Should hairspray be applied to wet or dry hair? How does it work best?

  • Hairspray should always be applied on dry hair because it holds, defines and gives more durability to a hairstyle.
  • It is very important to know the correct way of application, so that the hairstyle does not end flat or with lack of shine. Later on, I will teach you how to use it correctly.
  • However, there is a spray that is applied to wet hair: sea salt spray. It is used to create the beach waves style.



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If there was one invention that revolutionized the hair industry, it was hair spray, back in the 1950s or so.

At that time, women wore hairstyles that defied the law of gravity. They reached their maximum expression with the “Bouffant” hairstyle, which needed kilos of hairspray to remain upright and unaltered for hours.


 The great Hollywood actresses of the time were the first to use this revolutionary product, which is still used today. 

In order to take full advantage of the virtues of this hairstyle setting tool, it is very important to know when and how to apply it.


In my salon, I mostly use hairspray when I do hairstyles for important events. The reason is logical. For important parties, such as weddings or baptisms, people want hairstyles that are out of the ordinary. They want to look different.

I can assure you that, when a client asks me for one of these hairstyles, my soul jumps for joy. I take this opportunity to unleash my inspirational muse and create unique and personalized styles.


Of course, at parties, besides celebrating an important event, people talk, enjoy good food and dance.

When you dance a lot, until late at night, that hairstyle I created with so much care can run the risk of falling apart at the third song.

So, how do I manage to eternalize that beautiful hairstyle?


 Fixing it with hair spray! It guarantees that the hairstyle, no matter how much the client dances the tarantella for three hours in a row, remains as firm as the first minute.  

Do you want to know how to correctly use hair spray on dry hair?


Then, don’t move from there, because I’ll tell you:

  • How to properly use hairspray on dry hair
  • What type of spray is used on wet hair


From now on, you won’t be afraid of Italian hairstyles or chignons to wear at your next vintage party.

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How to properly use hairspray on dry hair

apply to dry hair

Do you want a hairstyle with more staying power and definition, which also considerably reduces frizz and static?


 Then, hairspray can be your best ally. You should always apply it to dry hair. 

What happens if you apply hairspray to wet hair?


You’ll get an awful effect on your hair. The roots will look greasy and your hair will look dull and stiff. Do you know why?


Because hairspray works by coating the hair with polymers or resins that form a film on the hair as it dries.

Those droplets of liquid that you see on your hair every time you apply the hairspray, run down the hair shaft, until they reach the intersection of two hair fibers.


When the drops dry at this intersection of fibers, they create an invisible film that holds the hair together, making it more durable.

 If you apply the spray to your wet hair, the drops will disperse and won’t achieve the film effect they need for a better hold. 


Now that there’s no doubt that hairspray is applied to dry hair, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of it.


  • Place the spray at the correct distance from your hair.

You should always hold the hairspray about twenty or thirty centimeters from your hair.

 If you spray it too close to your dry hair, the hair fiber will become saturated, and it will look oily and stiff. 

On the contrary, if you hold it from a shorter distance, the hair will get wet and damp, so it won’t look light and shiny anymore.

After all, you want your hair to look natural, not like a motorcycle helmet. If you’re looking for maximum hold, use a strong hold hairspray.


  • If you want to add height to your hairstyle, separate the strands with a comb, and spray them.

To give your hair more volume, use a comb or your fingers to separate the hair. Then, spray between the layers, keeping the distance I recommended above.


  • If you want to define your curls, spray them one at a time.

For long-lasting curls, you should spray each dry curl individually.  If you spray them all at once, they will come together and lose their texture and movement. 


  • To apply the spray only on your dry fringe, first apply the spray on your hands and then distribute it on the hair.

If you only want to give more hold to a small area, such as bangs or curls on the sides of your face, apply the hairspray in your hands and, then, in your hair.


  • Use your hands when applying the spray.

The movements of your hand when you apply the spray will be as important as the movements a conductor makes to guide the musicians.

Move the hand holding the spray in a circle from bottom to top so that the spray droplets are evenly distributed throughout the previously styled and dried hair.


Now, there is a hairspray that is used exclusively on wet hair. It’s used on wet hair because it’s actually a definition tool, rather than a hold tool.

Which spray am I talking about?

The sea salt spray. Yes, just like you read it.


What kind of spray do you use on wet hair?

apply to damp hair

Sea salt spray contains water, sea salt, epsom salts and, depending on the brand, additional ingredients to nourish the hair, such as coconut oil, aloe vera and essential oils.


 This type of hairspray is used to achieve the beach waves effect, intimately related to the beach, sand and sea. 

What happens to your hair when you get out of your bath in the sea?


Since salt water has a dehydrating effect, it gives the hair a natural wave.

Sea salt spray mimics that effect, so you should apply it to damp hair. After spraying each hair fiber, give the strand the shape you want.


To get the best beach waves, don’t shampoo your hair. Just moisten it and let it air dry a little, just a little!

Remember your hair must be wet to apply the sea salt spray.


Now, look in the mirror, can you remember the images of last summer at the beach, where you had some enviable beach waves?

That’s the effect of sea salt spray on wet hair.



If you want to hold a style longer and, at the same time, reduce frizz, you should apply the hairspray to your completely dry hair.

However, remember that there is a product, sea salt spray, which you can apply on wet hair because it’s not a fixative product, but a curl definition product.

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