately. So the straightening effects will last much less.
  • On the other hand, if you want to do highlights,  the straightening process will act as a barrier.  So, your hair will be harder to bleach.


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What do I do, then? Dye first and then straighten? Or the other way around?

lady in salon straightening her hair

  • If you plan to dye your hair copper, red, black, or blue-black, you could straighten it first and then dye.

This way, you’ll avoid lightening these colors.

  • Alternatively, if you need to straighten your curls and extend the duration of the straightening, you should dye your hair first and then straighten it.
  • If you want to lighten the dye a couple of shades, dye it first and then straighten it.
  • Finally, to maintain your color, straighten your hair first.

As you can see, there’s no single answer.  Talk with your trusted hairdresser  and leave everything in their hands. I assure you that you won’t regret it.


A 100% true story of a client who straightened her hair after dyeing

red haired girl covers her face

Vicky recently came to my salon. I colored her hair as usual to maintain her reddish color.

Three days later, she returned to the salon   with faded hair color.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, but something weird had happened.


She claimed that she had just washed her hair and that her color had faded because the dye was “expired.”

 I asked her about the products she had used and if she had done anything different.


After a while, she told me that  “she had only applied keratin. 

Sure enough, there was the answer I was looking for.


She applied a “keratin smoothing” treatment.

I have to say that when she told me this, I was no longer angry with poor Vicky, but with the salesman: he had ruined everything!


The problem is that keratin straightening, lightens the color, and the  reddish and copper tones are pretty sensitive to hair products.   So, you always have to take some special care.

However, I must clarify that this is NOT the rule for everyone.  Natural colors don’t lighten as much.  Furthermore, keratin could be beneficial in some cases.

5 tricks to extend the duration of your hair dye and straightening

girl with surprise gesture and little flat iron in her hand

  • 2 months after straightening your hair, have a hair botox treatment to increase its durability.
  • Wash your hair with a salt and sulfate-free shampoo to not fade the color or the straightening.
  • Use a conditioner for the color. It’ll give it more durability and will also keep the cuticle sealed.
  • Always blow-dry your hair, as permanent straightening is activated by heat.
  • Finally, always keep your hair moisturized, as straightening and coloring dehydrate the hair.



As we saw in this article,  applying color first and then straightening or vice versa  will depend on the treatment you prioritize.

If you want the color to last longer, straighten your hair before coloring.

Alternatively, if you have curly hair and your priority is to straighten them, apply the color and then straighten your hair, so that the straightening effects last much longer.

 It’s best to entrust these procedures to your hairdresser,  who’ll leave your hair flawless.

Best of luck!

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