Best types of perms for thick hair and for thin hair

fine hair

Do you want to do a perm but you’re filled with doubt: Which is best for me if I have thin hair? And if I have thick hair?


Although it seems silly, it’s not a minor issue because if you don’t choose the correct type of perm, a few things could happen:

  • Your hair could break, making way for frizz.
  • Your style could change dramatically, especially if you don’t have very long hair, and for example, you get ringlet curls.
  • Curls can lose definition quickly if your hair is very thick.


So, the best perms for fine hair are spiral curls or beach waves.

Now if you have thick hair, you can choose to do a digital perm which lasts longer than regular perms, so that the weight of your hair doesn’t make the curls disappear.


And also it is very important that fully understand what you want to get from your perm.

Do you want volum? Do you want greater definition in curls?


Because perming your hair literally imply wetting your hair with chemical products. And you’ll do it more tan once.

Also, a perm is not a temporary process. You modify the internal structure of the hair which will last between six months and a year.


But your hair will grow, and you will see your straight roots instead of curls.

I don’t want to discourage you, but you should know what you are getting yourself into.


After a perm, you won’t be worrying about “volume” or “texture.” Instead, it’ll be “frizz,” “damage” and “shine.”

Let’s suppose that you’ve evaluated the health of your hair and it is in optimal condition.

Let’s suppose that you’ve already evaluated the risks of the perm and you’ve decided to commit to your new hair care routine.

Do you want to know what perm is best if your hair is fine or thick?


So, don’t move, because I will tell you:

  • What type of perm to choose if you have fine hair
  • What perm is best for thick hair

Are you with me?


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What type of perm to choose if you have fine hair

as a guest

Alejandra came into the salon very excited.

She wanted to completely change her look, because her sister’s wedding was coming up.

And her fine, long and straight hair, seemed too boring for the celebration.


She wanted to surprise people.

Why don’t women understand that the person that should look fabulous at a wedding is the bride?


While I didn’t let her know what I was thinking, I got to work.

I asked if she was up for a perm.

The scared look on her face was as if I had told her to completely shave it off.

It said to me: “I wouldn’t do that ancient style in my hair if I were crazy. That’s what my mom did more than twenty years ago and it seemed horrible, a head full of tight curls.”


 Evidently, Alejandra was living on another planet or in another dimension, because she hadn’t found out that perms were making a comeback.  

But they came back recharged. Like the great divas of the movies, they knew how to recycle and renovate themselves.


Perms have stopped being synonymous for tight curls. What’s more, you could say that there as many types of perms and styles of women.

Right then, I explained what type of perm I was offering.


Can you imagine long, healthy, and shiny hair with barely wavy pieces, like soft waves that form when the sea breeze barely glides over the surface of the ocean?


Her eyes got as wide as plates!

I showed her some photos that I always keep on hand so that my clients get a clear idea of what I’m offering, and then a smile appeared on her face from ear to ear.

And a “I want that!” jumped out, as if she had just won the lottery.


So, after three hours, the miracle was done.


 Where before she had limp and boring hair, now, soft waves stole the show. 

Do you want me to tell you a secret?


Alejandra’s features were beautiful, but unfortunately, her green eyes were minimized by her not very charming nose.

The straight hair highlighted that nose even more, but when I finished doing her beach waves perm, what stood out most were her incredible green eyes.


Even a spiral perm, with medium curlers would also have looked good, but her hair would have looked shorter, and that’s something that Alejandra didn’t want.

With the perm, she was able to hide the less than charming aspects of her face, and she got more volume in her hair, and much, much more movement.


The day of the party, I got a picture message sent to my phone. I almost didn’t recognize her!

It was Alejandra, and she was radiant, wrapped in a large, fuchsia-colored dress, with a round neckline, guarded by her beautiful long waves.


 So, if you have fine and healthy hair, you can choose between a perm with beach waves or spiral waves. 


But, what happens if you have thick hair?

This question takes me to the second case, Micaela, a teen with thick hair.


What perm is best for thick hair

dyed blond hair

Contrary to what most people think, thick hair is one of the most difficult to style and give shape to on the face of the Earth.

Do you want to know why?


 It’s a matter of gravity, I would say. The more hair and thicker your hair, the more it weighs. So, most thick hair ends up being a straight and full waterfall.  


Micaela brought some clear ideas into the salon. So clear, like the type of hair that she had.

Her mane was abundant, almost down to her waist. But while it had volume, it didn’t have movement.

She wanted a partial perm.

Do you know what partial perms are?


They are perms that are done on parts of the hair, either at the roots or at the ends.

After evaluating her hair, which was in perfect conditions, I asked about her hair’s history.


She confessed to me that a few years back, she had tried to do a perm at her ends but the curls quickly had disappeared.

What had happened?


 Basically, with thick hair, like what Asians have, common perms don’t give good results. 

It’s necessary to do a digital perm to get greater definition and duration of the curls.

And that is what Micaela was looking for.

The problem was did she have 400 dollars to pay for a digital perm?


In cash, no, but she counted on the famous piece of plastic, the credit card, that allowed her to finance the cost of a perm in six payments.

Once we knew that her hair was healthy and that she could afford the cost, we got to work.

Four hours later, her thick hair was something else.


  • It still had volume, but some incredible waves started to form in the middle which gave the hair a completely different air.
  • With a digital perm, the thick hair easily accepts the curl, and will be able to resist the heat of doing a digital perm without risks.
  • Also, you can choose the size of the curl to create tense and curly hair or surfer curls.


So, if you have thick hair, the best thing that you can do is choose a digital perm, choosing the size of the wave that you want.



Like I always say, regardless of what you want to get in your hair, thick or thin, with the perm, you have to consult an experienced stylist.

Because she will know how much your hair can put up with.


  • But generally, if you have fine hair, I would opt for a beach waves perm or a spiral perm.
  • Now, if your hair is thick, you should always keep in mind the digital perm, because it will guarantee that your hair doesn’t lose shape quickly. And also, you can choose the size of the wave that you want.


Have you ever done a perm with fine hair? Thick hair?

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