How Long does a Straight Perm Last? How to make it last longer?

lasts up to several months

Permanent straightening treatments last between 4 and 5 months. The exact duration of the treatment will depend on a series of factors. For example, the type of treatment, the quality of the application, how often you wash, and how you care for it after you do the treatment.


 Even though two people did exactly the same treatment and they did it the exact same day, it’s not a guarantee that the straightening treatment is going to last the same time for both.  

In fact, this exact thing happened to two friends and they came to see me.


Sofia and Eugenia met in kindergarten.

They were friends all through elementary school and high school.

I don’t need to tell you that they did everything together, not just study but go on vacations, practice sports in the club and go out on the weekends. Of course, they also started to share visits to the salon.

If Sofia cut her hair, Eugenia did too.

If Eugenia straightened her hair, Sofia did too.


And that’s how it was the day Sofia and Eugenia decided to do the famous permanent straightening treatment.

To their surprise the effects lasted 5 months in Sofia’s hair and only 2 months in Eugenia’s hair.

What happened?


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Why did the permanent straightening treatment not last the same time in both people’s hair?

in three hours

Like I told you, the motive isn’t the only thing. There are various reasons.


  • The duration of the treatment will depend on the type of treatment that is applied.

First off, the type of treatment we choose comes into play. The softer ones, the more intense ones, and the chosen one will depend on the type of hair, if it is very curly or only wavy, if it is very damaged and discolored, etc.


The definite straightening treatment that I use contains keratin which helps with a straighter effect.

Also, I finish it off with a flat iron and a brushing to assure this effect.

I don’t use formaldehyde, and many salons do use it. What I recommend in those cases is that you are really sure that the professional knows what they are doing, that the place is well ventilated, and that the product is of quality. That way, you avoid risks.


Getting back to Sofia and Eugenia’s case, both did the exact same treatment.


Why did they have such a difference in the results that each one had?


  • The quality of the application.

In my case, in addition to using products without formaldehyde, I also make sure that the shampoo I use beforehand is of quality. Because before doing the straightening treatment, you have to wash your hair but without rinsing cream.


After, I dry the hair well with a hair dryer, brushing and flat ironing it to be sure that the hair is totally dry, and then, I apply the product.


In each step, I take all the precautions to prevent burning the hair with excessive heat, so I calculate and use different temperatures for the flat iron. And professionals don’t always do this.

That’s why, sometimes they end up mistreating the hair and this will cause the duration of the treatment to reduce. So it’s best to always take precautions.


Going back again to the case of Sofia and Eugenia, I can tell you that I took the same precautions in both cases.

So, you may ask, and what is the difference in the duration of the straightening treatment?


Let’s see more reasons that could have influenced it …


  • How often you wash after the treatment.

After finishin the treatment, your hair feels totally different. Many clients tell me that when they go home, the first thing they do is wash their hair.


In any case, part of the product stays in the hair. Remember that this product is activated with heat, so if in the following washes we dry our hair with a hair dryer, we will be able to make the straight effects last longer.

And here is the heart of the question!


Sofia’s treatment lasted 5 months because she cared for even the smallest detail in her hair and never forgot to dry it with a hair dryer. On the other hand, Eugenia, washed her hair and ran out to work, without any time to dry it. And don’t even mention applying other products.


In fact, aftercare treatment influences a great deal.


  • Aftercare

In the case of Sofia and Eugenia, I would say that here is the key.

Sofia used, in addition to the hair dryer, products that helped care for her hair. Eugenia didn’t do that.


 Sofia washed her hair with a pH neutral shampoo, without sulfates and regularly did silicone baths. Eugenia used a common shampoo and didn’t do any additional treatment.  


Sofia came back about a month and a half after and did a Phyto-keratin treatment that prevents damage and nourishes the hair. Eugenia didn’t do that and when she came with her friend to see me, I could see the emerging frizz on her head.


To sum it up, even though Eugenia and Sofia do everything together, they didn’t follow the same steps in the care of their hair.

Even though they did the same treatment with the same quality products, Sofia was much more careful and preventative and cared for her hair after the straightening treatment. Something that Eugenia didn’t do. And that’s why Sofia’s treatment lasted 5 months and her friend’s lasted only 2 months.


So, can you make the treatment last longer?

professional straightening treatment

 Yes, you can.


Start by choosing a good-quality straightening treatment that is applied by trained professionals. This will make it so the effects last longer in your hair.


Pay attention to the post-treatment care that your stylist tells you.

Before leaving the beauty salon, get rid of all of your doubts about how to care for your hair now that you’ve done the straightening treatment.


The specific methods of caring are going to change according to the treatment that you chose and the type of hair, but overall, I’ll leave you with some tips.


  • Change your current shampoo to one that is sulfate-free
  • Try to wash your hair less often
  • Don’t abuse the flat iron, hair dryer or other heat tools
  • Don’t expose your hair to the sun and if you do, use a hat or sunscreen for your hair
  • Make sure your pillowcase is silk or satin

If you do all of these things, your straight hair will look beautiful for much longer.


I always say the same thing.

Straightening treatments tend to be expensive. What sense does it make to ruin it in a few weeks?



If you are going to do a straightening treatment and after you will continue with the same habits as always, it’s better that you don’t do the treatment.

Do it with the idea that if you do the straightening treatment, you will have to make a few changes in your care and washing habits.

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