Color and Brazilian Blow out the same day, is it possible? Which one should you apply first?

  • The answer is YES, you can color your hair and apply the Brazilian blowout the same day, as long as you color your hair first, and then you apply the Brazilian Blowout.
  • If you decide to color your hair after the Brazilian Blowout, you will have to wait at least two weeks for the pigments to deposit correctly in the hair fiber.


she dyed her hair blonde first

Contrary to math, if you want to dye your hair and apply the Brazilian Blowout on the same day, the order will alter the result.

 If you want your investment not to go down the drain, you must respect that order.  Otherwise, you can be an anarchist and risk your hair turning into a real mess, far from the frizz-free, shiny, docile hair you dreamed of.

Want more info?


I’ll tell you a story.

Sophia, one of my clients, is a nice executive secretary in her thirties, loves frizz-free, straight hair, and visits me every six to eight months in the salon for a keratin treatment.

The last time she came to the salon, she asked me about Brazilian Blowout. I told her about the treatment characteristics. Her eyes opened wide when I told her that it would only take an hour and a half and that she could even wash her hair the next day.


For her, the Brazilian Blowout was a blessing because she has to wear her hair up most of the time, and other keratin treatments gave her the possibility only to tie it up the next day to wear it up.

She decided that we should do it that same day. However, I noticed that she would have to color her hair soon.

I gave her two options:

  • We could do both color and Brazilian Blowout that same day,
  • We could do the Brazilian Blowout firstly and hair color fifteen days later.


Just that day, Sophia was in a hurry.

So, she decided to apply the Brazilian Blowout, and, after a fortnight, she would come for coloring.

 Ninety minutes, she looked as if she had won the Oscar. She was happy, and her face said it all. 


However, that joy disappeared after three days. She arrived at the salon with her roots yellow and the rest of her hair brown.

What had happened?


She applied a lighter hair dye, but only her roots changed color.

Why did this happen?


Because  the keratin and the other ingredients in the Brazilian Blowout formula formed a film that prevented the dye from penetrating the hair fiber. 

Only the roots took the dye because the Brazilian Blowout is applied, leaving two centimeters off the roots.

Do you realize the importance of following the steps of the processes is in this case?


If you usually color your hair and are thinking of applying Brazilian Blowout, stay with me because I’ll tell you:

  • How to color your hair and do the Brazilian Blowout on the same day
  • How to apply the hair dye after the Brazilian Blowout

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How to color and do the Brazilian Blowout on the same day

after applying the color

It doesn’t matter if you color your hair with a permanent or semi-permanent dye. You should always do it before the Brazilian Blowout treatment if you want to do it all the same day.


You may renew the color or want to do a full hair coloring.  In both cases, hair dye will always be the first process, and then, it will be the Brazilian Blowout’s turn. 

This order has a reason.


The Brazilian Blowout is a deep hair repair because it repairs and fills the hair fiber in the places where the action has broken the cuticles of chemicals, the sun, and/or excessive dyes.

If you fill your hair fiber with keratin after applying the color, your hair will be healthy, without frizz, and with a unique softness.


It’s now clear why you must first color and, then, do the Brazilian Blowout.

Now, will you go to a salon to do both processes, or will you color your hair at home?

  •  If you’re going to both color your hair and do the Brazilian Blowout in a salon, you’ll need to let your stylist know that you want to do both on the same day. This way, she can better organize the work. 
  • If you prefer to do your coloring at home, I recommend that you color your hair in the morning and then go to the salon to apply the Brazilian Blowout in the afternoon.


Don’t forget to tell your stylist that you have recently colored your hair so that he or she uses a sulfate-free shampoo during the wash, which will cleanse your hair without fading the color.


How to color your hair after Brazilian Blowout

materials required

Have you applied Brazilian Blowout, and your hair is crying out for color renewal?


 Don’t listen to it and wait 15 days to apply the hair color. 

If you don’t, keratin will prevent the dye from settling on the hair fiber. Also, the chemicals in the dye can alter the stability of the keratin. In that case, the dye will only adhere to the roots.

Remember what I told you about Sophia?


She did the Brazilian Blowout treatment firstly and, after three days, she dyed it. Her hair turned into a mess.

The roots of the hair are new, virgin hair that hasn’t received any chemicals. So, they always react differently.


Also, Brazilian Blowout is done, leaving two centimeters off the roots. The dye will penetrate the roots, but it won´t affect the lengths due to the keratin treatment.

If you invested time and money in a treatment like Brazilian Blowout, wait at least fifteen days to color your hair. It’s the only way to make sure that both processes meet their objectives.



Dyeing your hair and enjoying the benefits of Brazilian Blowout is absolutely possible, but you must respect the order.

My suggestion is that you color your hair and do the Brazilian Blowout on the same day, in that order. This way, the dye will perfectly cover the hair fiber and, then, the keratin will seal the cuticle, leaving frizz-free and shiny hair without altering the color.

If you prefer to apply the Brazilian Blowout first, you must wait at least 15 days to color your hair.

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