Can I use rosemary water in my hair every day? Only in one situation!

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  • You can only use rosemary water daily in your hair if you spray it to moisturize it before styling it.
  • However, if you want to use rosemary water as a mask to stimulate hair growth, you can only use it twice a week. I’ll tell you why.
  • Alternatively, to rinse your hair with rosemary water to thicken it, you should use it up to three times a week.


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Can I leave rosemary water in my hair without rinsing it?


As you can see,   the frequency of use of the rosemary water in your hair will depend on what you want to improve.  


Make your choices with your objectives in mind.

Sometimes, we tend to think that natural products are mild as water… but they’re not.

Each plant has different properties we can profit from, and we need to avoid harming other aspects of your health.

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YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED IN: Can I leave rosemary water in my hair without rinsing it?


Even natural products and cosmetics can have adverse effects.

Some time ago, a naturopath trainer suggested I learn about the active principles of plants for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Also, it helps to know about their toxicity.

In the case of rosemary, for example,   its most important active principle is carnosic acid, which stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. It also has polyphenols and rosmarinic acid that promote hair growth.  


So, the active ingredients in rosemary water and oil can help you stop hair loss, thicken hair and even stimulate hair growth.


However, if you apply rosemary water to your scalp daily, your skin will probably react and irritate.

Chances are that if you feel irritation, you’ll start scratching. You may hurt your scalp and hair follicles where new hair is born.

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What would happen in the end?

  Instead of stimulating your hair growth, rosemary water would prevent it.  


The difference is clear. The frequency of use of rosemary oil is critical.

So, is it damaging to use rosemary water every day in your hair? It depends on how you use it, and that’s what I’ll talk about below.


You can spray your hair with rosemary water every day to moisturize and nourish it

In this case,   you’ll use a few drops and distribute them throughout your hair instead of concentrating on your scalp.  


Remember to store the rosemary water in a spray bottle in the fridge to maintain its properties.


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In other words, if you spray your hair daily with rosemary water, you’ll moisturize and nourish it. Also, to control frizz, add a drop or two of coconut oil to the rosemary water.


However, don’t use rosemary water every day to stimulate hair growth. I’ll tell you about it next.


You should use rosemary water twice a week to stimulate hair growth

rosemary water to use as a mask

The best way to do this   is to use the rosemary water as a mask. You must leave the rosemary water on for up to five hours.   You can also leave it overnight in your hair.


You’ll apply the rosemary water on your scalp and leave it on for a long time. So, use it less frequently.


  Otherwise, you’ll experience side effects such as scalp irritation.  


Although rosemary water stimulates blood circulation and hair growth, the blood capillaries in your scalp may be damaged if you use it every day.


Therefore, to use rosemary water as a mask, apply it up to twice a week.


If you rinse your hair with rosemary water every time you wash it, you can use it up to three times a week.

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Yes, unbelievably, many women use rosemary water as a final rinse every time they wash their hair.

The cuticles are opened with each wash, dirt and hair product residue are removed, and the hair absorbs all the benefits of rosemary water.


However,   this is beneficial is you don’t wash your hair every day.  


You shouldn’t wash your hair every day. You risk drying out your scalp and hair.
Your hair needs time between washes to absorb the nutrients and moisture.

For this reason, if you want to use rosemary water as a rinse to thicken your hair, you should apply it up to three times a week.

Use it after the conditioner for five to ten minutes and rinse with cold water.



Rosemary water can stimulate hair growth and thicken it but use it with the correct frequency to prevent adverse effects.

Remember that visiting a dermatologist is always advisable if you have a serious hair loss problem. The doctor will evaluate the condition of your scalp.

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