Does blow drying your hair with cold air damage it?

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  • No, blow-drying with cold air DOESN’T DAMAGE THE HAIR.
  • Actually, you can’t blow dry with cold air.
  • Blow-drying is always done with hot air.
  • In this article, we’ll see the correct ways to blow dry.
  • I’ll help you choose the right tools for a flawless blow dry.
  • And as usual, I’ll give you the best tips to take care of your hair from the heat of the dryer.


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Have you been blow-drying your hair with cold air and think it might be damaging it?


As I said, blow-drying with cold air won’t damage your hair.

Undoubtedly, , if you use the blow dryer with cold air, it’ll take a long time to dry your hair, and the results will be disastrous.

Let’s take a closer look.


Why would you want to blow-dry your hair with cold air?

young girl with short hair about to get a blow-dry has doubts

First, let’s look at the possible reasons why you think you might want to blow-dry your hair with cold air:

  • I have very fine hair.
  • I have bleached hair.
  • I have very thin hair.
  • I have thinning hair.
  • I have scalp sensitivity.


For all these possible causes and more, the answer is the same.

 There is no risk in blow-drying your hair with hot air. 


In fact, cold air can’t dry the hair.

Therefore, apart from taking twice or three times as long to dry it,  the result of blow-drying with cold air will be disastrous. 


Read on, and I’ll tell you the right way to blow dry your hair. One of them is to have a good hair styling brush.

A professional hairdresser teaches you how to blow-dry your hair properly

woman having her hair blow-dried at the hairdresser

Step 1: Choose your blow-drying tools wisely

The choice of the right tools will be the key to success for a perfect blow-drying result.

Blow-dryer brush

The tufted bristles will also give you much more shine and the result will be stylish and smooth.

If you use it properly, you won’t need to use a flat iron afterward.


  • The thermal brush has a multi-hole ceramic, metal, or porcelain barrel.

This barrel allows for maximum airflow, which means faster drying and faster cooling time.

This will result in  a much more voluminous,  airier, soft hairstyle.


Hair dryer

Remember that a good hair dryer must have two fundamental conditions: high power and  two or more heat settings.  Why?


Because  the stronger the airflow of the dryer, the straighter the result. 

And the higher the temperature of the dryer, the faster the hair will dry.

Do you want to know the most important secret for a radiant blow-dry?


Secrets of professional blow-drying

The secret to a good blow-dry is the way you place the blow-dryer on the strand you want to style.

 The blow dryer should never be perpendicular   to the strand of hair you are working on. It’s best to position the blow dryer in the same direction to the strand you’re trying to style.

But there’s more.

Only the bottom edge of the dryer nozzle can touch the strand you dry.

Ideally, however, the dryer should never be resting on the hair.  Remember to use the cool setting on the dryer to get a good blow dry. 

Remember, there are tricks to keep the blow dryer from wreaking havoc on your hair.

Danger: never do this when blow-drying

 NEVER use the air intake of the dryer  to give it that cold air blast, as most hairdressers do. Please don’t ever try it.

There are cases where  people end up cutting off the strand of hair because it gets tangled inside the dryer. 

This results in a cut strand of hair and a destroyed hair dryer. Tragedy!


Step 2: Blow-drying

Para hacer un brushing de forma correcta, necesitas:

  • Wet hair
  • Round bristle or thermal brush ceramic, porcelain, etc.
  • Hair dryer.


The purpose of blow-drying is to leave your hair straight or bouncy. To achieve a good hairstyle, the airflow has to be hot.


However, it would be a good idea to use the cool button to give your hair a finishing touch. This button  is used to cool the strand all at once to seal it  in the shape you have chosen.

Without further ado, let’s go through the step-by-step for the ideal blow-dry.


How to get a perfect blow-dry, step-by-step

  • Wash hair.

Blow-drying brings intense heat to the hair, which will dehydrate the hair fiber.

Therefore, before a good blow dry it’s very important to wash your hair with  nourishing shampoo and conditioner. 

Since you are going to use hot air, after detangling your hair, use heat protectant to protect the hair fiber from the excessive heat of the dryer.

This is the time to apply all styling products:   mousses, styling creams, keratin spray, reconstructive treatments, etc.


  • Pre-dry the hair.

This will make drying faster and more effective.


  • Divide the hair into sections to make blow-drying more orderly and organized.


  • Lower fine strands and dry until the desired result is achieved.


A fundamental point is the temperature and power of the dryer.

 If you have fine, bleached, thinning, thinning, thinning hair or sensitive scalp,  you should use your hair dryer at medium to low temperature and medium to high power.


On the other hand, if you have curls, a lot of hair, a lot of frizz, waves, or thick hair, you should use the maximum heat setting and the maximum power setting.


  • Final touch. Apply a few drops of silicone, silicone glitters, etc.

They’ll help you define the movements or the straightness you were looking for so that your work will be precise and your hair will look gorgeous and lush.


 If you try to blow dry your hair with cold air, not only will it look bad, but you’ll waste time  and products on the wrong job.

Conclusion: Cold air blow-drying doesn’t damage your hair, but it isn’t technically blow-drying

The idea of blow-drying is to shape the hair with hot air.

However, it shouldn’t damage your hair either.

Be sure to follow the step-by-step instructions above to  blow-dry like a pro. 

Go for it!

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