Can you leave argan oil in your hair overnight? Yes, but do this first…

woman thinks if she can apply oil to her hair before sleeping

  • If you want to use argan oil to repair extremely damaged or dry hair, it’s a good idea to leave it overnight on your hair and rinse it out the next morning.
  • In this case, if your hair breaks easily or is damaged, I recommend using it twice a week.
  • If your hair is only slightly damaged, I recommend you use it as a night mask once a fortnight.


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Does argan oil affect hair dye? Does it fade hair color?


Thinking about  leaving argan oil in your hair overnight ?


The truth is that it’s an excellent idea because argan oil is a natural product. It’s known as “liquid gold”, and contains antioxidants, vitamins, fatty acids, and proteins that can repair damaged hair.


Personally, I think that everything that comes from the East has a special magic.

Think of the sultans and their harems of long-haired women. Think of the Berbers facing the harshness of the desert. Imagine the “Thousand and One Nights”, and it all sounds like magic.


And behind argan oil, there exists the magic that nature works. Yes, because argan oil has been around forever. It’s definitely not something we’ve discovered in modern times.

Moroccan women have been using the seeds of the argan tree for cosmetic and medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. And this is not a marketing invention.


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Did you know that in 2014, UNESCO recognized the knowledge and practices of using the argan tree and its fruits as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity?

So  if UNESCO endorses the benefits of argan oil it’s for a reason. 


It’s true you can leave it on for twenty to thirty minutes. And after several applications, your hair will be softer and more hydrated.

But  if your hair is very damaged, then you should leave it on your hair longer. 

One hour? Two hours? Nope.

Overnight. And that’s what I’ll talk about next.



Leaving argan oil in overnight is an excellent idea if your hair has a lot of damage

woman uses argan oil on damaged hair

Of course,  if your hair is healthy, you can also leave the oil in overnight.  But what will change in this case is how often you use it.


  •  If your hair is very damaged , you can leave the argan oil in overnight twice a week.

I recommend using this routine to repair your hair for one month. After a month, if you notice the oil has repaired your hair, then continue to use it in your hair once a week. You can still leave it in your hair overnight.


  •  If your hair has very slight damage , you can leave the argan oil on overnight, once a fortnight.


How do you know if your hair has a lot of damage?

  • After washing it, do you have a hard time detangling it?
  • When you detangle it, do you catch a lot of hair in the brush or comb?
  • When you wake up in the morning, do you notice a lot of hair strands scattered on your pillow?
  • When you touch your hair, does it feel rough?
  • Does your hair have a lot of frizz?


 If you answered yes to at least two of these questions , your hair needs a deep repair.

And if you leave the argan oil in overnight, you can start repairing your hair.

Why overnight?


Because sleep is restorative, for the body, hair, and spirit.

During the night, your body begins to replenish the energy you’ve spent during the day. And it does this by performing a cellular exchange. It renews cells and discards others that no longer work.

The same thing happens with your hair. Your scalp starts sending vitamins and amino acids to the core of your hair fiber to nourish your hair.

 If you apply argan oil at night, you’ll promote this nourishment and your hair will receive twice as much energy . Argan oil is therefore an excellent repairer of the scalp.


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How to use argan oil by leaving it in your hair overnight

woman left oil in her hair overnight

The first tip is to apply argan oil on dry hair. So don’t wash it beforehand, as you’ll need to wash it the next morning to remove the excess oil that your hair didn’t absorb.

What do you need?


  • Shower cap.
  • Towel. If it’s in the form of a turban, the better.
  • An old towel to protect your pillow.


Using the argan oil

  • Comb your dry hair and place  10 to 12 drops of argan oil  in the palm of your hand. Warm it up by rubbing your palms together.
  • Start applying it from the roots to the ends and massage your hair for five minutes.
  • Then massage your scalp for two to three minutes.
  • Comb your hair to distribute the oil evenly and cover it with a shower cap.
  • Over the shower cap, place the towel in the shape of a turban to keep your head warm and you can go to bed.
  • The next morning, wash your hair with shampoo and use very little conditioner.


Remember that it’s important not to leave the argan oil in your hair overnight too often if your hair doesn’t need it. Because you can clog the pores of the scalp if you do.

And that will cause dandruff or slow hair growth.

If your hair is very damaged, leave the oil on overnight up to twice a week. And if your hair is only a little damaged, leave the oil on overnight once a week.



Finally, here’s a little tip. Add ten drops of argan oil to your regular shampoo and/or conditioner. This way, every time you wash your hair, the argan oil will provide it with vitamins and nutrients.

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